• Girls Are Supportive And Caring

    In many developing nations such as India, female foeticide is practiced though it has been outlawed. People are seeing girls as a burden, when in fact they are not. Girls are a blessing to their families. They care for their loved ones and give emotional support to their family members. Girls are kind, gentle and caring. I should know....I am one. I count every girl child as a blessing to her family because she is tough yet caring, strong and independent yet emotive and loyal. Girls are definitely a gift to parents.

  • Girls Are a Gift

    Yes, girls are a gift to parents in the same way that boys are a gift to parents. Children, no matter their sex or gender, are a gift to parents and to the world as a whole. To be privileged to raise a member of the next generation is one of the greatest gifts ever.

  • Girl s a gift.

    Why every body believe that a girl child is a curse. If there were no girls how can these mean minded survive. If you are a girl proudly say that you are a girl ...... I beleive girls are a gift for parents. Because i too am a girl.

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