• Disrespect the constitution

    They make choices that hurt Americans, go against the Constitution, take away our freedoms and damage the integrity of human life. And while doing this, feel it's o.K. To force others to believe or follow these mis-guided ideas. It's the idea that if everyone is doing the wrong thing, then it must be right. Liberals are the hippies of today. Believe in band-aids and can't see the long-term fix for anything. They are immoral, anti-Christian in actions and ideas while trying to supress the rights of "real Americans" (a term I use to describe those that support our founding fathers and what this country stands for).

  • Libtards Don't Understand Economics

    The Libtards measure success by the number of people they can put on welfare programs whereas the non-Libtarded seek to create economic growth to allow for fewer people to be on welfare. This is a fundamental flaw in modern Libtardism. They want companies to focus on providing a benefit to unions and governments at the expense of customers and employees.

  • I hate the left's mob mentality.

    Everybody sees something different in the conservative vs liberal arena. Me personal the thing I hate most about liberals is mob mentality. I'm black and I'm automatically expected to have mob mentality too and if it is revealed that I don't then I will get crucified. I voted for obama in 2008 but after my eyes were opened soon after I voted for Romney in 2012. I dare not tell anyone I voted for Romney because both blacks and white liberals will go ape! So much emotion for me doing what I have the right to do; using my God-given american rights to participate in the process. It seems like Liberals through tradition and rationalization out the window for emotional impulses. I get crucified for leaning towards the conservative right, (I'm not a Republican though) by people I don't even know. I've never done anything to anyone but the left will find a way to crucify just because I don't believe the way they do. It's this mob mentality I hate. I get called an uncle tom or white-washed or sell-out because emotional name-calling comes more natural to the left then thinking about the bigger-picture. I volunteer at shelters and I put other people first, (which is the main reason I don't go all the way to the right) I don't deserve this. I will NEVER go anywhere near the left and Progressives do nothing but expedite the mental deception so prevalent today by the powers that be. I still can't get over how most of the major news networks cut off the black speakers at the GOP. It's like the twilight zone in real-time! I can't believe what's going on here, is this a communist state already? Obama should be ashamed of himself.

  • No common sense

    Liberals want to take from the rich and give to the poor. There are reasons why there are poor people in America and it isn't because they are oppressed, it is because they are lazy. If you make it easy on the poor, then what incentive do they have on becoming a productive member of society? How is taking money from the rich and give to the poor going to help the poor. Most likely they will blow the money and will not be any better off. The rich are the members of society that help the economy to grow. If the economy grows, then there will be more jobs. Detroit is a perfect example of what happens when liberals are in control. Detroit has a 47% illiteracy rate. Entitlement programs have destroyed that city. Big government Keynesian economics doesn't work. It is the dumbest idea that came out of the 20th century. I just want to knock on a liberal's forehead and say "Hello McFly".

  • Party of perverts

    Liberals are obsessed with sex and entitlement. This country is half way down the crapper with nearly HALF of the country relying on the other half to carry them. Parasitic leeches is all they are and they would dry up and blow away if it weren't for hard working self reliant ethical people like non liberals. The only life a liberal has is directly proportionate to the self reliant citizen he is feeding off of.

  • Yes they do....

    Liberals have false beliefs and a warped idealism. They expect everyone to follow their beliefs or be penalized. Where is this penalization evidence that I speak of? I am sure all of you have read and watched reports of the IRS deliberately targeting political parties that oppose the views and idealisms of the democratic party. They also want to penalize you for not supporting Obama care.
    Liberals also believe in building and supporting other nations and international groups. For example, Obama gave 1.6 billion dollars of our own tax dollars to the muslim brotherhood, an extremist islamist movement that has been overthrown by the Egyptian people;That 1.6 billion dollars could have been used for towards American infrastructure.

  • Without A Doubt

    Liberals are crushing the American dream of freedom, while that is their stance, "Freeing America," they are mainly a bunch of confused politicians, and people that do not understand life. Life is about succeeding on your own account, under your own power, and own will, life isn't something that is handed to everyone in a uniform manor. You have a problem with your circumstance, change it, don't wait for someone to come along and give it to you. While liberals are handing out the freedoms to "minorities", they are stealing them from those who have fought and died to make their own path. Supporting the minority, punishing the majority.

  • Yes they are

    Because Liberals put human rights above GOD's laws. That is why most and a super major majority of liberals either do not believe in GOD or not willing to put GOD first before their wallet. Liberals are willing to give opportunity not just to the disadvantaged but to anyone even those that work against this country like giving a meeting in the White House to a person linked to a known terrorist organization. Like saying it ok to talk to Hamas, and Hezbollah essentially legitimizing and accepting their cause as a legitimate one because who are we to judge. ...This is madness. Liberals are tearing down the dam brick by brick that keeps or nation from the floods of what we are seeing now. Political correctness ran amok. A nation that instead of holding true to its mission not lets tyrants run free. That lets the IRS target those that do not believe as they do. Eavsedrop and attack the freedom of the press, attack the freedom of the people. That presents itself as weak to foreigners therefore inviting aggressor to become even more aggressive and at this point the puny to become bold( Ecaudor) yet at the same time being iron fisted to it's own citizens. Liberals have sued their own citizens on the behalf of foreign nationals so that foreigners do not have to knock on the door to enter this country. I can keep going on and on.

