• YYYYYEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes and yes

    They help kids focus and stop bad habits. So yes they should be allowed in school even if teachers detest them and think they are distracting. Even if a boy got hurt a pencil can hurt someone even more. It can give them lead poinsing. Thats why fidget spinners should be allowed

  • Omg yes mate

    The kids that use fidget spinners are likely doing it because it can be used as a toy to distract them from their school work. In my class alone, 3 kids use fidget sinners as a distraction DAILY. Right now, as of writing this, a kid is distracting himself from work with one.

  • They are only a distraction

    Fidget spinners make terrible VRR-ing noises when they are spun. They are bright, and colorful, and sometimes light up or play music, so they are very attention grabbing. While many people have fidget spinners, most of them don't have attention disorders. Fidget spinners are a trend, but people use excuses to say "i need it to focus" but it helps no one focus. It's distracting to yourself and everyone in the class

  • Yes. They are a distraction

    They have no use, they are supposed to be used as something that you keep under the table and not focus on, but guess what everyone is doing with them? SEEING HOW FAST THEY CAN SPIN THEM. Now i have a fidget spinner and it is one of my guilty pleasures but it doesn't help me focus at all!!

  • No No AND NO

    Because it can harm kids like once at news a boy's eye fell of because of the fidget spinner and they distract kids from their learning but when they get stressed,they can use it but cant battle with each other.
    They should only be allowed if they really need it.

  • Ummm excuse me? NO!

    Let me explain, fidget spinners are meant to be something to keep your hands busy to help you focus. But, I got a fidget spinner and I've found it much much different than what they say. First off, fidget spinners only keep one finger busy they don't help you focus. Secondly, they have come out with LED fidget spinners that are distracting to the person using them and to others around th. Fidget cubes are much better because they don't distract others

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