• Travis County Texas corruption

    My husband was awarded primary custody with no grounds for changing our 50/50 agreement. I don’t have money for an attorney so he won the suit. I was served papers on a Monday at 5Pm and was in court on that Wednesday. The whole system is so unjust and they need to be exposed.

  • Travis County Texas Family Court is very corrupt

    There is no oversight, no accountability and collusive partnerships between attorneys, family professionals, GAL's and judges exist. The collaboratively create conditions for conflict to exist and persist sometimes for extended periods of time while they use children as a commodity and extort victim/targeted parents for obscene amounts of money for useless services and interventions by biased professionals that align themselves with the attorneys/GAL's that will be more likely to refer them more business long term. It's a provable racket when you look at how often these "players" that frequent the courtrooms and align with each other. They are biased determine a parents fitness using questionable ethics and biased relationships to determine which parent "wins" custody. Most often the targeted/vulnerable parent that is at financial disadvantage looses access to the children, alienated from them, and bankrupt by a court system that does not care about the children they all profit from while they destroy their lives, and rob the children of their childhoods, leaving them damaged for life from trauma.

  • Attorneys are the only Winners and Justice is not served

    Attorneys set up your family court case to be a long term no way stream, not to provide and get you justice. It's Mob style corruption and anyone who is ethical or moral gets wrongly accused by the corrupt attorneys and losses their liscense. .... It's sick, families are forever tramatized and whole lives distroyed by these monsters and all who allow them to tear families and people apart.

  • By definition in the Webster dictionary family court is a kangaroo court.

    I was married for 15 years, built a beautiful house, shop, root cellar, fencing, garden. In the divorce she got it all. She is rich with land and her own job, gos on expensive vacations. No house payment, no car payments. I pay $923 a monthly, can't afford to eat properly, always just barely making bills. It has sent me into poverty. I don't get to see my children, and I was a good dad. The courts did not even come close to justice. Family court is not just a kangaroo court it is also causing all kinds of terror to good tax paying citizens and innocent children. This is a war on the people I will not negotiate with domestic terrorists so I wait until someone or some entity replaces this kangaroo court into a real court with real laws.

  • Yes very corrupt

    I would have never believed how corrupt until i became involved first hand to their lying, tricky ways. My life has been destroyed from the social worker acting under "the color of law" and using only her authority to declare me a dangerous grand mother and slander my name. She was good at what she did so i am sure i am not the first family she destroyed. And the "rights worker" at the cps was just as bad. She violated my right to file a complaint. The whole organization works together and it needs to end. Now my grand daughter will grow up with problems associated with being removed from a home where she was a very happy little girl. Tearing what she knew and loved away from her while she was left to wonder why. No counseling, no therapy of any kind. I am very angry at how these people can go around playing god with our children. They go on their happy way in life while we have to suffer the depression and fight like hell to keep it together so we can fight for our children and families back. Some will win, some will lose but not one of us should have had to go through this..And the magistrate didnt even order the continued visitation with the child and her mother. Not one of the people involved was thinking about the childs best interest. All the court did was move forward knowing that the childs mother was in rehab changing her life for her and her daughter. They couldnt have waited until she was home. Now my grand daughter is in a home where there has been sexual abuse, somewhere she would cry as soon as she knew it was time to go there. She always wanted to hide so she didnt have to leave with her father. And there is nothing i/we can do about it but sit back and watch the destruction of this child. Family court is a joke.

  • Oakland County Friend of the court

    Do your research, people. Oakland County Friend of the Court, in Oakland County, MI, is one of the most corrupt courts in the nation. So many children have been taken away from healthy, loving parents for money! The court-appointed psychologists are in on the sceme, too. So much pain is inflicted every day in that horrible courthouse! !

  • Oakland County Friend of the court

    Do your research, people. Oakland County Friend of the Court, in Oakland County, MI, is one of the most corrupt courts in the nation. So many children have been taken away from healthy, loving parents for money! The court-appointed psychologists are in on the sceme, too. So much pain is inflicted every day in that horrible courthouse! !

  • JUDGES have NO FEAR for Blantant disregard for law and accepting known falsified documents

    Courthouse Accounting Data Problems
    Files removed and added easily provable by the biweekly printouts that have been saved . Reserve rulings , allowing court masters to represent parties and to engage in the complete handling of every ascpect of highly contested cases. This is to be done by that master (court representative , employ ) who is representing one of the two parties on the same case. CD recordings , transcripts , accounting reports , case search reports published online , and even a system known in Maryland as Blue Note ? Etc etc all showing a complete documented line or corruption , swapped documents, document number changes , additions such as Document #50 now has 50A and 50B , when two months ago the reports show that wasn't there , repeated offenses over and over , constant erroneous address and zip code changes , for the purpose of holding hearings and rulings with one party notified and present . Outright refusal to follow the law , when presented with the law books and case journals , on and on .. Going into year 6 , the abuse from the courts is relentless and truly inhumane. The paper trails ( some 12,000 plus pages) show a clear , undeniable ,unending support to promote a 2 million dollar White Collar Crime , that could not be accomplished without the support and help of the circuit courts.
    This Legal Abuse is debilitating to say the least . Other than Dr. Karen Huffer and the now "Divorce Corp" (released) documentary , there is no way to force the law to be applied , forget the constitution , we already know , that doesn't apply in family court (?). We are talking about basic state law on the books the Elementary 101 style basic , not opinionated .
    Sure there is a COSA, and sure you can win there, that's great but if the COSA sends it back down to the lower courts for a different ruling, this master and the paid practicing attorney for one of the two parties , even writes in a response " we most likely won't uphold the COSA ruling. " Does anyone know where to turn ?Or even how to get help to get through the mental and emotional trauma this undoubtedly causes. ? What remedy does one have under these circumstances ? Is there anyone out there is the US that is willing to stand up to this bullying and abuse ????

  • Yes the family court system is corrupt .

    These are a few things i have learned the hard way . I hope they help someone avoid the painful affects of court corruption . Document all contact with the other parent times and dates ,schedules. Never go to court alone even if you have an attorney , do not leave without record of the hearing such a minute orders , make a copy of all document s submitted to the court before you file it, do not assume your attorney is representing you to the best of his ability, never stop educating yourself about the procedures and laws of court, if the actions of the other parent are unethical or vengeful always request transcript of the hearings for your records to safeguard against the tactics corrupt lawyers and judges use if the case happens to take an unethical turn ,

  • There have been cases of misbehavior on the part of judges, attorneys and others within the family court system.

    Although many who work within the family courts are upstanding professionals, there have sadly been high profile cases of corruption within family courts. Some judges have been paid off or bribed, while others have formed agreements with attorneys or social workers for quotas that typically resulted in some sort of financial benefit to all involved.

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