• Laser Pointers Extremely dangerous

    Yes, laser pointers are extremely dangerous when used improperly. They've been reported causes of airplane mishaps and could cause plane crashes. Laser pointers can damage eyes when pointed directly at them. They've even been reported as dangerous toys for cats who get overstimulated, or have pointers aimed at their eyes.

  • Yes, laser pointers are dangerous.

    Laser pointers an be very dangerous. Airline pilots have become visually impaired after people on the ground have pointed lasers up at airplanes. These lasers can also be dangerous when pointed at other people in public too. Furthermore, animals have been hurt by these pointers as well. In short, laser pointers put many at risk when misused.

  • No, they are only dangerous if they are misused.

    Laser pointers are largely harmless, except when they are used to entertain cats, who do not understand that they can never truly "catch" the dot of light they're chasing. However, this is easily remedied by placing a treat in a hidden location and then shining the laser pointer on it when you are done playing with your cat so it can feel like it caught something.

  • No Laser Pointers NOT Dangerous

    Laser pointers are not dangerous. People sometimes use such an object to annoy people, however that does not make them dangerous. People are the ones who are dangerous. They need to make better decisions. Instead of blaming the laser pointer for shining in someone's eye, blame the childish person behind the pointer.

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