Are laws enough to keep people from committing crimes?

  • Stop some of the people all of the time, can't stop all of the people all of the time.

    That is how laws work. There is always a percentage that will commit serious crimes no matter what, and there is always a percentage that won't. There is also a percentage that could commit a serious crime but won't because he has heard what prison feels like or because he bumps into a cop. If even a small section of that percentage diverts his crime because of the law than the purpose of the law is justified.

    Chaos doesn't rein when order is established, and, though a percentage hates order and laws it is the only way to prevent chaos which, if you really know the world, and I mean you know the world, you will do anything to prevent. Chaos is not fun. It isn't party time and it isn't pretty.

  • People wont do or not do things just because you tell them to.

    No. Laws alone are not enough to stop criminals from doing as they please. To be effective these laws would need someone to enforce them and another to judge whether these laws were actually broken. This is why most governments have their power divided into three branches.

    The Legislative branch creates the laws as they see fit for the country. The legislative branch is composed of senators and congressmen. They pass laws and vote on which laws are to be put in effect. The laws passed can be vetoed by the president-also the head of the executive branch.

    The excecutive branch is composed of policemen and the military, without them the laws would not be enforced. The prescence of the executive branch is equally important like the two other branches.

    Third is the Judicial branch. Their purpose is to decide who the Excecutive branch will enforce the laws on. They are composed of the Supreme court and the other smaller courts. They determine the fine line between lawful and unlawful.

    The power of the government is equally distributed between these branches. If the power tips one way or the other, the government would be at the risk of collapsing.

  • Not in the slightest does law help prevent crimes.

    1 in every four people has gone through identity theft. That is illegal, and more and more people are doing it as I type this debate. Yes, law does help a little bit for those with sense, but crazy people don't have sense and some people don't understand punishment being a punishment for wrongdoing. So really, law only helps if you are sane.

  • No, laws don't keep people from committing crimes.

    We can tell from living in a society that values the law that having laws on the books doesn't keep some people from committing crimes, anyway. However, we also have a punishment system that holds people accountable for their crimes. In doing so, the law protects innocent people and punishes criminals. Without laws, it's safe to say that there would be more criminal activity than there is now, so it's possible that it lessens crime to some degree.

  • No. But public executions by hanging could.

    Then people would see what awaits them if they commit a crime. I am not talking about petty theft but serious crime, because today's law system tries to imply that if a man does a crime he will be punished whit a couple of years of prison and if he does the same thing again he will be punished whit some more years of prison, and so on and so on but most people don't learn nothing from this.

  • How can this be asked?

    Obviously laws are not enough to prevent people from committing crimes. Some crimes just cannot be prevented; although I think harsher punishments would reduce overall amounts. Laws alone only affect people who choose to be, and those people are the law abiding citizens. We must make it so that new laws carry incentives to make everyone want to follow them.

  • Not at all.

    Most crime is a result of mental illness or due to socioeconomic problems. I think those problems should be addressed first and foremost before trying to put people in jail. America has the largest prison population in the world. 1 reason is because socioeconomic problems such as bad schools, healthcare, and environment are forgotten and catching the "bad guys" is seen as the way to handle crime.

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