• I Believe that they are abominations.

    I believe that furries are abominations for a few reasons. First off, they are extremely perverted. If you look up "Furries" on google, one of the first things you will always find is porn of some sort. Furries are also mainly gay, as most of the drawings plainly state. They are also monsters, if you know history. The ancient Greeks, for example. In homer's epic, The Illiad, Hercules killed the Minotaur, which was a half human, half animal monster. Which, by the way, is the definition of a furrie. The werewolf, too, is a monster and a furrie, as it's a half human and half wolf creature.

  • Furries are world idiots

    Furries are poop. They are terrible people. They draw stupid animal fanart. Furries are faliures. They think they are animals. What they have done to the internet is horrible. Some of them think that they are animals. They publish low-quality art that look terrible, just look at Deviantart and you know what i'm talking about

  • Furries are just porn YouTube

    All the Disney characters that we love and know today have ruined for this disgusting bullshit. Furries are what I see ruining the internet with pornographic abominations in such a way that they even put Disney charterers to the shape of a wolf. These images are nothing but pornography and people even decide to our favorite characters from video games and movies into gay porn. These creations of images and comics are vulgar and a abomination to the internet.

  • Don't be and Idiot

    You don't have to be Albert-fucking-Einstein to know that this is a bad idea. Luckily, methods such as suicide have replaced the need for furies, so this is no longer a relevant problem, and thus does to need to be debated. Use your head for once please.

    -Literally Everyone Ever

  • Don't be and Idiot

    You don't have to be Albert-fucking-Einstein to know that this is a bad idea. Luckily, methods such as suicide have replaced the need for furies, so this is no longer a relevant problem, and thus does to need to be debated. Use your head for once please.

    -Literally Everyone Ever

  • Furries are faggots and so are you

    The 33% on no are furries themselves who go home and jerk their dicks to bugs bunny porn kill yourselves GO DIE IN A HOLE YOU FUCKING ANAL PAGENS I HOPE YOU ALL DIE TRAGICLY YOU MOTHA FUCKERS WITH SPONGEBOB PORN DIE ALL OF YOU I HATE YOU ALL RUINED MY CHILDHOOD NIG NOGS

  • PLease kill furries

    I had a traumatic experience as a child. I walked in on my daddy dressed as whinnie the pooh . Instead of asking me to leave he invited me in and bent me over a table. Next thing i knew a furry dick was in my ass hole. Kill them all

  • It's the Cringiest thing and they need to be gone.

    Has anyone thought it's weird that a human being would get dressed up in a animal costume to make them selves look like something they are not. And I think it's stupid how much the suits cost not that I would ever buy one but they cost as much as a used car. And and the way they look with no emotion in there eyes and all people see is a blank state in a costume. Also I'm curious how you can stay in the thing for more than an hour without smelling your own body odor. Or do you keep a can of febreeze in the thing.

  • I know some

    Furries and they are really not ce people. Sure you got the weird ones, but every fandom has weird parts to it. It's just the way the world is. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .I needed more words.

  • I think therefore I am.

    Life is all about perspective and no matter how you feel about someone's lifestyle it's not going to change that. Who gets the authority to say what is and isn't an abomination. Just because the majority does it, doesn't make it normal. You could consider heterosexuality an abomination if you really wanted to. The point I'm trying to make is life and what's right is what you think. Don't waste time judging others

  • No Just No

    I may not be one but just because i'm not doesn't mean I am so insecure that anything that isn't me has to be "Killed with fire".
    "Oh no I the most important person in the world don't understand/like something therefor it must be destroyed!"

    That is a stupid mentality that I am seeing here.

    "Intolerance is a sign of Ignorance"

  • No they are not.

    I think furries are a way for people to express themselves. They may be able to tell a lot about themselves, not necessarily through writing but maybe through art. Maybe some people want to animate monsters or animals with a twist to show their artistic ability. Not all furries are porn related. This link extends on that :

  • Are you for real?

    First of all, you people NEED to come up with better insults. Seriously, if we drank bleach every time you told us to Clorox would be richer than Apple.

    Oh yes, we've committed abominable sins like drawing and buying weird outfits. And some of us *gasp* even jack off to porn. You know, that thing most people do at least once a week. We're almost as evil as your average Disney villain, so you'd better watch out or the furries will yiff you in your sleep.

  • Of course not!

    What makes you can think it's okay to stereotype all furries? Furry fandom is the most accepting, meaning that we have the adult side of the fandom and don't critisize it. We are accepting to everybody and that is why most feel comfortable expressing their sexuality to the world. Because of us, it is not okay

  • This a Yes and No

    I been in there community for 8 years. (Just Online) I notice they are split in 3 groups. (Mostly 2)

    1. The PG Furries who just in it because they enjoy the fantasy design of a anthropomorphic. I like them too.

    2. The Yiffers. This is the negative part of the community but of course EVERY community has there perverted group. (Star wars, Lord of the rings, star trek, world of warcraft, bronies, anime.. It goes on.) All fandoms has this. Its mostly the perverted district that gives the bad name. The yiffers I use to struggle with this in the past and went in deep. I left once I realized how twisted it was. Lets just say they take the Rule 34 passionately. The gay pic's people are complaining about is not the issue, yeah there is a tone of them but its the morals behind the pictures. Cheating and Phedo is becoming more of a thing and is growing in that district. Only a few see that.

    3. The neutrals. These are the people that are in between. This is I think the majority of the furry community.

    So as for who's the abomination? Its not the Furries but the Yiffers in there community and all perverted district in every fandom.

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