• Exams are why they are studying

    Many students are studying becuase exams. If we don't have exams, why would we study? Also, we can know our real knowledge, and it is part of practice to not getting too nervous. Through exam, students know thier knowledge, and compare to other students and get cheered up. Many students will not have a chance to know where their knowledge is.

  • Promote competition among students

    A students will having a war between their classmate because they have to compete with each other with the knowledge they have to see who was the best among them.Other than that,when they compete with each other,it may generate interest and excitement on topic that would be less of interest to a students.Hence,it helps in developing one's personality and confiedence.

  • Exams provide students with neccessary qualities in life

    Many of the students' important qualities in life are formed and built up through exams. Among these are hard work, patience, creativeness, leadership, sense of pride and so on. It is true that through exams, these qualities are formed and tested and thus helping students grow up, prove their abilities and overcome their weaknesses in order to be successful in life.

  • God created us to test us.

    In Islam, God created us for a purpose. He created us to give us a chance and pass a test, even though He knows what will happen in the future. So this exam, plus every other exam that we have to face in our lives, are necessary. So even students have to do this exam that God gave us and all the other exams that our teacher gives us.

  • They are important

    Students take many oral and written exams in the years of schooling. Pupils have

    to be evaluated by their teachers to see whether they make progress or not. Some people

    may argue that exams are not necessary so they should be abolished. However, they are

    essential because exams test students' skills and enable them to overcome their nerves.

    Many people may claim that examinations test a limited range of skills. They favour

    people, who have a good memory and techniques. They are theoretical and useless because

    students may forget the subjects, which have been learned, as time goes by. However,

    coursework and exams may test a greater range of skills. It may also be an efficient way to

    measure the knowledge.

    It has been argued that students may suffer from the consequences of stress and

    anxiety during exam preparation so they may show poor performance in exams. Exams may

    also lead to illnesses. However, many students may overcome their nerves so they may

    perform well.

    In conclusion, it is obvious that exams are necessary because they may measure

    people's abilities and how much they have learned. Some students may have an opportunity

    to overcome their nerves. They should be optimistic towards examinations.

  • Exams are necessary for students.

    Yes, yes, yes. I agree because, it gives us potential and more learnings. Exams can be a good challenge, to know how smart and good we are in listening, by recalling all the learnings that we learned. Exams are necessary because it will happen when we are at elementary, high school, college and even at work, because they need to know what you can do and what you can't do.

  • Because exam will make student study at last learn

    Because the national exam will test the intelligence of the students in Indonesian, but maybe it will be destroyed most government budgets per year.
    National exam is challenging and I feel challenged will be held at the national exam. But for the people who are less fortunate, and I may somewhat feel it. And it will cause pressure. And learn why 3 years, or six years just determined graduation in just one day.
    I think my argument enough, thank you

  • Yes yes yes

    In my opinion exam is necessary.Every student have different mind,if we wanna to know who is betters than others ,then only 1 way for it that is exams.
    If there is no challenge in life ,then it becomes like animal.Exam is big challenge for students.So if we wanna to make interest in life..So we must not avoid exams.

  • Proving his/her talent

    Yes, because as no brain works equally, each individual has his own talent.
    One can evaluate a student on different factors through exams
    1. Memory
    2. Knowledge
    3. Skills
    4. Talent, interests etc
    based on the above we can evaluate a person, but governement should start grading a student not marking.

  • Without exams, they would never learn.

    Without exams, there is nothing motivating the student to learn. Students would not have to direct their attention in class because there is nothing to study for. Only students with good motivation to learn would make it in the real world. Exams are a reflection on how hard the student has worked in class and should stay completely mandatory.

  • Education System is flawed

    Why are tuition fees for universities rising if the education system want people to study? We live in a society that doesn't allow abortion but looks down on teenage parents. Exams shouldn't decide your fate. They should change this "exam" concept, it's flawed.
    "Knowledge is power, and with great power comes great responsibility."

  • Standardized (D)evaluation Tests

    Modern pedagogy has taken a turn for standardized testing and has built a whole new educational standard as a result: teaching children proficient test taking. Standardization does not account for particular situations or interests but only create an environment where children are forced to study only to take a test and quickly forget the information that has now become trivialized and redundant.

