• Examination is the only way

    Yes! Examination is the only efficient way to test one's true ability.
    This helps us remember howto do things.Take for example, the things we do everyday like buying things with money etc are only because of the exams we did.
    Only due to examination,I am able to debate this topic for I have been writing the English examination for years.
    This is only due to examination that our countries are progressing further as new ideas found due to leading to businesses leading to a rapid progress.
    The main mantra about examination is not about how smart you are but the effort and hard work you apply.
    Examination also determines the on how schedule your day by managing time for studies and others activities.The way we handle stress is also determined by examination.These our shown in the way we have written.
    So imagine the world with no examinations,what would happen?There would be only fighting,no love,no progress only bloodshed which all of us would be dead and extinct like mammoths.
    Therefore examination is the test of everything

  • Exams are the true test of knowledge.

    Exams are the true test of knowledge. Even though some people decry exams as pointless and not indicative of knowledge, knowledge is a very difficult thing to test. While exams may not be the perfect answer, they are currently the best answer, so we should not be so quick to dismiss them.

  • I can't stand exams!

    Examinations are really oppressing students these days......Some students are committing suicides when they failed in exams. Exams can be conducted in a theoretical way. This makes the children understand easily and practically. Exams need not depress and make them nervous and they of course are not true indicators of a child's caliber.

  • No it isint

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  • Examinations Will Never be a way to Evaluate the skill set of a Student.

    I never mine about the peoples who support examinations, but i won't be one of them. Why because, just think practically, how many students who scored 'A' grade in a subject can be able to explain whatever they read after some period of time. But i never discourage students scored better marks in their examinations,but are they willing to remember everything. Also, theoretical knowledge is not a better option to learn things widely instead, try to do 'em practically. Reading a concept 100 times is equal to doing things a time. Examinations is not a proper way to evaluate students knowledge. Scenario may be anything. Even a good learner may have some physical disabilities during examination, so that he/she gets failed in exam. If so, did you agree with 'em. Never at all. Likewise some students may have hand writing problem, someone may felt lazy about writing theories as a booklet whatever given in the book, just mugging 'em up and vomiting in sheets, ridiculous. "SKILL SET IS NOT IN PRESENTATION, ITS ON MINDS. THEIR THOUGHTS. INNOVATIVE IDEAS",

  • Examinations No Tell-all

    Examinations is not a true test of knowledge. Examinations is only an indication of what the professor or teacher wants to impart the student. The student could be well versed on an aspect of the subject that was not tested on the examination. Examinations are not a test of knowledge.

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