• Yes, hate crimes are still prevalent in daily life.

    Yes, hate crimes still make up a lot of crime within the world today. Such things as race and sexual orientation are big issues for people. Unfortunately, some of the population of people in today's societies have narrow minds that have been habituated into thinking that not all of us are created equal.

  • Yes, it is way too prevalent

    The Orlando massacre is a good example of a hate crime to the extreme. There are other hate crimes going on all over the country also. Don't forget it was just a year ago when a young man walked into a church and shot nine people who offered to pray for him. There are too many people who dislike themselves and project that onto others in violent ways. We have to find a way to teach love and not hate.

  • Yes, hate crimes are still common.

    Yes, hate crimes are still prevalent in daily life. This is beyond proven by a recent terrorist attack in Orlando specifically targeted against gays and lesbians just for being different. It can also be seen through political rhetoric, such as Trump's proposal for a temporary ban specifically on Muslims entering the United States.

  • Hate crimes are still prevalent

    Hate crimes are definitely still prevalent in our daily life. What does the Jury categorize as hate crime though, is a whole another story. How do the officials truly know that the crime was committed out of hateful intent? In some cases the answer is pretty obvious, but sometimes it can be pretty challenging to determine.

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