Are interracial relationships a bad thing?

Asked by: jynxx
  • Interracial Relationships are fundamentally incompatible.

    For thousands of years, people have only mated with people of their OWN RACE. If we allow interracial relationships to spread, individual races like the Caucasian or Chinese race will DIE OUT. Do we really want this to happen? Furthermore, different races' different cultures mean that relationships won't work out, and families, society, etc. will disapprove. I personally think for these reasons that interracial relationships are a bad thing, but people should still have the freedom to enter into them. We don't have the right to infringe on someone else's rights.

  • Not a Bad Thing but a Relationship with Additional Problems

    Is it bad? Not bad no. But they will have to deal with the prejudice of co-workers, neighbors, friends, etc all their lives. It creates additional pressure on relationships that cannot be fixed. The world is still full of bigots and racists. They will always have to deal with that too. Why do that to yourself?

  • Race mixing destroys true diversity.

    1. We are not created equally. Studies have shown that IQ levels among other genetic traits are vastly different between races. Dose that ultimately prove we are incompatible, no. However it most certainly proves we are not all "created equally"
    2. The argument that "times have changed" is absurd. The reason race mixing is a thing now is because it is being pushed upon us. Science shows you are wired to mate with your own kind. The race mixing propaganda is an agenda for genocide.
    3. True diversity is accepting the fact we are created differently. Not only accepting, but preserving it.
    Honor your heritage by continuing it.

    Search race iq bell curve
    Search Frankfort school
    Search definition of genocide
    Educate yourself !

  • Interracial relationships are completely fine.

    Race and or skin color shouldn't play a role in a relationship at all. Interracial relationships/dating is beautiful and is very common. People have the complete right to choose who to love regardless of color and race. To each his own. We have freedom to love so we should use it.

  • I see nothing wrong with interracial love!

    People of all races are all created equally, regardless of how each and everyone of us appears. Even if my one true love turns out to be a woman from another race, I will always hold a special place in my heart for the beauty of the women of my own race. That way, everybody will be given equal amounts of kindness, fondness, respect, and love for one another. God has given us the free will to choose whoever our hearts desire the most.

  • No it is not!

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with interracial relationships, back then it was but now things have changed and everything is different, we should not get caught up with skin color but we should associate ourselves with the personality and character of the individual. Today there are a lot of interracial relationships, i see nothing wrong, its all about who you love

  • Everyone has the right to!

    I believe that everybody has the right to be with whatever gender, race, or color. I personally don't care how a person looks like and everything, all that matters is how you love the person by heart. That is all that is important in relationships. Not race, color, or gender basically.

  • It's not the 60's anymore

    Anyone of any race or gender should have the right to marry whom they choose. It's ridiculous to think that race makes us different. If you live someone marry them. There is only one race. The human race. If you think otherwise you need to re- educate yourself. Hopefully one day questions like this won't even be asked

  • Of course not!

    Everyone has the freedom to love and care for whoever they want. Why is it such a bad thing for a black guy and a white girl (Or a white guy and a black girl) to date or get married? It's not, love is love, no matter the color (:

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