• Girls' strengths actually help them, so yes.

    Think about it. Yes, girls and boys both have strengths and weaknesses, but which one gets in more trouble? Boys. Which one gets better grades in school? Girls. Which one is more hyperactive and aggressive? Boys. Which one is more calm and empathetic? Girls. Which one is better at reading and writing? Girls. Since it's been proven that boys are not innately better at math, what are boys' strengths? Running in circles? There's nothing a boy can do that a girl can't do as good or better, but there are many things girls can do that boys just don't do as well, and that is why girls are leaving boys in the dust.

  • Even what boys are good at girls are proving to be better at, and innately so.

    A 2014 study compared the performance of over a million girls and boys across 30 countries from grading statistics collected between 1914 and 2011. The finding was that not only do girls get better grades than boys in every subject including so-called “boy subjects” like math and science, but that they have always received better grades than boys in all subjects, all grade levels, every year for the past century and in all 30 of the countries investigated.

    This is because girls also have a significant skills advantage over boys from very early on. A 2005 study done on a very large sample of 560 thousand children between the ages of three and five found that across 13 categories of skill types, girls by the age of five beat the boys in every single one of them, including almost 200 individual skills.

    These findings are not isolated to individual countries either but reflect a worldwide phenomenon that can only be biological. One study comparing countries’ gendered school performance found that girls in Turkey (a less sex-equal country) beat boys in reading by 25.1 points whereas girls in Iceland (a very sex-equal country) also beat boys in reading, but this time by a whopping 61 point difference. There is no better evidence for the biological basis of the boy gap than girls beating boys even in places where girls are systematically held back.

    Recent studies have found that girls really do mature faster, reaching a cognitive maturity around the age of 10 while boys were seen to reach it around the age of 15 to 20. This is said to be due to how genetics influence brain development between the sexes, with testosterone in particular virtually handicapping the male brain prenatally with extremely high doses (as much as a 25-year-old man). The lesser amount of testosterone in girls allows them to optimize brain connections earlier. As a result, girls also tend to have a slightly higher average IQ because boys tend to gravitate to the extremes early on, although this gap evens out later.

    To be fair, about the only region boys seem uniquely adept in compared to girls regards their spatial abilities. Yet even here girls make their claim. Females have a relative advantage in perceptual speed tasks, which involve matching objects and pictures.

    Girls are superior with language. A specific language-related gene called FOXP2 is 30% more active in girls than it is in young boys. Studies also suggest this genetic language ability may also give girls (not boys!) an innate ability in math. Boys are twice as likely to have a language or reading disorder and are even three to four times more likely to stutter or have other speech impediments. Girls on the other hand talk earlier, say more words a day than boys, and females even recover speech following injury and stroke faster than males.

    In conclusion, even if girls aren't better at everything, they're very close to it. Girls rule!

  • Girls Are Way better

    Girls are WAY STRONGER that any boy could even Imagine! They Have to go through so much. We don't give girls all the credit that we should. Girls are also neat and tidy, and every girl is beautiful in their own way. And no, i'm not being sexiest, I'm just stating my opinion on the topic.

  • Girlsare better than boys

    Girls are better than boys.Look at it from this perspective. Girls are neat and tidy,well behaved. They are best cooks. They are multi tasker as they do their studies and also help in the houshold work.On the other hand boys are naughty and get in trouble more often than girls do.Girls are patient listners. They try to adjust in an situation.

  • Girls have it better than boys

    Girls are better than boy .Look at it from this perspective. Girls are neat and tidy,well behaved etc. boys on the other hand are naughty and get in trouble more often than girls do.Girls cook the best .They are multitasker as they do their studies and also in the houshold work. So these my opinion on this topic.
    Thank you

  • Boys are smarter

    Look, I don't feel like arguing right now, but if you do research and look at any credible sources you will find that the section of the brain called the 'inferior temporal gyrus' is stronger in males. Males excel in math, science, and logic. Men are also indisputably physically superior, although I don't think that should count for much.

  • Girls are better than Boys? That's BS !

    Girls are NOT better than boys, yeah so girls mature faster than boys, Nobody cares, that just means girls don't know how to have fun at a younger age What gender is every single person on dollar bills, MALE !
    What gender is the president, MALE ! What gender is everysingle person on ANY NFL FOOTBALL TEAM, MALE !

  • You have to be kidding

    You lot are just using studies from studies and maturing faster. Who was the smartest person in the world... Albert Einstein... Pretty sure he's a boy unless he was secretly transgender which I extremely doubt. Next point, who makes more money the president or LeBron James. You can go check their net worth if you want but I see it as an obvious answer. That proves that sports can be more valuable then smarts. If you think girls are better then boys at sports... You should consider killing yourself. I mean, who watches any woman sports? Except feminists of course, and all them people who can't afford a ticket for a real sports game. Plus the NCAA woman's teams hardly average 40 points a game... It's a joke. Maturing faster? Who gives a damn about all the crap. Next point, if you think that woman learn languages faster then boys your'e wrong. Recent studies in the U.K show that 78% of boys can learn a language, with a different alphabet to the English one, (ex: Russian, Swedish, Greek, etc) 2.3 times faster than a girl.
    I'm not against women but if you start creating these dumb debates then consider doing some research instead of writing B.S (if you know what that means since you're SO smart.

  • You guys are kidding, right?

    Seriously? Neither gender is better. Saying girls are superior is sexism. Each gender is different, but suggesting that one is better is just stupid. So many girls are sexist, it's ridiculous. Girls do mature faster than boys, both mentally and pubescentally, but boys make up for that with a larger size and more strength. Don't give me any of that b.S. About "girls are better because they have feelings", because boys do have feelings. We just don't show them as often, but sometimes, after school, I just come home and cry to let it all out. Girls do better in school because their minds are more suited to it: repetitive, predictable tasks. Males' minds are more suited to chaotic, creative activities and things that are applicable in their life. I'm guessing most of the girls saying "yes" are just angsty because their boyfriend broke up with them.

  • We all have different strengths

    So every girl aces every test? Every girl is nice and kind to others? So every girl is braver than any boy? So every girl is more perfect and spontaneous than any boy? Who made this ridiculous question? No, girls are not better than boys in every way of life.

  • No, they have different strengths and weaknesses.

    They generally have different strengths than boys. Whereas boys are better at logic, math, and science, girls are better at reading and interpreting language and art. Boys are better athletes by nature, as they were typically the hunters in a hunter-gatherer community. Girls are better at multitasking, and boys work more determinedly on one task at a time. Both genders have their strengths and weaknesses.

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