• Yes, many youth in residential placement have a history of trauma and exposure to violence and are particularly vulnerable to the aftereffects of a major emergency.

    juvenile justice residential facilities are charged medical and mental health treatment, and life skills with the responsibility of safely detaining youth
    while providing them with the academic programs,and vocational training they so urgently need. Emergency planning for these facilities requires a
    special set of considerations that involve collaborative efforts across the spectrum—emergency management experts, administrators of state secure-care facilities and local detention facilities, juvenile court officials, law enforcement personnel, child welfare professionals, and medical and mental health personnel.

  • Yes, juvenile detention facilities are equipped to handle emergencies

    Detention centres for juveniles are equipped to handle all kinds of situations and that includes emergency situations. This is the same as any other kind of facility which will have the correct procedures and protocols in place. For any centre that isn't equipped then they need to close until they are.

  • They aren't nearly ready

    Juvenile facilities haven't kept up with the dangerous nature of some of the youths they hold. Kids who have serious problems are housed with kids who really just need a guiding hand, and the result is that the good kids end up like the bad. They don't have the training or equipment to deal with emergencies in these settings.

  • No, juvenile detention facilities are not equipped to handle emergencies.

    No, I believe that juvenile detention facilities are not equipped to handle emergencies. While all detention centers for both adults and juveniles should be equipped to handle emergencies I think that juvenile facilities are typically ill-equipped. Juvenile detention centers often are under-funded and inadequately staffed with employees who are not specifically trained to deal with juveniles. In event of emergency, I doubt many facilities are properly prepared or trained.

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