• Yes they are

    First of all, humans are greater in intelligence and are more evolved and adapted to survival. Second of all ,regarding moral worth , animals have none. They can't contemplate life and have no morality. Humans are higher on the food chain, and have and will continue to advance at a pace ten times greater than any other species known of.

  • Yes we are

    I'm a vegatarian and I'm very supportive of animal rights but I know that we are more important than any type of animal. Animals are still important. They can feel pain and the can love. They're still not as important as us. Humans are much more important than animals are.

  • Look At Civilization

    The answer to this question is so simple, just look at society. Has any other animal species created an interconnected community of 7 billion scattered all around the world? Has any other species created the transportation means to go anywhere in the world in less than 24 hours? Have they created trains, or planes, or cars? Have they created a means to leave the earth and get into space, let alone land on the moon? Have they launched probes that have already left the solar system and are on their way to reaching the stars? Animal species that have been around for hundreds of millions of years have never come close to creating anything humans have created in our 10,000 years of civilized life.

  • Of course we are

    It is obvious that when you look around you can see the triumphs of mankind , and as far as moral worth goes I think it is obvious that we should put our fellow human over a rabbit . Many say do not hurt the animals but if we didnt humans could die and we don't really want that now do we

    PS what kind of animal is in the picture , it looks kind of like a pig but I'm not sure .

  • Of course, in most ways

    Lets say they arent for example, what if they commit a crime? A murder perhaps, would you throw them in jail? Would you sentence them to death? And if you were to say animals are worth just as much as humans, then that means all animals are worth the same. It would be unfiar to say, i like dogs, therefor all dogs are worth just as much as humans. Then how would you deferenate which animals are important? By which animals you like? Because in no situation are ants "superior" to humans.

  • This is a stupid question.

    Yes, humans aren't necessarily dominant in population, but that doesn't even matter. 500,000 humans could kill ALL wolves if they wanted to; and that's based off of reason. Think about it: humans have created weapons such as railguns & lasers, and we've even created a bomb that mimics the temperatures of the sun; the atomic bomb. We have civilizations all over the world, and we've even sent spacecraft out of the solar system. Humans have dominance over the majority of biomes in this world, and the ones we don't have control over have extreme environments. We can control climate, genetics, and even change the environment. I've noticed that nearly half of all the "no" arguments use morals. You may think I'm being contradictory because of the wolf thing, but that's just a hypothetical situation; I didn't say that I wanted it to happen or that it needed to happen. Anyways, it isn't moral to compare the life of a human to the life of another animal, i.e. a bird. Yes, rabbits have feelings, but they don't have complex ones. They can't think deeply about something, what they think is "eat", "sleep", "drink", "live", and "have kids".

  • We are superior.

    I believe everything in this world has a reason. It's too perfect and balanced to be true otherwise. If we weren't superior, our brains wouldn't be developed to the point where we can 3D print cells of humans to create organs and we wouldn't have such an organized government. We are more intelligent, but we are superior because we have dominated Earth, which means with those of you who believe humans are apes, which is neither scientifically nor religiously correct, you think humans "evolved" from apes and survived because we are more fit to survive, evolved better, aka superior. We are greater than the other animals, but that doesn't mean treat animals like they're not important. All living things are important, that's how we all survive. But saying the life of a fish is equal to the life of a human is just wrong.

  • More than just intelligence.

    Human minds are vastly more complex than even the most intelligent animal. Not only do we have a massive emotional range, many different types of intelligence and creativity, and a variety of distinct types of memory that animals lack, we also have the ability to use logic and reason, we have personal awareness, a sense of past present and future, culture, society, the list goes on and on.
    There is a reason that humans have dominated this earth, rather than apes or dolphins.

  • Of course we are.

    To put this simply and not multiple paragraphs long, of course we are. We put other animals in cages and domesticate some. If we were not superior how would we accomplish this. Also, the whole inventing technology does not make us superior arguememt is bullshit. All other species of animals are stuck using only what is available to survive, while we can create things that make survival easy.

  • Yes. IT'S IN THE BIBLE!!!

    Now, i'm not saying God said that anything you do to an animal (including testing, abusing, and hunting to extinction) is perfectly ethical or anything, cause it isn't, and He didn't. Animals do NOT have a soul, although they can feel pain and emotion. Also, there are things animals just don't seem like they should do the same ways as humans. Like, i don't let my dog sit at the table when he eats, or i don't let him use my bathroom to bathe, pee, or clean his teeth in. Humans are basically ome special snowflake that God made to look after animals, use them for food, and let them multiply.

  • Not in moral worth

    In regards to technology, the human race is more advanced than other animals, but we do not surpass them in terms of moral worth. It is condescending to think or suggest that. If humans think ourselves above them, we won't feel guilt if/when we mistreat them and even think it is justified.

  • Are lions superior than gazelles? No! So humans are not superior to animals.

    And yes... Lions are stronger and more intelligent than gazelles.
    Not because we are better, more intelligent, than animals means that we are superior. Animals aren't our. They aren¡t inferior!
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  • I'm on this side

    For the people on the yes side, I just want you to ask yourself this question: How does having technology make us better? Sure we have invented cars, probes, planes, computers, and machinery of all kinds, but does that really make us better? We've only survived because we rely so much on the resources the Earth has, but many other species just need food, water, a habitat, and their bodies just do the rest, which I think is an incredible ability to survive just with tha

  • Superior in what measure?

