• 3rd and 4th wavers are killing our society.

    Rights for women aren't debatable. Of course, they should have the same rights as men! But when they suddenly start viewing men as the enemy, it gets out of hand. They believe that anyone who celebrates International Men's Day (Nov. 19) is sexist and needs to be shot in the head. They believe that the men who are more successful in life are only successful because of their gender. They also like to shut down anyone who disagrees with them. Single parents, for example, are labeled as "selfish" and "uneducated". If you don't agree with modern feminists beliefs, you will be labeled as a (fill in the blank)-ist, and will be attacked by the media. In other words, many (not all) modern-day feminists are using insults and labels to get what they want. Even though feminism started out with a good purpose, it needs some changes.

  • The 3rd wave feminists are toxic to our culture.

    3rd wave feminists are a toxic movement in our society. They don't believe in the free speech of those who disagree with them (MRA activists for example), They don't truly stand for equality (MRA for example again, as feminists show up in droves to cancel their events), and the icing on the cake is that the majority of them have a condescending and arrogant personality. America and the west in general would be better off without these people.

  • Feminists have always ruined society.

    Judging by this question, feminism has and always will ruin the U.S.A. because their triggered all the time, their beliefs suck, their goals are illegitimate, and they all need to be shot by cops, every single one of them. Just like Donald Trump said let's make America great again. Yes!

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