• Of course they are.

    I mean, everyone I know loves fairy tales, but they are targeted towards kids. The fact that they are for kids doesn't mean that adults can't enjoy watching them as well, it just means that the producers were making the movie for kids to enjoy with their families. Sometimes, people don't realize this, but it's mostly the kids that actually want and convince their parents to buy fairy tale movies.

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  • No fairy tales are not just for kids

    Fairy tales are for all ages, and since the original fairy tales were dark and filled with death and horrors, they are definitely not just for child, or child of this day and age. They all have moral lessons that every person should learn and understand to help them be their best selves in their life.

  • No, we can all enjoy a fairy tale.

    No, fairy tales are not for kids, because adults enjoy fairy tales too. Fairy tales gives us inspiration, and they allow us to think about something besides our lives. Fairy tales let us imagine the world as perfect. It would be a shame if only children could enjoy fairy tales, because they are for children of all ages.

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