• Girls are the best

    Humans have a lot of variety in each thing.I would keep my opinion as if i am a girl i would evenly say that girls are the best at communication and even education as based on results. I would praise each woman working hard for there family. WOMENS ARE THE BEST

  • Girls rock in studys and everything else

    The concentrate more on studys and especially more than boys and they have more good grades then boys they are the best in almost everything because boys just tend to go outside and just fool around and play around with people and just fight with people all the time yeah

  • Females have been outperforming males in schools for a long time

    Mush research has supported that females out perform males at the school level and at the tertiary level too. Females are in general better able to sit still, listen, pay attention and organise so the structure of school suits them. Boys prefer to be active which is discouraged at school.

  • Better in what regard?

    This question is not fully developed. Better at what? Inasmuch as the question is vague, I answered NO . Perhaps the question could be re posted with more precision like "Better academically" better at sports, better dressers, better drivers, better listeners. Better test takers, better speakers, better in what aspects?

  • The education system is biased against males, but males still manage to destroy females in certain subjects.

    First off, let's make it very clear, the education system nowadays favors girls' learning styles and the teachers tend to punish boys harsher than girls when they made a mistake. Also, colleges offer many free scholarships for WOMEN ONLY. Because of that, it's not surprising that women are less likely to drop out of colleges. However, even though the education system favors females, males still manage to destroy females in STEM subjects and they tend to do better on tests since they are better test takers. Also, the grades differences between genders aren't too big at all. Plus, almost all the top universities in the world (Harvard, Yale, MIT, CalTech, Princeton, Stanford) have slightly more male students than female students. In conclusion, we can all assume that if the education system is fair and balanced, boys will for sure outperform girls. We certainly can't say girls are better students than boys simply because the education system is helping them.

  • What way are they superior?

    There are many standards for something to be better than one of its competitors. At school, we have Math, Elective, Language Arts, History, Science, Behavior, and Physical Education. While most females are well-behaved, the most ill-mannered students in my school are girls. Most boys try harder, and are better in PE. The smartest students are male students, for every subject (in my school). The average female student is as good as the average male.

  • Female students better than male students?

    I completely disagree to the statement because I feel that males as well as females are both equally intelligent when it comes to academics. In this era, we say women should be given equal opportunities but, does that mean we can criticize ''Males" on the basis of Education, No we cannot do that. Why? Because i believe in Equality, Gender Equality. If we argue about men saying that they work better than women then, why shouldn't men ask us why we are debating about which sex is better as students?
    To conclude, I would just like to say that I'm not supporting MEN by calling them the better half or something like that neither am I saying that WOMEN are better just because I am a girl, I just want to say that we would only look dumb if we say that female students are better than male students as we all are equals and should be treated in that way.

  • Female vs. Male Student Performance

    I do not believe that females necessarily make for better students than male students. Academic talent is more linked to an individual's own genetics and environment, not because of something as arbitrary as sex. That being said, there are certain subject areas in which females have tended to outperform males on, and vice versa. However, that doesn't mean that gender is the determining factor towards academic success.

  • Gender Does Not Matter When it Comes to Smart

    Both genders have the ability to be smart or dumb. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman. What matters is how you use your brain. Saying that a female is smarter than a male is extremely close minded and also sexist. What is important is how you think, not what your gender is.

  • All students should be judged by character.

    Any student male or female has the potential to succeed. It is within their actions to choose to succeed or to not succeed. If we judge each other for reasons like this, we are not helping anyone by doing that. It is useless to judge in that way. I judge by character, not by sex.

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