• Reduces Carbon Emissions

    Electric cars not only reduce carbon emissions, but the vehicles are safer in that they have fewer moving parts, no unleaded gasoline, no oil and no tailpipe. Batteries need to be recharged every 300 miles or so and the cars are great for commuting. The Tesla Model S was rated the safest car on the road in 2013. What's not to like? Electric cars are a fantastic addition to American roads. Give it 20 years and everyone will drive one.

  • Electric cars are something to strive for

    Our planet is a bucket of water that will one day go dry. By approaching electric cars as a means of transportation we are looking into a way to ensure that our planet lasts longer than it might. That is something admirable that I believe we should strive to attain.

  • It is bad

    Eclectic cars can stop in the middle of a highway and breakdown. Gas cars need gas to move and doesn't have the risk of breaking down, gas cars can help roads be much safer than other hybrids. So, this shows hybrid cars can crash and even risk a life. Thank you

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