• Yes, but They are Taking Jobs that Most People Won't do.

    Yes, but they are taking jobs that most people won't do. The robots can be exposed to dangerous environment, do jobs that could cause R.S.D in humans or just do jobs people find unattractive or petty (cleaning for example). This is a good thing that robots are filling in these jobs so they can do it.

  • Yes, but it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    Think about it this way: if all jobs were taken by robots which operated autonomously in a sustainable manner, this would mean that demand for basic human needs would always be met. This means nobody would have to be wasting themselves flipping burgers at McDonalds, or stocking the shelves at Wal-Mart. Those people could focus on more important things, like finding cures for common ailments, or maybe colonizing other planets. In other words, robots take all the menial labor jobs that nobody wants, and humans get to pursue technical jobs. It's something we should embrace, not fear.

  • Droids are in fact taking our jobs

    With technology advancing more and more over the years, they are taking up the jobs that we need to make an income to in turn invest in hobby activities or to make sure they can get their next bill in. Soon, droids might take up most of the job market, forcing people to find other means of making money to get by each month.

  • Yes They Are

    Droids are definitely taking jobs. I understand that a droid means one less life at risk, but that means one less job as well. There could be a person getting paid to do what those droids are doing. Hopefully this is a special case and not a trend in our military.

  • Droids are not taking away our jobs.

    They are not taking our jobs. The are in fact increasing the employment rate. But droids can surely reduce human effort. They can replace humans in doing mechanical work, but it wont reduce the employment. A droid has to be made, it has to be controlled, it has to be maintained. All by people, and an other person to manage all these people. So, there will be a lot of human jobs involved in one particular field a droid is working. And there will not only be one company doing this, there will be a lot of them competing. So the employment will almost be doubled. There will be a new engineering subject called "robotics". People with this degree will be recruited to do the jobs related to droids. To sum up, there will be a lot of jobs created because of this . It is just like when computers were invented. Everybody were afraid that it will take away the jobs of people. But turns out, it created a lot of jobs.

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  • Droids are not taking our jobs

    They cannot take our jobs. They are in fact increasing the employment. Employees will be hired to maintain the droids. Big MNCs will start making droids, which will boost employment. There should be people to control the droids in doing the given tasks. They should be fitted part by part, and they should be maintained. All this will require a human's assistance. There should also be a person to manage all these people. This wont happen only in one company, it will take place in many companies. Therefore, the employment will almost be double . So, none of the technologies can reduce human employment or job.

  • I don't think droids are taking our jobs.

    Sure more work is being mechanized, but I haven't seen any evidence it's the source of unemployment. If robots took away all jobs, then the problem is that the means of productions (all non-human resources) are owned by a select few instead of the people. This is a problem of exploitation.

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Quan says2013-06-13T19:03:39.763
They're generally only taking low skill, tedious, and dangerous jobs. Which I imagine hurts the poor/undereducated.