• Make you cray cray

    YOu cannot go around being more hyper because of an energy drink that you already are. Energy drinks are bad bad bad. And to whoever says no no no, grow up honey. Its gonna be a long ride in life. Lol go donald trump. Boo to hilary and bernie. Boo

  • Caffione is bad

    The affects the caffione on tenagers are is severly bad. It May leds to addicktion from the overdouse of caffione, and the caffionie May caose dehadrotation. The dranks is make you no slept and highest bresure of blod is much bad. Sory four bad Britian, I is the Mexican. :)

  • Unfortunately, energy drinks do harm to teenagers.

    Energy drinks, such as Red Bull, Rockstar and Monster are essential in our daily life. We use them to defeat tiredness and improve our work efficiency. However, these energy drinks are really not suitable for teenagers. There are some reasons listed below:

    1. Caffeine :
    Caffeine is one of the major sources that cause us excited in energy drinks. But the amount of Caffeine inside energy drinks is far exceed the maximum recommended daily caffeine intake for teenagers. For instance, a can of Monster energy drink contains 160 mg of caffeine (Wikipedia source: However, a 10-12 years old teenager's daily limit is 85 mg (Wikipedia source: That is, although a teenager drinks only one can of Monster Energy, the excess of caffeine would cause bad effects to his or her body health. RedBull contains less caffeine, but it is easy to reach the limit, too. The overdose of caffeine can result in caffeine intonixcation, which symptoms are including fidgeting, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, flushing of the face, increased urination and so on. Furthermore, the excess of caffeine may cause death for some people. For instance,a forteen-year-old girl was dead after she drank two cans of Monster energy in 24 hours' period, and her mother sued the Monster Energy company (site source: The damage of excessive caffeine inside the energy drinks are much horrible than your imagine.

    2. Sugar:
    The "energy" inside energy drinks stands for sugar. The sugar makes energy drinks taste sweet and delicious, but it is also excessive and do harm to teenagers. For instance, each can of Monster drink contains between 5 and 6 teaspoons of simple sugars (site source: The excess of sugar, as we all know, can cause in obesity and hyperglycaemia (hign blood sugar). By the way, the diabetes is a complication of high blood sugar (Wikipeida source:; obesity can result in a bunch of complication like heart attack as well.

    3. Addictions of teenagers:
    Energy drinks are addictive to teenagers because the ingredients like caffeine (Evil caffeine!). The caffeine itself has the nature of addiction (Wikipedia source:, and the excess of caffeine inside the energy drinks makes teenagers' addiction more easily. Once you are addicted to caffeine, your work or study will be distract and chaos will take place. If you try stop drinking energy drinks, you will suffer from the abstinence reaction and hard back to normal life. It is more easily to pass out, even die under the addiction of caffeine.

    In conclusion, the energy drinks are addictive to teenagers, and ingredients inside them can damage teenagers' body health. That's why energy drinks are harmful.

  • The are dangerous

    CON- According to adverse event reports collected by the agency since 2004, a total of 34 deaths have now been linked to energy drinks. Of those, 22 deaths have been linked to 5-Hour Energy, 11 deaths have been linked to Monster, and one death, a first, has been linked to Rockstar.
    CON- An energy drink such as Gatorade has many teaspoons of sugar (5 and ΒΌ).
    CON- Rockstar energy drinks bring up blood pressure than regular drinks.
    PRO- Many energy drinks have taurine in them. Taurine improves the body and mind.
    CON- The number of emergency visits from energy drinks have doubled over the past years.
    CON- The blood flow drops 40% after caffeine.
    Energy drinks are not recommended for children though 1 in three teens drink them regularly.

  • Don't get the ham

    Cause hmm I think they are a mean drink that can stop u from living in this nasty world. STOP BULLYING TODAY!!!! People are mean to other people and its all BC of energy drinks........Live a better life like cmon people. I'm Ricky and I approve of this message... P.S don't get the ham

  • Energy drinks are good and bad

    Energy drinks can be good in some ways. For example they have vitamins. On the other hands they have many other chemicals that can cause death. If you mix your drink with alcohol then it can cause many problems. If you put a strong alcoholic drink in your energy drink it can do harmful things to your body.

  • Yes, they are bad!

    Energy drinks should be banned from persons under 18 and I think they are also bad to people who are small sized. I am a 26 year old male who have seen so much bad things about these. First off, the excessive amounts of caffeine have been known to stop young or small persons hearts. One of many chemicals, taurine, can be deadly. The human body can only take so much. I would advise you to drink these in moderation and also before opening a can, look at the caffeine content in mg. My opinion, don't consume more than 200mg in one day. Please be cautious and safe!

  • Heres my opinion.

    I say no, there not just harmful to teens, there harmful to everyone, there are many over 25yr olds, who live on energy drinks, if there going to be bad for teens, they'll be harmful to everyone. If there going to be banned, why just for teens then?
    Why not stop the poison from the source.

  • NO energy drinks are not bad!!

    Energy drinks are not bad for you just can't abuse them. It's kind of like drinking a beer 2 or 3 is not bad but if you abuse them they can be bad for you. Be smart about it and do not drink more than you're suppose to don't make something bad when it's not!

  • High caffeine and other chemicals in energy drinks are harmful to teens

    Yes I believe that energy drinks are harmful to teenagers and that teenagers should not be drinking them at all. The energy drinks contain chemicals like high amounts of caffeine that can affect the development of teenagers in their formative years, and thus teenagers should not be allowed to consume energy drinks.

  • Because I say so

    No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  • Heres my opinion.

    I say no, there not just harmful to teens, there harmful to everyone, there are many over 25yr olds, who live on energy drinks, if there going to be bad for teens, they'll be harmful to everyone. If there going to be banned, why just for teens then?
    Why not stop the poison from the source.

  • What about propel and others like it

    People think that energy drinks are just loaded with caffeine and nothing else. I know propel is the healthiest and the most energizing. Instead of caffeine they use the B vitamin (the energy vitamin) is the number 4 most used ingredient in Propel. Not CAFFEINE! I myself drink 64 oz. A day.

  • Energy drinks can be good

    Most energy drinks are bad, but there are some that ore good such as Advocares Spark. Spark contains many vitamins that you need to stay healthy while it still gives you energy. They also have an energy drink that is called Slam. Slam gives you energy, but it is still healthier than other energy drinks.

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