• Racism is relative

    As compared to Donald Trump and his band of bumbling buffoons, the followers of Mrs. Clinton are quite urbane. However, racism is inherently unavoidable, and the wealthy, white supporters of Mrs. Clinton will brandish their version of racism. It may not be as overt, or as violent, as those of Mr. Trump, but it is still there.

  • There are racist people in both parties

    Although we typically think of racist people being Republican, there are certainly Democrats that fit the bill as well. Just because a person agrees with a politician on many issues, doesn't mean that they agree with them on everything. The same can be said the other way around: many Republicans not racist, but we tend to think that most of them are.

  • No, a group cannot be judged based on one common quality

    Some hillary Clinton supporters may be racist but it is impossible to, in good conscience, make the assumption that the bulk of them are - no matter what candidate they support. Each constituent has his own reasons for supporting a certain politician, and they vary widely. It is possible to disagree with a person's candidate without resorting to calling him a racist.

  • Hillary Clinton supporters should not be termed as racists.

    Hillary Clinton supporters should not be termed as racists. In 2008 the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign did hint at a certain amount of racist references. Most of the Clinton's campaign members at that point of time, did strongly emphasize the race issue. However Hillary Clinton supporters cannot and should not all be termed racists.

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