Are guys that like having sex with transexual male to female (MTF) gay?

Asked by: jaksunmadness
  • Yes the man is gay

    I think so because the person was born a man and is still a man. It is just that their appearance was altered. The man having sexual intercourse with the transsexual has desires to be with a man. Since when did appearance determine your gender? No matter what the transsexual male do, it is a man and will always be one.

  • Biologically still male

    Yes it's gay. It's simple. He was born a man and will die a man. Having "female" on paper or making a choice to live as a female does not eliminate the biological aspects of being a male. You need to remember a transexual female only looks that way because they have surgically had those changes.. Nothing is "natural" or they way they were born. So it's 110% gay.

  • Biology and Psychology (gender specifics)

    Being transexual is not limited to them appearing like women, its on a psychological level as well. All it rakes is for one to have a "i feel like the opposite sex trapped in their biological body." An average guy can be one if he thinks this way. If a regular man felt this way and had sex with a guy then its gay, but there should be no exceptions. Its not gay to be attracted to the feminine aestheticism of a transexual, but if you have sex with like I mentioned above, thats gay, and if a sexual act is performed using the genitals of a transexual, that is gay as well, because it proves that the guy is attracted to more than just the feminine beauty but the male body parts, which is gay. Biologically, a man can look loke beyonce but there is one thing that defines all mammals and most living things, and that is the gender. Only hermaphrodites are immune to the gay and straight alignment. They can pick and choose whomever.

  • Surgery and Hormones

    Transsexuals that are MTF are nothing more than men with mutilated bodies and hormones they have altered in their bodies. Then they have make up and clothing to try and mask themselves further. Men that are attracted to these freaks are fooled into thinking they are still straight and having sex with a woman but they are no more different than a trap.

  • Trans women are women, end of story

    Sometimes people have birth defects that are fixed later in life - sometimes babies are born with cleft lips; sometimes babies are born with twisted feet; sometimes babies are born with the wrong sex glands for their gender identity. It happens, and all of these things can be fixed or at least mitigated.
    If you have sex with a person who was born with a disfigured face and had it fixed, you're not banging an ugly person. If you have sex with a person who was born with a disability and had it fixed, you are not having sex with a disabled person. And if you have sex with someone who was born with an unwanted male phenotype, and they had that fixed... You're not having sex with a man.
    If you need any more evidence, consider that some of the most homophobic governments on the planet - Russia, Iran, Turkey for example - allow citizens to change their legal gender. This is clearly not because of social pressure, but because they recognise the legitimacy of trans identities.

  • Straight guy here thats been in sexual encounters with cd/ts

    If they look like/smell like women if they have smooth baby skin like a women and they forsure could pass as a women if they had there penis removed then a straight man could easily fall victim to the ts/cd passables........Regardless of religion men are meant to be attracted to women like fat people on cake lol

  • I dont see it as them being a man, u cold easily be with a women and have sex through the bottom, its no difference

    I dont see it as them being a man, u cold easily be with a women and have sex through the bottom, its no difference. U could feel the same way about them being feminine as they h ave all there life. Shudnt judge a book by its cover! Tru say

  • It's never that simple.

    MTF Transexuals are males turned FEMALE. End of discussion. We can play the semantics game all you want but in the end, we establish our own definitions. By the end of the day, you would refer to a MTF as 'she', not he, because that's the pronoun she prefers. The argument that MTFs are still "biologically and psychologically male" is invalid for two reasons:
    1.) Biology (consequently but partially psychology) falls under gender identification, not sexual orientation. Gender = who we are; Sexuality = who we're attracted to. Do not confuse the two. This discussion is targeted towards transSEXUALS, NOT transgenders as the title dictates.
    2.) If a MTF were really male in psychology, then why would she feel trapped inside the opposite sex? Psychology is still a very young field of science that relates to the many mysteries of the brain. It can be said that MTFs were once Female brains trapped inside male bodies. It happens, and there are several stories and testimonies to back this up. Also, homosexuality is defined as attraction to the same SEX. Again, sexuality = attraction. So if a male is attracted NOT to the same sex, then he is considered anything BUT homosexual. He would definitely not be gay.

  • MTF are women

    MTF transsexuals or male to female means exactly that. Someone WAS male and is NOT male anymore. Gender is more mental than it is physical and homosexuality is defined by being attracted to the same gender somebody IS not WAS. People should understand who transsexuals are and that just because they were not born with the right genitalia, it does not make them any less of a woman or man.

  • They are definitely not gay

    MTF transexuals are exactly that. Male to female. They are no longer a male, but a female. If a male has sex with a female, then he is a heterosexual, not a homosexual, correct? So therefore, a male who has sexual intercourse with a person who is MTF is straight.
    People need to be more understanding of what being a transexual is and also, to be more accepting of them.

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