Are Fiona and Cake better than Finn and Jake (Adventure Time)?

Asked by: Krieg01
  • Marshall Lee .

    M a r s h a l l. L e e. T h e. V a m p i r e. K i n g. N o t h i ng . E l s e . N e e d s . T o . B e . S a i d.

  • They are better.

    Out of the kids that i have asked about this at least %60-%70 say yes that they like the fiona and cake series better than the finn and jake series. I like this series because it turns the world on it's head and give the show a whole different meaning.

  • What? That's not even a good question, but here's a good answer.

    Firstly, Finn and Jake are the central characters. Without them, most of the show isnt even possible. Secondly, they are better role models for teen boys, whereas Fiona and Cake are for little girls, not that it's a bad thing. Adventure Time can appeal to anyone, so I think its cool there is female versions, but Finn and Jake are funnier and defiantly more layered...Like ogres.

  • No, Finn and Jake are superior to Finn and Jake

    No, Fiona and Cake are inferior to Finn and Jake. Adventure Time is all about having awesome adventures with you awesome and crazy friends. Fiona and Cake while adorable are not awesome swashbucklers like Finn and Jake. Fiona and Cake are more interested in romance whereas Finn and Jake have a balanced interest in romance and adventure. Finally, Finn and Jake are hilarious.

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