• Yes, gay men are targeted for attacks around the world.

    Yes, gay men are targeted for attacks around the world. There is a large stigma against homosexuality in societies everywhere, and gay men are often attacked, and in some places, killed. In some countries, gay men may be imprisoned or put to death for being gay. In freer countries, gay men are still targeted by homophobic people, beaten and sometimes killed.

  • Gay men are targets

    Gay men are targeted for attacks worldwide. There was a recent attack on a gay nightclub, which was targeted because of people's sexual orientation. In other countries, it is much worse, and there is little tolerance. Many religions forbid homosexuality, and people believe it is an act against God and contradicts the bible.

  • Sad, but true

    Sadly, this is the case in a lot of countries. There are homophobic people everywhere and some of them don't restrict their prejudice to the spoken or written word. There are very few countries in the world where gays are openly accepted and many where homosexuality is still a crime. Gays are an easy target which the brutal and bigoted will take advantage of.

  • Yes, Gay men are targets of worldwide attacks

    Although there are some areas of the world where homosexual behavior is widely accepted, there are far more parts of the world where it is demonized. Especially in Middle Eastern countries, gay men are targeted and attacked for having a sexual preference that is considered a crime punishable by death- according to Sharia law. Sadly, for every kind human being who is accepting of others differences, there is an ignorant person who choose hate over love. This phenomenon is a worldwide epidemic.

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