• Expiration dates meaningless

    In so many cases the expiration date on medications and other pills are essentially arbitrary. In these cases huge savings on both finances and waste can be made by disregarding these - I think that they should be replaced with something that is clearly worded as an advisory notice for their active dates.

  • Yes, expiry dates on cold pills and similar medications are meaningless.

    Yes, I believe that expiration dates on things like cold pills and similar medications are meaningless. Perhaps the drugs lose their effectiveness over time, but for the most part, I think that the drug companies place expiration dates on medications earlier than necessary so that consumers will have to replace the medicines more often.

  • Medications Shelf Life Is Meaningless

    Medications like cold relief and allergy relief have long had expiration dates on the labels. These dates are meaningless unless there is an organic component that breaks down over time. Chemical compounds tend to be stable and to not change over time. Aspirin is aspirin the day it is made and ten years later. The components of cold medicines are chemical compounds. The only breakdowns may occur in the packaging material not the substances themselves. Consider this another successful marketing tactic by the big pharmacology industry.

  • Expiration dates are important on all products

    No, expiration dates on cold pills and similar medications are not meaningless. They are a good indicator of how old a medication is and how potent it may or may not be. If a person were to look in their medicine cabinet and find medications with expiration dates of a year or more ago, they would no to get rid of them. Also, expiration dates are a good indicator or marker for use in recalls.

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