Are law enforcement cameras an invasion of privacy?

  • Yes law enforcement cameras are an invasion of privacy.

    Bush had said it himself quote on quote "The constitution Is a goddamned piece of paper" He didn't even denied it nor has he ever. 911 was a poor excuse to put this big brother law on the people. We have rights, and every time we make reckless decisions to vote on signing away our rights, we give away more and more of our freedom. If they can take away our privacy what's to stop them from taking away more of our rights by using some piss poor excuse to get their way. Moderating our phone calls, text messages, who, where, and when we talk to someone is outrages and I draw the line there. Not to mention our normal phone companies are giving away our information to the NSA. To take away the rights of the people is taking away our freedom, in which this country is suppose to stand for.

  • Yes they are.

    I think that these cameras are a terrible way to keep track of people who are going to do something or are planning to try something. You know what they should do, is have the police officers wear cameras on themselves to track what they do. The police have been abusing their power here lately and it is going to get them in trouble. An older aged man was beaten and tazed for no good reason. That police officer should have been fired on the spot and sent home. Plus that police officer tried to cover up what he was saying to that man by having loud music up to block out the speakers catching what he said. This is just like people in the government saying that we need to get rid of guns and make them illegal. Here is a thought, why don't we just make drugs illegal. Oh wait we did but we still have idiots injecting themselves with needles.

  • They are not bad

    The cameras help catch criminals. I would rather be watched by the government then have a crazy killer on the lose. Sure being watched is a bit creepy but we are being watched by people that are on our side and not on the crazy serial killers sides. That is why I say no.

  • Yes they are

    In my opinion law enforcement cameras are invasion of privacy because they spy on us.Many people abuse law enforcement cameras.Who likes to be watched by a camera all the time.
    Once you realize that you have lost your privacy,you realize you have lost the most valuable thing in your life.

  • Absolutely it IS

    I remember watching Shark Tank with this one man whose idea was to prevent the government from watching us. He said how they watch us through our front facing cameras on our smartphones and the cameras on our laptops and PC's. At first, i thought he was crazy, then i thought, "Wow, he may have a point, because i have a laptop AND a PC." so yeah, law enforcement cameras ARE an invasion of our own privacy.

  • Yes,law enforcement cameras are an invasion of privacy.

    Yes,law enforcement cameras are an invasion of privacy.Even when people are outside of their home they should feel like they have a certain amount of privacy.Nobody wants to feel like they are being watched by big brother which is exactly what happens when law enforcement cameras are installed in public places.

  • Yes they are.

    Law enforcement cameras are now becoming an invasion of privacy. It is one thing to have a camera mounted on the dashboard of a cop car. Today, though, they are taking it too far. Where I live they put cameras up everywhere to "watch for criminal activity". Yeah right, they are spying.

  • NO they r not

    THey should not be an invasion. They can keep robbers out. This means less theft and that is always good. That is my opinion I hope U guys out here think it is usefull. Bye bye bye bye bye . That is my opinion floks. Cya next time my peeps

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  • Nope keeps robbers out

    Headline says it all . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • They arenot bad things

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  • Not in a public place

    In a public place they are not. They are used to make the world safer. If we did not have them robbers, muggers, and other types of criminals would not be caught. When someone is in a public place it should not matter if law enforcement cameras are p you should not be doing anything bad or inappropriate there are kids around.

  • No they are not

    They do not invade privacy just think about life without them. If we did not have them people would not get caught for crimes and hit and runs. When the cameras are around the world becomes safe. I think that they should have them but not near homes. Two Words needed

  • It is not an invasion of privacy -

    It gives police departments added power to protect their communities. They say that it has a proven track record of helping to prevent crime. Video cameras not only help in identifying perpetrators of crimes that have already taken place, but serve as a deterrent against other crimes. For added support, you are out in the public anyway, you are in no way a private manner, thus you're behaviour should not be a worry. As long as you have done nothing wrong or illegal the cameras won't pick up your identification, therefore it shouldn't be a problem.

  • The law enforcement cameras are NOT invading privacy.

    They keep us safe! They are not as I adding as you think, they are in public places or neighborhood entrances. They actually keep a lot of crime off the street. If a crime happens in your neighborhood the cameras will most likely catch the license plate of the car. Also, they are mainly in public spaces like the mall or park. If not then they will be in an assigned cop car.

  • What do you have to hide in public,

    Really? If you can go out in public and be seen by people then how bad is it to keep security cameras out and they see you? You shouldn't be scared to go out because of this either... If it's a big deal them you are really insecure.

    Thanks for reading

  • Law Enforcement Cameras Don't Invade Privacy

    In reality, law enforcement cameras don't invade your privacy as often as you'd think. These cameras can be found on personnel, police vehicles, and elsewhere. They're used to protect both the police officers and the citizens of the United States. Of course, they have been used to invade privacy in limited circumstances, which wasn't just.

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