• We couldn't live without it.

    Imagine the following scenario: A solar flare knocks out all electricity, batteries, power sources etc. resulting in the use of cars, the internet and computers to be impossible. This includes batteries. A world wide EMP, if you want.
    Humanity would fall apart. There is not one thing in this world whose development or use does not involve computers.
    This results in me thinking that, should abovementioned scenario ever occur, most of the human race would almost certainly perish.
    If we learned to be less dependant on computers, we could survive, but there is no need to live without computers. We grow more and more dependant each day.
    Don't get me wrong, I love playing games and stuff, and I don't want computers to cease existing, but we have to face facts: We are too dependant on computers.

  • Computers, Computers everywhere

    See for yourself we use it to control our traffic, travel around efficiently, write our opinions and to store our data and facts.If we didn't have computers think about all the extra time and work we'd have to put in. It's just natural to depend on the better thing that comes along as part of natural evolution system.

  • No no no !

    No because remember when we were young back in the 1970's you had to walk over to your friends house in order to talk to them thanks to technology we can call or text who ever we want because of technology and also even in our jobs we use computers and if your going somewhere you don't know their is always a GPS to use back then you had to use a map sometimes you don't know where you are on the map how are you suppose to know where to go.I rest my case

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