• It's just silly.

    What parent do to their kids is just silly. How many grade school boys have you seen with a Mohawk? Does anyone really think it's a good look? Probably not as most parents tend to let it grow out shortly after. Then there are also the moms that dress their little girls like they are much older. Come on parents. These are little kids. They don't really care what they wear. They are not little yous. Just because you can't pull off those looks does not mean you should force your kids to.

  • Stereotypes? Oh, not again!

    I say firmly a NO.
    Fashion is an art, fashion is feeling good in your own sk Fashion is an insight to your personality. Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life. Imagine, a drab life, where all were meant to dress up the same. Firstly, when it comes to children. Children who are influenced by fashion can go to the depth and make a courier out of it. They can become fashion icons. And when it comes to parents affordability, well I would like to grab your attention to the fact fashion is not just restricted to buy branded,new clothes. If your teenager is passionate about fashion he/she will manage to create new outfits within the everyday clothes. Be sure if your kid is possessive about fashion or is rather interested in branditioning.

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