• Yep, bats.It crazy. Abusers in the fullest sense of the word. They take your mind, your family and your life.

    Try to leave JWs after joining. If you decide it's not a true religion, you cannot publicly share your concerns. If you do, or you even think thoughts contrary to " current " WT theology, you will be " disfellowshipped" ..Which means your family will never again speak to you or have any dealings with you. Their loyalty is to the " organization". Not Jesus or God. It's a terrible mind control cult.

  • They're obviously crazy

    When shuffled in the mix among other religions do jehova's whiteness' stand out as being more crazy? That's debatable, but they've predicted doomsday multiple times and life went on. I can immagine the disappointment on their faces the next day. They shun apostates, at least they don't kill them!
    We don't have to respect people's superstitions and myths, we can call them out for what they are... Crazy.

  • 8 billion dead

    Crazy. Their belief is that Gods message has been received by 8 million people and that soon God will kill the remaining 8 billion on earth, including children. Their early work in Paradise will include dealing with all the dead. God is love just apparently has not been the most successful at finding a clear channel of communication because success is not 8 million people. Also have to kill 8 billion feels like a tough thing to do. Crazy as they come. If you want further support look at their practice of shunning or treatment of children who have been abused it their wild overstep of creating laws that are not based on scripture ( prohibition on birthdays ).

  • Indeed, Axiomatically Mental

    "Crazy" depicts a disparity between one's own inner cognitive model vis the actual universe we inhabit and our place in it. As I read all the opposing views, it is inescapable that the half or full defenses against JW mental imbalance are coming from a place of similar cognitive dissonance as whom they purport to defend. IE: They are defending themselves by proxy of support toward the JW folk. The "Non-Believers" seem to form the only group where all the "Believers" can exhibit a brief flash of unity. If we "Non-Believers" were less charitable - we could go back underground and the "Believers" could get back to hurting each other - as their stain through history promises they shall default upon.

  • Religion in General

    Religion in general has an undertone that speaks insanity with perhaps the exception of Deism, which does not specifically fall under "Religion" . In particular Jehovas share somewhat in common with their young earth brothers and sisters spread worldwide. Firstly a belief should be largely based upon evidences, and claims made should have the ability to be substantiated. One such belief that evidence actually opposes is the Jehova claim that Adam/Eve myth is true and claim for humanity being around 6000 years of age since those two individuals; Both of which evidence is so strong against, it would be illogical to believe.

    Further more the claim that Christ could have a "Father" that is not of this earth and that a women could give birth outside of conception is ludicrous to all evidence that we have today. One question arises, "Does God have DNA?" For if he does not then Christ would only contain the DNA of his mother. Also did God impregnate Mary himself to provide the Sperm?

    All these questions have answers that are based on logic and reason, and are highly provable through evidence. Only "Faith" in things that are illogical could lead you to this position. Faith in illogical concepts is by definition Crazy.

    If I said "Snake walked up to me, snake told me kill her, there it is, snake not talking anymore." No one in a court would take me at all seriously, yet its expected that we must accept this type of nonsense from those who proclaim it and not call it crazy?

  • All predictions have failed.

    It is very sad, Very much. Good people, But without understanding.

    An example; Beth Sarim and 1925 J. F. Rutherford. I don`t mind a sects right to say what they want, But don`t punish others. We are in the world to help each other, Just like Jesus did. I wish J W could repent.

  • It is a fact

    This is a sham cult masquerading as a religion. They doctrine has been proven false time and again. They stated Jesus would return in 1914, then kept changing the date until the so-called religion reinvented itself in 1975. I say we should all unite to expose the Jehovah's Witness as the cult they are.

  • Sociopathic in their beliefs actually.

    Ask the Witness's about their policy regarding blood transfusions. The transfusions are not allowed. Therefore if a Witness needs a lifesaving transfusion, they will refuse and die. Its based on a verse involving ingesting blood. Which is moronic since a transfusion of blood is not drinking it. Also ask how many people have died because of this insane rule. How many children have cried out loud on a hospital bed saying "I don't want to die mommy and daddy!" Let that image sink in the next time you think of the Witness's. They are dangerous, and must be stopped.

  • A Perfect Cult

    They are a cult. In the truest sense of the word. Their rules, conditioning, fear mongering and ousting policies have little to do with religion and everything to do with money, control and revenge. They attract only lower class followers because anyone with any education calls bullshit on their nonsense.

  • 'Jehova's witnesses are batshit crazy' (I probably misspelled something!)

    Not so much crazy as risky, as are all religious cults.

    It's not restricted to religion, either: There are some truly awful political groups as well - just look at some exposes of 'Freedomain Radio'.

    I haven't had any personal involvement with this one, however there is another really nasty cult in my country called the 'Socialist Worker's Party'; nasty business, everyone who joins up seems to end up in a recovery home for alcoholics and drugs abusers.

    Now our 'friends' the Jehova's Witnesses would appear to be 'collecting' people, apparently they score 'points' from their cult leaders for persuading people (i.E. You) to sign up.

    They will be your best friend ever just so long as they think there is hope of recruiting you, however, when you (hopefully) do the right thing and give them a firm 'NO'; you'll find out exactly how false their pretended friendship was...

