• Two very annoying camps of people

    I am a centrist. If I debate a conservative position of mine the liberals respond to a stereotype of the conservative. If I debate a liberal position of mine the conservatives respond to a stereotype of the liberal. No matter what they assume I take every other single position of the side they oppose even sometimes when I explicitly point out how I don't. It's incredibly annoying. One time I talked about trying to strengthen the 2nd amendment and someone responded to me assuming I was anti-gun. I talk about abortion and liberals assume I'm religious(I'm not) and that I don't care about life out of the womb (I do, I support health care for all, early childhood education, child tax credits, making adoption easier, contraception, anti-death penalty, BUT also anti-abortion). Talk about some environmental regulations in light of scientific evidence and conservatives call me a communist!
    Why must we even use these words? It impairs critical thinking. If you are 100% on either side chances are you are sheepishly buying all of one side's arguments and not thinking critically.
    I know not everyone in the center has the same mismatch of views but I know I'm pissed on having to make such a hard choice every election cycle. We centrists need to give up on the Republicrats and vote for third party and independent candidates to push towards the critical mass of support we need to amend the Constitution and have an electoral system friendly to multiple parties.

  • Gas the nigs

    I think that the negus' need to be gassed to death by the cunts who put them into their place. Fuck all the negus and fuck all the jews. The jews need to be perfected by their Christian counterparts. We have a duty to society to gas all the negus' and jews.

  • Neither is Completely Good or Bad, But Something Needs to Change

    People are allowed to have their beliefs, and I do have beliefs that would certainly be considered liberal. The problem is this 'With Us or Against Us' mentality that both sides are guilty of perpetuating. Due to this, there's nothing that can be done to benefit the people, regardless of their background. No one can have civil discussions anymore without having their character bashed, more often than not because of the actions of someone who happens to be on the same side of their chosen political spectrum. People are not so simple. You may be liberal and pro-life, or you may be conservative and believe in LGBT rights. Unfortunately, these days both will be considered oxymoronic, as it has been twenty-some years ago. The first, and arguably most important step to fix this growing image is to stop allowing this 'Us vs Them' mentality, and be able, in a calm and mature manner, exchange ideas and open a conversation. Because it's hard to deny that this presidential election brought the worst out of all of us showcased how divided we truly are.

  • The Partisan Divide.

    Liberals want to increase spending for social programs too much. Conservatives want to make major cuts that would render social programs useless. The Liberals say Obamacare is in good order when there's flaws. Conservatives moan and complain about it for 7 years but failed to come up with a plan to repeal and replace it. Liberals are pro choice but Conservatives are pro life. Liberals are more into science and climate change. Conservatives don't believe in climate change and looks toward religion for the answers. Both claim they want to be bipartisan but don't know how to stop shouting at each other. If there is something that both groups should take from us Independents is that they should learn to compromise especially on political issues. Compromise works in life and it would definitely work in politics if they learn to be more open-minded and less ignorant towards each other.

  • Ignore the people who say being a centrist is "weak" or "cowardly."

    There's an unfortunate trend today to label moderates and centrists as being wimps or weak, as if it takes "courage" to throw yourself entirely one way or the other. This is bunk. True courage is having the mental fortitude and the personal integrity to choose for yourself what to embrace, and what to reject.

  • Liberals are right about some things, conservatives are right about others.

    Throughout history we have seen what happens when a country leans all the way to the left, and all the way to the right. The segregation in America was due to people being way too far to the right, while communism was a result of the far left. I can't understand why people lean one way or the other, since non-moderate governments don't have an admirable record. That's all I have to say.

  • Horrible divisive and unproductive

    It makes no sense. Liberals and Conservatives claim to be amazing in their economics, social and political policies. All of them cite old-school and frankly quite impossible policies without taking into consideration the issues facing the American state. Save us from these disgraces who only create division in society, please!

  • They have been Brainwashed!

    Both parties never compromise, they are self-centered, idiotic, racist, overbearing, bitter, greedy bigots that need to be arrested! I am so sick of this stupid nonsense that I will blatantly refuse to participate in any election until something, SOMETHING gets changed to effectively swing the vote to the people's favor!

  • Yes, they are both wrong if you speak of the far Left and the far Right

    Of late I meet very few people who are willing to see the perspective of the other side regardless of political philosophy. It has come to my attention that there is a lot of innuendo, half truths and full on lies being spread by one side's pundit or the other. The two most maligned Presidents of the United States are BOTH George W Bush and Barack Obama. I suspect that both men are actually quite close in most of their philosophy and really want to do right and make a difference in this country. The problem lies with the media, they love controversy. Controversy sells. Further there are forces which understand now very well how to control people. The American people are the most malleable and easy to control since we've been marketed to our whole lives. Instead of accepting everything we hear perhaps we need to be "independent of the good opinion of others" and find out for ourselves.