    I'd rather say that our intelligence in science and technology is superior to others. Because man is so greedy, he would always want more and most of us would never really find the true purpose of life and man would just view life as a plain competition to get "the most". Most think that "might is right" in the human world and we've lost our compassion for others. Many people think we've "succeeded" in life with all this technology, but if you really think about it, technology only makes our lives easier, not necessarily better. We've slaughtered hundreds upon millions of others even between our own species just to get what we want. We take things we don't even need but others need. But it all turns out that we've sacrificed so much just to get many things that don't even matter. Then, we considered ourselves as the most "superior" just because we have "the most", but it doesn't make us better, nor the best, but plausibly, the worst.
    Yes we have cars, rockets, airplanes, PCs and other types of technology, but the question is, how does that make us superior? We have rockets that went to other satellites and planets and even sent man there, but rocket ships were just something "extra" we built, and it's not really something we really needed to survive (unless the world was gonna blowup somehow, but everybody's going to die anyway) We have guns, and guns can kill. But lions have their fast and swift hind legs, sharp claws and teeth to hunt down their targets. When a lion hunts, it just has to put in more effort than most of us. Guns can hunt down things faster with ease, but it does not make it better, just easier because we don't have that much energy to tussle with most creatures. I'm against hunting for sport or other unnecessary reasons, I only used hunting as an example.

  • Superior in what ways?

    Humans are certainly not a superior species on the planet. We may be superior with regards to intelligence (even this is debatable!), but are inferior in several other regards. We are biased because we value achievements that allow our species to succeed. Therefore, innovations like agriculture or global spread are put on a pedestal above other qualities. If an ocean creature was asked this question, it would probably say we were inferior because we could not even swim!

    I believe there is no true answer to this question because the term "superior" is ill-defined in the question. If the question was instead "are humans superior communicators", then the question would be more easily debated. Otherwise, the idea of superiority is subjected to that persons per-conceived "superior" qualities.

  • Of Course we are not superior!!

    I dont wish to write paragraphs here but rather ask a very simple question...If the human species feel so superior to the other animal species and can dominate them any given day ..Why do we put them in cages for public viewing at the zoos? Tak the cages out and let the superior humans view them up close ...Wats there to worry..After all we humans are superior isnt?

  • No we are not superior.

    Animas are more friendly then half of people these and they probably have there own government and there own cities. A a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

  • Two rights don't beat a wrong

    Yes humans have accomplished many things like technologies and complex societies but this does not make humans superior to animals. If you think these things do make humans superior to animals that is simply because of what you as a condescending human value. Animals do not care for these things so why would they progress in these areas. Its like saying you beat someone in a race when they did not even run in it. What they might care for though is the destruction that humans have had on other organisms and ecosystems. The accomplished that humans make do not erase the pain and suffering they have caused. This is all due to the mind set of humans thinking they are superior to other organisms and if you continued to value humans above other life then you are contributing to further suffering of organisms who just wish for they same things humans do, to live and experience life. All life should be considered equal because everything alive just wants to live and experience life something that should be a right. Humans are not superior to animals and animals are not to humans. We are equals

  • Not we are not

    We are simply different. We are judging more than 8 million types of life solely based on our perspective and conclude that everything is inferior. If we are judging by our self selected credentials, yes we are superior which is a bias narrowing down of abilities to what humans supposedly do best. But how can we be so sure? Biologically speaking we are not superior. Even a virus can kill us. Animals possess senses and other abilities we do not and therefore we cannot perceive or observe their superiority from our perspective. Its impossible to know that experience. An octopus has 10,000 more genes than humans. A group of humans are less likely to survive in the jungle without being taught how to survive beforehand. The only advantage humans have is the ability to accumulate knowledge from one generation to the next as well as inherit technologies laid out by previous generations without having a clue how they work. This is what made humans appear superior. Other species create societies and possess abilities that blend organically with the natural environment which gives them the ability to survive, something humans seem to be lacking at. We view organic blending as primitive instead of acknowledging the fact that other species have already evolved enough in areas that make them more capable at surviving with what is available without the need of creating new technologies and artificial methods of survival. Humans are required to evolve technologically continuously and above the balance of nature in order to feel satisfactory survival. Considering the thousands of years of technology and knowledge we have acquired we should have been living a paradise but instead we are creating more and more imbalances in an effort to find balance. Thats a sign of adequacy in our evolution. If a more intelligent being was observing all species on earth I wouldnt have been surprised if it would have been pondering in our pointless complex and self destructing actions that are not present in many other species

  • No we are not superior

    I believe that humans are no more important than other animals, we are essentially all living creatures inhabiting this earth. We live and thrive in communities and have family bonds just like other animals do too. I believe that it is rather small minded of us to claim to be more important than another animal because it is imposing our standards of the world on the judging of another being. I do not believe that intelligence measures a creature's importance. A tiger may believe it is the most important creature in the world as a human might do, so who are we to say that we are in fact more important.

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