• Freemasons are evil

    They have been involved in all of the biggest scandels in the modern policing agency and were the m,ain reason for the new CID and then even after steps had been taken to prevent them they still forced corruption into the police force. They have murdered, tortured and bribed people to get there way.

  • Freemasonry is not evil to anyone

    I have met great masons with solid judgement, good character and a God fearing mentality, freemasonry is just a fraternity of 3 degrees that teach stories, facts and legends about different builders like Hiram abiff. Freemasonry at least now does not favour use of the title to gain advantage in trials, jobs or in government, though many leaders good and bad were masons. In general it's a group with secret handshakes, passwords, ballots and rituals of tradition. Freemasonry supports orphans, youth and charity to types of cancer research. Donations go to these things as wells as to support your cities and governments. So in a generalised term freemasonry actually has a positive goal in making good men better, in seeking enlightenment

  • Shakespeare had it right.

    Nothing is good or bad thinking makes it so" is from the play Hamlet.
    I know little to nothing about the free masons other than they would not allow me to be a member seeing as I am a non believer.
    But I can answer this.
    "Evil" is a perception we have of somebody or something rather than an actual property of that thing or action.

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