• Yes the are. G

    Galen Rupps' Olympic achievments are significant to him, his family and the people around him. They are not a major milestone for society at large because he has not broken any new ground. This is is contrast to some of the black femal Olympic atheletes who were the first to win in their catagory.

  • Yes, Galen Rupp's Olympic accomplishments are significant

    Yes, Galen Rupp's Olympic accomplishments are significant. He has competed in the last three Olympics. This is an accomplishment in itself. This Olympics he won the bronze medal for the men's marathon and placed 5th in the 10,000 meter race. He has to be one of the best runners in the world to do this.

  • Galen Rupp deserves his medals and recognition

    Galen Rupp has competed in three Olympics and won silver and bronze medals. He holds numerous records in track and has demonstrated a great deal of dedication and stamina by having a long and successful career. Even though he has not placed first in the Olympics, he has had significant accomplishments.

  • Yes. Galen Rupp's Olympic accomplishments are significant.

    Galen Rupp's Olympic accomplishments have always won him something for men's track and field in the U.S. He accomplishments are significant because he does not give up and he continues to compete in events. He won silver in the past and recently taken home bronze when he competed in track and field in Rio. He has won medals so it is not too far fetched to say he may win gold one day.

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