    These exams do have the potential to be useful for keeping statistics on classroom efficiency but does not nearly act in educating but only to create a negative influence on pedagogy and to ruin educational value for students; conditioning them to cheat their way through life without even once having a taught sense of regard for knowledge.

    I would like to discuss educational standards and my perspective on how education has gone downhill, but I would be digressing from the title topic: "Are exams necessary for students?"

  • Exams are, unfortunately, looked at as an end-all solution to measuring knowledge.

    There is no singularly perfect way to measure one's intellect and working knowledge on any given subject on a broad scale, similar to how there is no singularly perfect approach to teaching an entire year of students. This one-size-fits-all attitude employed by these institutions fails both in their original intent and their students as it rarely ever accounts for the fact that students, like most of us, are actually living individuals with needs, desires, and thoughts.

    You will never achieve a truly accurate representation of your pupils by treating them like simple, emotionless statistics.

  • Exams should be replaced by other cognitive tests.

    Exams should be fun and exciting; but in today's times, exams are pills of frustration and stress. The concept of exams, today, is very restricted. Teachers should evaluate students in various forms such as personal projects, research, written tests, speaking, drama, and other exciting activities where the student feels challenged and desires to showcase his or her talent. Exams lead to comparison and discrimination. Self-evaluation tests should be conducted, wherein the student does not feel inferior and learns from his or her own mistakes and apply acquired knowledge in diverse forms. In this way, students can look forward to 'exams' and enjoy the teaching and learning experience. Such tests also support the mutual relationship amongst teachers, parents and of course, the students themselves.


  • No, I disagree

    They really don't measure on how much we actually know, they only measure how much we actually retain in our brain. Funny, that was an unintended, but back to the point, there are actually more ways of learning then just by rote memorization. Literally, by doing this, you create a robot that has no opinion; which means less of critical thinking and analysis. Sure there are ways you can test the testers critical thinking skills, but they may not think as the graders do. The graders just go by the book and tick off some points just because they don't have the same opinion. I feel, as a student myself in high school, I learn things, but after I take the test, all the material that I have just learned by taking that test, have just spilled out of my brain. There needs to be some way that we can accumulate and retain all this information, but this does not mean by hours of poring through textbooks to take a 100 question quiz for 1000 points. It is ridiculous. That is my opinion. Thank you for your time.

  • They make no difference.

    Having taken my share of exams I think everybody here will agree that the routine is always the same. You spend months learning in a classroom then spend upwards of a week studying like a stuttering preacher studies the bible. Then, after a month of summer, how much can you actually recall? Think about it. These tests are outdated, like much of the education system. I won't pretend to know the final solution to testing, but these exams are generally useless tools for honest education.

  • Waste of Mine and Your Time

    As a student myself, I know that exams do not assess the knowledge of the student, they assess their memory capacity. They truly cannot measure what a student learned and how they can apply their learning by having them write a test that briefly covers the different units of study. Rather than an exam, students should be given an assignment that allows them to demonstrate and use what they learned.

  • Exams are not necessary for students

    Exams are not necessary for students. Hasn't a student proved their abilities throughout the whole school year? Why is it necessary to put at the end of the semester a huge test that will only be stressful for them. Although people can argue that they are aware of the exams they should start studying sooner. Reality is, teachers still put tests, assignments till the last couple of days of school. So really trying to study 2-3 weeks before becomes difficult with everything else going on.

  • Simply an unfair and flawed test of memory.

    Exams are becoming nothing but a test of memory. You just have to simply memorize textbooks after textbooks after textbooks. Parrots would be able to take the examinations if this keeps up. Students may simply regurgitate everything they learnt and forget everything once they leave the examination hall. Furthermore, exams are flawed. After all, examiners are still human beings and may well make human errors. For example, a candidate on English Literature may be on safe ground once he quote famous critics, but if he states his opinions, he may be considered as a pretentious and arrogant candidate if he gets an examiner that prides himself in the thousands of quotes he knows, hence being penalized. It is also unfair as a student's life is decided by a major exam that may last over a week or fortnight, after studying for the past 6 or more years, as both examiners and candidates may make careless errors whether in marking, checking, or doing the paper itself.

  • Exams are stressful

    They only test students memory sometimes and 3 hours must not change our enter life.They are always stressful no matter how much a student has prepared.It is this stress that ruin our perfomance.Also many talented and skillful students may not be better scorers in exams.So exams really does not test one's ability

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