• Far too much

    What a person is and what they can be for an organization cannot be defined by a page. Employers aren't giving a lot of people that would be a good fit for them a chance because they're looking no further than some standard pages of paper that do anything but tell the whole story.

  • Yes, employers put too much emphasis on resumes

    Yes, employers put too much emphasis on resumes. What truly matters is the amount of skill and knowledge a person has to do the job they are applying for. Unless the job includes resume writing, the resume itself should simply be a tool to assist and not a deciding factor like employers use it today.

  • Yes, employers put too much emphasis on resumes.

    Yes, employers put too much emphasis on resumes. A resume is only one important tool that should be considered when making an employment decision. An interview, references, and skills all need to be considered when making a hiring decision. A potentially great employee might have a mediocre resume and a terrible employee could have a good resume - meeting them in person and considering everything is the only way to make a good decision.

  • Yes Employers Put Too Much Emphasis on Resumes

    I think that a lot of employers do put too much emphasis on resumes. A piece of paper cannot tell you if a person is right for the job. Some employers toss resumes because they are boring or they are not formatted to their liking. In some cases a person may be an excellent worker and perfect for the position but their resume is mediocre and the person does not even get considered for the job.

  • A resume is an outline in which they can see qualifictions

    If you are unqualified and incapable of selling yourself through a well put together resume that is your problem, not theirs. A resume is a great tool for employers to base their interview questions on to discover your strengths and skills. How do you expect employers to weed through stacks of applications without an attached resume? They do not have the time and resources to interview a thousand applicants for one job; a resume is an essential tool to weed out unqualified applicants.

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