  • They are the True followers of Jehovah(god)

    Jehovah witnesses are closer to god because they follow the true rules of the bible. We call him by his real name because if you call him by his real name instead of his title name it makes out bond with him even stronger. I go to their meetings and all their information does go by what the bible says. Also they can show you with the bible what god really wants us to do. Also it shows the truth not like other religions say that god is The father the son and the trinity. But in John 3:16 says " God loved the world so much that he gave his beloved son (Jesus) as sacrifice so we wouldnt parish but live eternal life. So their not crazy

  • No we should respect their religion.

    While the Jehovah's Witnesses may have some seemingly weird or outlandish beliefs to outsiders, who are we to say they are crazy? Members of Jehovah's Witnesses probably think we are crazy for whatever we believe. I personally do not agree with or understand some of their beliefs, such as refusing blood transfusions, but their beliefs should be respected just like ours.

  • Jehovah’s Witnesses Are Not Crazy

    Just because you do not believe in another person’s viewpoint concerning a Higher Power, a Source, or God as many prefer to refer to the thought of a Supreme Being that does not warrant labeling them crazy. Crazy, in regards to context, clearly indicates we feel someone is mentally deranged. While a particular person within any sect, or religious order, may his or herself be a nut case, to label an entire group crazy just because of what we feel might be the level of maniacal involvement, is just wrong. Jehovah’s Witnesses might be a bit pushy for some people’s taste, but they are not crazy.

  • Witnesses not crazy.

    People hate Jehovah's witnesses because they want to hear bad things about us, but we keep strong because we know that we are doing Jehovah's will. In the Bible it says that we are going to be hated just as Jesus, Jehovah's son was hated. People are spreading rumours in a bad way!

  • We Are Reasonable, We Are Not Insane

    The Greek word e·pi·ei·kes′, which is translated “reasonableness,” has been defined as meaning “seemly, fitting; hence, equitable, fair, moderate, forbearing, not insisting on the letter of the law; it expresses that considerateness that looks ‘humanely and reasonably at the facts of a case.’”—Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words, 1981, Vol. 2, pp. 144, 145.

    Reasonableness is a distinctive feature of heavenly wisdom. (Jas 3:17) It is a quality that a man who is appointed as an overseer in a Christian congregation must have. (1Ti 3:2, 3) He would have to be reasonable with himself, in dealing with others, and in his view of problems. Also, Christians generally are encouraged to be reasonable. The apostle Paul counseled the Philippians: “Let your reasonableness [“yieldingness,” Int] become known to all men.” (Php 4:5) And Titus was instructed to remind the Christians of Crete “to be reasonable [literally, yielding].” (Tit 3:1, 2, ftn) This was especially fitting, since the inhabitants of Crete as a whole had the reputation of being liars, injurious wild beasts, and unemployed gluttons.—Tit 1:12.

    At 1 Peter 2:18 house servants are admonished to “be in subjection to their owners with all due fear, not only to the good and reasonable, but also to those hard to please.”

  • Jw are obsessed with death and think nothing of it..

    Jw's are obsessed with death and think nothing of it.They are insane and narrow minded..My soon to be ex roommate is a jw and she has an evil sense about her. Always talks about buriels and embalming her passed family members like its normal to talk about on daily basis. She acts as if she is above Christians.She shows not even an ounce of guilt when she is vindictive with her lying damaging words to her own family..Another words when angry she becomes malicious, she has snakish characteristics and I'm not even her family. She's nuts..And is very active in the kingdom hall..She lives,breaths jahova..I did not know she was a jahova witness till after I became her roommate and personally there is something seriously morbid about her.

  • Just Following Tradition

    Jehovah's Witness is a branch of Christianity that rarely gets a break, however, their followers are adamant that their way is right and if it works for them, I feel like that is wonderful. I do not view these people as crazy, they simply decide to live a slightly different lifestyle than what I chose for myself.

  • If they are then Jesus Christ was Crazy too...

    If we call ourselves Christians, we certainly should take a minute to think about this...Jesus Christ was never a favorite person to most religious leaders and people in general. Probably because they also thought he was crazy so much so they even attempted to kill him on numerous occasions before he died eventually...But when he died and resurrected many believed he was indeed the son of God. They wanted him dead because he was steadfast for what he believed was the truth and did not compromise in order to accepted by "MEN" So whoever thinks that JW are crazy then they maintain what Jesus said when he said...Happy are you if you are accused of all sorts of things for my name. And maybe you need to scrutinize your believe systems before pointing at you brother...

  • Johovus is my idol

    I myself have witnessed the true bellsing of he who is him, johovus. I go door to door inspiring others and opening peoples eyes to a much higher power.
    And if you dont believe me, square up!!!!! Be the or be square

  • No crazier than any other religious belief.

    When you actually reduce any religion down to its base belief system, they all sound a bit nutty. So singling out one sect as "crazy" because their particular mythology runs counter to whatever mythology you happen to believe in is spurious.

    Personally I don't care for JW theology, but then I don't care for proselytizers of any stripe.

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