• E-Books are more convenient and environmentally friendly

    E-books are a convenient way to build a book collection, as one can carry a book collection with them everywhere they go instead of having to lug heavy books everywhere. Also, it is more convenient to disseminate books to all corners of the world electronically, versus printed books. Finally e-books save paper and ink, which is cheaper as well as being much more environmentally friendly than traditional printed books.

  • Yes, they are

    I am not arguing that books are great things either way,but if I want to read something. I can get it ASAP. I do not want to ordered it and have to wait 5 days to get it. Its up to the question of availability over traditional methods, I take instant anytime.

  • They're better in every way.

    Yes, I think that e-books are indeed better than traditional books. Unlike a traditional book, when I find an e-book that I want to buy online, I can have it on my device within seconds of purchase. If I lose my device, my e-books are backed up to the Internet. New device gives me access to the same books.

  • Better feeling and you remember what you read more.

    Reading an actual book is better than if you listen/read online cause one you can actually hold what you are wanting to read to begin with rather than just some computer screen all the time. Two you can actually find a book faster than an e-book because there are multiple copies online where as you can just pick up the one you want at a local library or if you own it take it with you. And actual book is also a lot easier because what if your system crashes or you lose internet so you cant buy/access the books you already have online. Personally I have 350+ books and would rather go grab the one off a shelf that I want rather than have to load up some electronic and open up some online library to read a book that isn't nearly the same feeling as having the actual book in your hand.

  • Easier to read traditonal books

    I always have a heard time reading e-books. After a while they hurt my eyes. I am glad they are available because it does make thinks more convenient. I just think standard books are easier to read and you can be relaxed in bed or on the couch when you read them. Can't quite do that with a laptop or tablet. At least, not in the same way

  • No, e-books are not better than traditional books.

    I do not believe that e-books are better than traditional books. I think that there are better advantages to traditional books than e-books. One of the things I like about traditional books is the fact that I don't have to be starting a lighted screen to read it. Plus I like being able to read a book comfortable in bed.

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