• Gay rights are definitely a human right.

    Laws should be judged by their merit, not by some arbitrary sense of tradition or absurd belief which probably cannot be defended on a logical basis. We treat gay people with respect, what's the worst that happens? We have more people being treated decently? More diverse possibilities in our art? We stop wasting national resources to enforce pointless discrimination?

    Besides, even if you are petty enough to have a legitimate problem with homosexuality, lets think hard and long about this for a moment. What's enforcing laws about them going to really do here? Back when we were being burned alive and hanged we were still having sex, so this criminalization of homosexuality wouldn't just be pointless waste of resources, but it would probably also be quite ineffective too.

    Oh, and for the longest time in my country, enslaving black people was what some of you might call one of my Nation's 'values' at a time. Hmm, it's almost like vague interpretations of a nation's traditional values are nothing but shallow excuses filled with only rhetoric and no actual substance.

    I find it kind of funny that out of all of Uganda's problems, it's homosexuality that they felt was most important to publicize to the world. Some 'values', huh?

  • Who cares about what you do in your own bed room?

    I say yes but here's the monkey wrench I get what Putin is getting at, WHY GAY PRIDE PARADES? Just an FYI this was what the news was covering as anti-gay attacks from Putin. I'm all for letting people do whatever they want in their own home but closing off streets for a gay pride parade? I'm sorry to say I'm not comfortable looking at gay pride parades too... I'm no prude but some of the things I've seen made me... How to say it gently... Annoyed. I'm sure you know what I mean when I say overtly physical.

  • Being gay is normal

    Being homosexual is normal just like being heterosexual, bisexual or asexual is normal. People who think that being homosexual is wrong are people who have been influenced by ignorant, self-righteous beliefs which were created by ignorant, self-righteous people thousands of years ago. I always wonder why people listen to these old text. If those people came to you today and told you that the electronics you were using "are the devil" would you listen to them or keep playing your "Call of Duty"?

  • I stand with Uganda’s LGBT community. Gay Rights are human rights.

    I have to talk about Uganda and how the LGBT community is being treated. In the Uganda of 2014, homophobia has become tangled up with the very question of what it means to be Ugandan, and for that the West is largely to blame.

    This is not the first time that homosexuality, Christianity and Western influence have intersected to fuel anxieties about cultural identity in this part of the world. Rejecting homosexuality is now equated with protecting Ugandan values and resisting cultural manipulation from the West.

    More info about Uganda:


  • But of course

    Any discrimination against people for who they are is a breach of the fundamental rights that we human beings should be bestowing upon each other. To deny a homosexual the same opportunities and privileges as a heterosexual is a clear indication of inequality and a severe breach of human rights.

  • Yes they are

    Remember, gay rights are not just about gay marriage (although homosexuals should have the right to marry). It is about the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Homosexuals should be treated the same as heterosexuals in education, the workplace, the courtroom and all other aspects of life because they are human. Although Europe and North America have made a lot of progress in gay rights, many countries around the world still treat homosexuals lie second class citizens. Some even consider homosexuality a capital offense. These countries are severely violating human rights.

  • I definitely agree.

    The question doesn't even menton marriage. If we assume that gay rights extends to all possible areas-right to live in certain countries, right to pursue happiness and-but of course-the right to even be gay (which some gays don't have) then these are also inalienable rights under the US constitution. So it's really an indirectly-guaranteed right to be gay.

  • Easy answer - Yes!

    If the pursuit of happiness is a human right, and marriage is a pursuit of happiness, then gay marriage is a human right.

    It all depends on what is considered a human right. If the pursuit of happiness is not considered a human right, then it is a privilege that cannot be rightfully stripped from an individual based on sexuality, gender, or race.

  • Marriage is not a human right

    Marriage is a option. To keep them from that option because their brain chemistry is off is not a human rights issue. Their lives are not in imminent danger, their well being is not either. They are not being forced to do anything against their will. They are not being manipulated by another being. Thus, I rest my case. However, gay marriage should be allowed because it's their choice. No one else is affected directly but them. Just so long as it isn't forced on Heterosexuals :).

  • Gays only get human rights

    Just like Christians and Buddhists are not specifically protected for their religion, homosexuals should not be protected specifically for what they believe in. How would you feel if I who have a sexual orientation for female legs make up Legsexual Rights and believe I should get special rights for those that are legsexual. Oh no I'm born this way.

    Don't be foolish

  • There a Satanic Right

    If you are a Christian that supports Same-Sex Marriage I hope you heard of Adam and Eve. God created Adam them he made Eve a girl with his rib. Not Adam and Steve. Anyone who says that they're a Christian and supports Homosexuality will parash and rot in Hell!


  • Marriage is not a human right

    Marriages and civil unions are not exactly human rights. Those are culturally and legally defined things. I believe gay people should be allowed to have civil unions, but in general, they are not a right to homosexuals or heterosexuals. Churches have a right to refuse marriage to any couple.

    Besides marriage, I don't know what this argument would be about. Gay humans get the same human rights in America as non-gay humans. In other countries, public homosexual affection may be banned, which you could say is a human right, I guess

  • No it isnt

    I don't know what they are going on about, no one is denying them any rights, you are entitled to Life, Liberty, and Property, they aren't being killed off except by their own poor hygiene, they aren't being locked up, and their property is not being confiscated.
    So what are they whining about? Well, democrats have been known to pick up something obviously immoral, call it a right and if someone tries to illegalize it, they get angry. Slavery for example.

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