• Yes! Drug lords are dangerous.

    One should be aware of drug lords, regardless of their mien, because many of them put on a friendly/helpful veneer just to lure their victims to some kind of harm, including killing them, if they feel the need to do so. Plus they do promote crime and prey on vulnerable individuals who are lonely, vulnerable, and easily taken advantage of.

    Posted by: mplo
  • Yes, drug lords go to great extent to protect their empires

    As a drug lord, it would not make sense for a large portion of your income to not go into protecting your business and ensure that the neighboring drug-related business doesn't enjoy the same benefits that you do. Drug lords are dangerous to society in providing drug users the substances they need to achieve their usage goals, which in itself is a danger to society, and also by competition with other drug lords. Competition between drug cartels is not usually countered through a few choice words around a conference table but through violence in the streets. With the sheer amount of money at risk, drug lords would go to any extent to protect their business, making them exceedingly dangerous.

  • Yes, drug lords are dangerous

    Yes, drug lords are dangerous. Drug lords are willing to kill people to further their illegal activity. Furthermore, they flood the streets with drugs which promotes crime. No one should be silly enough to be under the impression that drug lords are not dangerous. They are some of the most dangerous people on earth.

  • Yes, drug lords are dangerous.

    Yes, drug lords are dangerous. They provide vulnerable communities with drugs that ruin their lives and society. While they may not physically hurt anyone, people that work for them do and often kill, rob, steal, whatever they must do for the drug lord. Drug lords are often also responsible for drug overdose that kill their customers.

  • We should all beware of drug lords

    Drug lords, no matter where they come from, inspire fear - and rightly so. They are able to obtain massive amounts of money through illegal activity - and then they use that money to further their own violent agendas. It is right, then, to think of them as dangerous criminals.

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