• Hi I am a student

    My neighbors are always on the WII or their iPads, iPods, and other technology devices and its not fair. The little girl she is just five years old and she hides the devices under her bed, in her closet and in other spots. I think we should limit the amount of time that children spend on electronics.

  • Too Much Screen Time

    Technology is a dangerous distraction to kids
    Kids cannot focus on homework and other school related activities
    Kids spend more time with their electronics than with their friends
    If kids do hang out with their friends, they only go on electronics.
    Staring at your phone all day might damage your spine.
    Your phone could cause blemishes (Blemishes- a small mark or flaw that spoils the appearance of something)
    Technology includes chances of Cyberbullying
    Excessive texting may be giving you text claw.
    Too much screen time could could strain your eyes.
    Searching things up for long periods of time can cause anxiety.
    Staring at screens can mess with your sleep.
    Kids have a hard time focusing on one thing if they are multitasking on homework, playing on phone, and watching TV.
    Technology Changes the Way Children Think and Feel
    Technology Can Put Privacy and Safety at Risk (Cyberbullying)
    More Use of Technology with Less Physical Activity Leads to Obesity
    The 2012 Pew Internet Project survey also revealed that 87 percent of teachers felt modern technologies were creating an "easily distracted generation with short attention spans."
    Kids could have aggression if suppose they don’t beat a game, the first try.
    Technology causes addiction
    Kids are deprived of sleep when they are texting all night

  • Yes they do

    Most kids spend time in front of a computer because it is all they know. If they were born in the 20th century than they would of gotten more play outside. Now, it is all screens . Most people are stopping that now so the problem is getting better and better.

  • Children are spending Too much time in front of screens.

    Some time in front of screens in fine. But children are spending too much time, which is not helping their social skills. Your child might be able to have really good conversations on a computer, but when it comes talking face to face this I where our society today is lacking.

  • Despite the educational value of such technology

    I feel that children spend too much time watch TV and playing on computers, I fear we are entering an era in which busy parents need an easy option to keep children entertained. As a working parent I understand the need to keep children happy when you arrive home from work and have to get dinner, washing etc done. But that doesn't mean they have to spend time watching rather than doing. Children need to be encouraged to use their imaginations and be creative, we are living in a world dominated by technology, but that doesn't mean it has to dominate our lives. Teach children to use it efficiently, but encourage them to experience using their imaginations and getting some good old fashioned fresh air into them. We don't want a society in 20 years where all everyone knows how to do is use a computer brilliantly, but lacks the social skills to communicate face to face.

  • Yes, kids are having too much screen time

    Kids need to be outside playing, burning off energy, and building muscles. If a kid comes home and sits playing video games then watches TV for the rest of the day, then the kid is missing out on physicial activity and - very often - the exercise of their imagination. I'm not totally against screen time, because my kids cooperatively play Minecraft and help the youngest one. But too much of a good (or neutral) thing is a bad thing.

  • Never ever ever!

    We are just fine from screens I've on a coputer for 4 hours and I've been fine and tired. You should time your breaks if you need them so that way you won't tempted to go on the computer. Being on screens a lot of the day you will be fine. Trust me.

  • Children can learn from it!

    Children can learn from it! If you have your children doing IXL, Mathletics, and other educational websites. You could check their history from doing it, and if they did not lie, They could have free time. Did you know gaming on electronic devices actually made it so THAT IT MAKES CHILDREN GET IN BETTER COLLAGES

  • Preparing for life

    People get easily scared of technology, but, regardless of how people feel about it, 'being in front of a screen' is how people are today, and will be in the foreseeable future. There's nothing particularly bad or good about the use of technology today, but it does, and will, certainly make people more comfortable.

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