  • They have been for years.

    These are the guys that insisted that the government is alright doing whatever it's doing. Now look where we are. We have PRISM, Benghazi, AP Phone Records, The IRS Scandal, and much more. Remember what happened every time people let the government do their thing? Mao Zedong wiped over 60,000,000 people off the face of this planet. Hitler: over 11,000,000. And I don't even need to mention the Soviet Union. How can the liberals not be destroying America if their basic principles are based on repeated, tragic, astronomical historical failure.

  • They believe the government can do it better.

    Liberals suffer from the illusion that the government can manage our society better than the individuals in this society. Their goals seem unarguably righteous (to them and to many average citizens). The problem is not that their goals are destructive, but that allowing the federal government create policies to supposedly accomplish these goals is the problem. Most people don't have the knowledge required to understand the negative (and complicated) consequences of having the government make these policies. As for "toe tag" liberals, not only do they not truly and fully understand this, they refuse to even consider arguments contrary to their beliefs. This is very puzzling to me.

  • No we are keeping America running

    This question is going to be jumped on by right wingers but America has been saved by " liberals " if it were not for them we would be bankrupt from Bush style policies in our country.

    Liberals have saved General Motors and kept the country safe from the Bin Laden's of the world.

  • No, they, like you, are trying to help.

    Liberals are people a lot like you, who want the country to do better ecomonically and socially. They've got different ideas than yours on exactly how to do it. Generally they think that the Government's job is to protect workers from abuses of power by employers, to support the free-market economy by preventing destabilizing abuse and injecting money when it's necessary to boost spending, and that the Government shouldn't tell anybody what to do with their personal lives, nor is it the Government's business to dictate what is "traditional." Essentially, the ideal liberal attitude is do what you want, so long as it doesn't hurt other people. Here are a few refutations of the "yes" arguments, if I may.
    1. Liberals hate/want to destroy traditions: No, liberals just don't feel like the government has to right to dictate or defend what those traditions are outside of your private lives. Hold your tradition if you want, or not, just don't force anyone else to conform to your choice.
    2. Liberals want to spend because they want to increase the debt for some reason: No, liberals think Keynes was right on macroeconomics. In the wake of the financial collapse, history indicates that a mass infusion of cash into the economy should bolster consumer spending and investment demand, helping pull the economy out of a tailspin. It worked to some degree this time as well, but the recipients of a lot of that cash did not spend it on hiring workers or investing, so not as well as it might have.
    3. Liberals want to take your money because they're lazy: Actually very few actual poor people, recipients of welfare, vote, like ever. So no, when liberals vote they're indicating their willingness and belief that we've all got a responsibility to support the less fortunate because they believe we are one society, not just mishmash of selfish individuals.
    Liberals are racist and/or against Christianity: No they just don't think the Government should have anything to do with reliegion. And they do argue that Christianity has done terrible things, but generally that is in response to your assertion that Islam is a religion of violence and terror. They're not saying Christianity is bad and Islam is good, they're saying we're all sinners at some time.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Conservatism, bad. Liberalism, good.

    Everything good in America has been brought about by liberals. Everything bad in America has been brought about by conservatives and theists. Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, Health Care, education, and science, all of these come from liberalism, not from conservatism. Conservatives have waged war on women in order to turn them in to gender slaves and brood sows, liberals have freed women.

  • No, but questions like that are

    The reason this country isn't working right now is because liberals and conservatives have gone from being unlikely to work with one another to literally unwilling under any circumstance. While I'd say the extreme conservatives are far more dangerous than the extreme liberals, both sides have a lot of problems right now and we will go nowhere but downward as a country unless the two sides try to find ground between them that both can tolerate standing on.

  • Time is running out.

    Liberalism verses conservatism is only part of the issue. The most vexing problem is that we have become a nation devoid of Christ and Christianity. What are the real differences between Washington and Moscow? Both strike me as God-less. America has been great because America has been blessed by God. How do we honor Him today? By ushering in homosexual marriage? We are going down. There is nothing left to say.

  • Liberals are not destroying the USA , as America is North, South and Central America, USA is not America, but merely a part.

    To say liberals are destroying the USA would be as daft as claiming the conservatives are destroying the USA. 1st of all you need to define what liberal and conservative is, as most people do not know. Much like how America is not the USA. Liberal and conservative is a stance or an ideology that can be taken on a particular issue. I have yet to find any person, no matter how sane or insane they may be, that takes only conservative or liberal on all issues. Next step is to figure out what % could identify you as conservative or liberal. Is it 51%? If so many people that claim to be conservative or liberal may be the opposite of what you may think. Maybe we should ditch the stereotyping and just address 1 issue at a time and take people as people with opinions based upon their life experiences. Better to address every issue with facts and debate than to point fingers and stereotype with nothing to back bias.

  • Only to religious extremists.

    No, being liberal means believing in liberties. The religious right will have you believe otherwise and make outlandish claims like "lazy liberals are taking over" which is a clearly oxymoronic statement. The libertarian party for example is filled with conservatives who were once in the GOP. The problem they have seen in recent years is the tea party type of extremists in the GOP. Which is why the moderates have begun leaving and going to the libertarian party. All the yes votes on here are just examples of the extremist in the far right. They cannot stand that they have not legitamately won a presidency since Bush Sr and are the same people who think Reagan walked on water and never raised taxes.

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