Are gays on campus actively recruiting new members?

  • Yes, recruiting supporters.

    Ok, we all know gay is genetic and they cannot literally get people to turn gay themslves, right? But this doesn't stop them from doing something just as bad. Somehow they are getting people to join their ranks as supporters. They have clubs get up everywhere and they have people advertising for them. It's all over the internet. It spreads like plaguenn

  • They advertise their clubs.

    Yes, gays on campus are actively recruiting new members, because they do a lot to advertise their groups. They have meetings and they publicize these meetings. They have events on campus, such as demonstrations and parades. These are ways that gays on campus recruit new members for their campus groups.

  • Gays Recruiting Members

    There are gays on campus actively recruiting members on campus. There is no reason for them not to, and there are also other gays that do not participate in recruiting. I do not believe that any “recruiting” is going to change a person into “a gay” without there already existing an accepting mind. No one is obligated to accept or decline.

  • Members of What?

    I do not believe gays on campus are actively recruiting new members. This question assumes there is some sort of elite club or gang of gay people roaming around in society. This idea is absurd. Heterosexual people don't recruit people and homosexual people don't either. People are born one way or the other.

  • No: Gays are Not Recruiting New Members

    You can't recruit new members into a group that is born with a certain sexual preference. This is just the way certain people are. It is not done through a recruitment process, the way a church might be done. If on the other hand the question had been, are gays recruiting members to social support organizations, then, yes, like many organizations, they are doing this. In that respect, they are no different than any group looking for support.

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