• Yes, Labor Day sales are worth it.

    Yes, Labor Day sales are worth it because consumers typically have leisure time to shop and take advantage of sales. A Labor Day sale benefits both the business owner and the consumer because the sale prompts buyers to frequent the store and the savings help consumers to acquire the goods they need.

  • No, the joke is on the consumer.

    The quickest way for a retailer to gain profit on its' existing inventory is to include four letters in their advertisement, sale. The other letters in the advertisement, such as "Labor Day. are only consequential. The consumer is not the target for reaping benefits from the wording of the advertisement and is included only to draw your attention to the retailer.

  • Sales Never Worth It

    Labor Day sales, just like any other sales for any other holiday, are not that much better than the original prices. The sale prices are still grossly inflated in relation to the production value. Capitalism would have one believe they are getting a good deal when all they are really doing is still wasting their money on things they do not really need just because there's a sale.

  • No, Labor Day sales are not worth it.

    No, Labor Day sales are not worth it. I believe that there are certainly some deals to be had for Labor Day sales shoppers on big-ticket items, but usually if shoppers wait a few more weeks, a lot of the items that are typically marked down for Labor Day, like "back to school" items, will be subject to additional sales by the end of September.

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