• They are necessary

    A student who has properly learned a subject isn't going to get an A all year and suddenly fall apart on the final. If they do then they have demonstrated a lack of knowledge. Finals are part of life and performing in critical situations are part of life. Not all pressure is bad - if you can't handle finals then you can't handle larger stressors down the road.

    Finals properly sort out those who know the material and those who don't. It proves you retained your knowledge over time as opposed to cramming the day before periodic tests. When going to school it is your ONLY JOB - stop complaining and be good at it.

  • An accurate assessment

    During the year, students are provided with an abundance of information that they must retain. Yes, there are periodical, or even semester tests to see how well this knowledge has stayed in the mind, but truly, finals can assess how well a student has applied knowledge stretching back as far as the beginning of the school year. This accumulation needs to be tested as a "last Hurrah" for various subjects before the next courses can be done.

  • Why Not? Exams are part of Student Life.

    Exams are a means to measure student's academic performance, with help of which they will be decided to be promoted to next grade or not. It helps to see how much knowledge they have acquired during the course of their study at a particular grade. Taking final exams will indulge the students to study more thoroughly and be motivated.
    So, final exams re necessary for school and should be carried on over years to come.

  • Why Not? It's a part of school life.

    Exams are a means to measure student's academic performance, it is a tool by which students are promoted from one grade to another. The knowledge they acquire during the course of their study is tested at the end of the term to check how much children have gasped. Students also study with the knowledge in mind that they have to take and pass the exam, so they remain focused.
    Hence, we can say final exams are necessary for school and should be carried on over the years to come.

  • I'm just going to go with yes.

    I do not really know how I feel about this. Data suggests that high stakes tests such as graduation exams increase drop out rates. On the other hand, semester exams seem like reasonable tools to make sure that students actually know the material they've studied. You want grades to reflect knowledge because that is the main, if not the only point of education.

  • They are not necessary

    Because it is way to stressful. Like a student could have like a 93 the whole semester and they get a C on the final and it goes down to a 89 because of one test. I think regular tests are enough even though finals are to find out what you learned over the whole semester

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