  • Of course they are both a cancer.

    See, Liberals have good values just they don't have a common sense that conservatives or people with different views, should be treated as people. Same thing with the conservatives, except minus good values. Both of them are splitting this country apart, hell I don't even care about the U.S.A. I am one of those people who thinks that the world is for everyone but the US definitely is one of the more freedom opportune, but they are tearing the WORLD apart. Why cant we just be ethical people that make compromises for the vast amount of positions that humanity is bound to have?

  • Centrism is intellectual laziness

    The correct answer is rarely in the middle. When it comes to issues like the environment and the economy, liberals are just correct. There is a reason why the right are always accusing universities of left-wing bias. Because the left actually try to base policy on the latest academic findings. On social issues, it was the Liberals who wanted desegregation, sorry but you don't get to be a moderate on that.

    You're not above the fray.

  • No, but liberals are right more often!

    Neither ideology is "wrong", they are just different perspectives of how to "be", and liberals are concerned with the treatment of people, social justice, and fairness. In short, they care. Conservatives make a lot of good points, but not when they come from hatefulness, which seems to be the case so much lately. To me, true conservatism is about "hands off". But unfortunately it has become synonymous with prejudice.

  • Be wary of false equivalency.....They're not both wrong equally.

    The question of whether liberals and conservatives are both wrong is a bad question because there are major differences s what they are wrong about and how much so. First you have to put what they are either wrong about or have misconceptions of, and the proportion of that. There are vaild arguments with Liberals about how big the government should be, government policy towards how to solve climate change, or redressing grievances in the marketplace. However, that is a area of debate. Republicans and Conservatives argue some things that are flatly untrue, and argue with pure facts. A lot of issues may be up for debate and have grey in them, some however, there is black and white. Such issues like evolution, the human contribution to climate change (beyond the normal ecological cycle). These are issues are cold hard fact. It has been studied ad nasseum. The beauty about science is that evolves, it moves forward, and its true whether or not you wish to believe it. Not up for debate anymore, and only to those who don't know the truth themselves. This groups argues them, in Canada too, but in Congress, every single Republican denies it. This is absolutely beyond absurb. Conservatives were on the wrong side of gay equality for decades, and are now coming around, to separating the dogma of the church from the rights of personal liberty and social equality. Liberals are not always right, but their stances don't have the kind of gaping holes in it like the issues beholden to the conservatives.

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cyberdj says2014-07-27T21:39:21.737
I know enough to know that I don't know a lot. But if you want my personal opinion, I think liberals were right during the war with the south, in giving freedom to slaves. I think the "new deal" did a lot to help the country when it was enacted. But modern day liberalism is much different than it was even in the time of Kennedy. Back then liberals were actually fighting for important causes that most of us can agree were morally just. But present day liberals seek to silence the opposition, be they religious people, middle class people who don't believe in abortion, or people who don't feel comfortable watching two men kiss each other. At it's most innocent it is an attempt to decrease free speech. At it's worst it is active fascism. But what they so ignorantly fail to realize is that just because they disagree with people on the right doesn't give them the right to silence free speech or force someone to have a different opinion on the hot topics of society. On the opposite side of the same token you have modern day conservatives, who have literally zero faith in federal government. Of course some form of government is necessary as the laws that govern our land are indeed what make us a free country. One thing I wish more people understood is that the role of government bureaucracy is not to serve the people, but to serve itself. Because of this, government bureaucracy lacks accountability. This means that it's whole point of existence is merely to exist, not to serve the people who pay for it through taxation! When this happens you end up with programs like the Veterans Affairs that care so little about the people they are supposed to take care of, that they end up caring only about getting more money from the government and bigger bonuses for meeting quotas, and the lack of accountability means that the people perpetuating these issues are not fired, nor held accountable for the death of veterans. This seems to be a constant among big government programs, including but not limited to ObamaCare, the IRS (teaparty targeting), etc. Too big to be held accountable for failure. Look at it this way, if a privately owned company blew it as bad as the government while implementing programs that affect millions of peoples lives, that company would fail, die, and disappear. But that doesn't happen with big government, they simply keep failing on tax payers dime. This is where conservatives are right in my personal opinion. They don't like this unaccountability and they don't believe in throwing more money at failing government programs.