Are famous people good role models to young people?

  • Famous people are great rolemodels

    Oprah, craig keilburger, natalie portman, ellen and many others do so much for people. They help as many people as they can and make sure that who ever does good receives good. Kids look up to these people. Yes there are bad celebtries in the would but there are also good ones too

  • Justin Bieber somebody forgot to pull out

    JUSTIN BIEBER that's all i need to say about that. Ps i think his parents could've used protection like come on people he's just so terrible. When he sings it sounds like a dieing cat or nails against a chalkboard. Plus i think his mom was on crack when pregnant with him. If you can add anything please do

  • This is not good!!!

    Even considering the fact that famous people could be good role models makes me sick. Does it seem like Miley Cyrus is a really good role model. I THINK NOT!!! How do you know that other famous people aren't on drugs. For all you know, they may be hooked on steroids thinking it's cool.

  • We are in the PRESENT!!!

    Its just that nearly every Celebrity now a days has changed as they are becoming more bad role models to the young people out there by smoking, endorsing drugs etc. There was a time where Celebrities were good role models but unfortunately everything is changing. I remain mostly on the negative side as in this century there are actually more bad Celebrities than good ones.

  • Most famous people are not good role models

    Too many famous people these days are either singing/rapping songs with bad words, which isn't good, or they are doing inappropriate things. For example, nicki minaj is rapping songs with bad words and inappropriate songs like anaconda. It may be catchy but not good for young people to listen to.

  • No, not in most cases.

    In our world today, famous people are usually just famous for being famous, not for any talent or act of heroism they have done. So they have no reason to serve as a role model to young people. In most cases, it is better to choose someone one knows to embody some virtue or quality in real life.

  • Famous people make terrible role models

    Famous people as role models, set an unattainable goal, and therefore children become fans rather than achievers. If young people followed people in there community, looked up to them, there would be a better sense of connection, a real connection that they could pursue. Following famous people just isn't very practical. This is not a mentor, because they will never talk to the young person. The standards set then are those of famous people. Thus rather than seeing the worthy works of successful people around them, the children sit idly watching their famous role models waiting for new media. Famous people make terrible role models.

  • Just because one is famous does not make them "good"

    While some famous people have been able to maintain a positive image, a large amount of them have strayed. It is important that young people have someone that is setting a good example as a role model. Being plastered across the news for various negative reasons may give the impression to a young person that these behaviors are cool and or acceptable, which they are not.

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