• Without a doubt but!

    They don't have to stay that way. Their emotionalism makes them incapable and sometimes unwilling to accept the truth. This is stupid. Lying to your self because your pissed off or sad is dumb. Liberals are masters of this. The trouble is that they vote with this lack of brains approach to life. The screw over the rest of us that way. The good news is that liberal stupidity is allot like being drunk. You just need to stop drinking and your head will clear. Once a liberal takes an objective look at things like economics they often will come to their senses and become smart people. Also known as conservatives.

  • Yes They Areq

    Liberal's policies make absolutely no sense!
    Everything from gun control, abortion to obamacare is an absolutely terrible idea.
    I know this site is generally debates but I want this paragraph to be a base to see what other people think. Please respond with your opinion.
    Looking forward to your replies!

  • Delusional and childlike.

    I can't believe how many excuses they give for their short term viewpoints but give absolutely no justification for any of their arguments against whatever realistic viewpoint anyone else has. It seriously reminds me of a child whom heard something somewhere and all the sudden believes they know everything about the subject.

  • Well, duh! Of course they're stupid!

    Liberal logic:
    Killing millions of innocent unborn babies is legal and OK,
    While executing murderers and hunting is inhuman.

    Prostesting against Christianity is OK via the First Amendment,
    While mentioning God once in public is an abuse of the First Amendment.

    Liberals want to ban guns to protect our children
    Meanwhile at Planned Parenthood...

    "Black Lives Matter" claims to encourage the end
    Of police violence against blacks.
    While they raid stores and burn buildings to give the
    Police more reason to commit violence on blacks.

    Claims to be a "Tolerant Party"
    Eats you alive you when you mention God, guns, etc.

    So, you can say that Liberals ARE stupid

  • No logic or reason

    Liberals constantly base their opinions and views on the emotions, not on logic or reason. They always try to make humanity conform to some "ideal" standard that often does not pertain to the situation that is at hand. As shown by their gun control policies, they do not think realistically. They say that if guns are severely restricted or banned, we would have a safer country. That is no solution, as it is entirely up to the gun owner what they do with that firearm.

  • Why Liberals are stupid

    People talk about universal healthcare exept the part where you wait months to get help. If some thug attacks me on the street,and I don't have a gun to protect myself I would most likely die. Killing babies isn't right either. Have you ever heard someone say I'm having a clump of cells.

  • They're extremely stupid

    Though conservatives are stupid as well, liberals are the worst in mainstream politics. They oppose people being able to defend themselves with guns, support murder and theft through the power of government, and want to ban anything they don't like. They are childish big government lovers with no understanding of economics.

  • The things are

    They are because many liberal beliefs go off of natural order like not earning what you deserve or having to give away some stuff you earn to others so it's fair. I think they encourage laziness and want. I don't think liberals encourage hard work and freedom but instead sorriness.

  • They just complain about alleged but nonexistent discrimanition and don't back it up with facts

    In modern society, racial and gender discrimination is quite rare but liberals instantly assume anyone who is a white republican regularly lynches blacks and creates glass ceilings for women. I saw an article today stating that if teachers were given guns they would shoot black students. TEACHERS, who tend to be altruistic and left-leaning, are believed to be willing to murder black americans in cold blood just because they are government employees. Anyone who buys that garbage must be incredibly naive.

  • Not caring about anyone but them selves and their own agenda.

    The left does not care about anyone but them selves and they only really care about the black/minority communities every 4-8 years when they need the votes. They constantly demonize the police, military, gun owners, christians, and anyone else who dosnt agree with them. Liberal politics make absolutely no sense what so ever, they go around calling everyone and their mothers racists, biggots, you name it meanwhile they are the biggest ones of them all. Yes not all of them are completely stupid and oblivious to whats going on other than inside their liberal fantasy worlds, i have spoke with maybe two smart ones in my life thats it, but a vast majority are pretty stupid. If liberals put atleast a quarter of what ever it is that drives them to do what they think is "right" who knows they could possibly do something actually worth doing. Thats all I have to say.

  • Several studies have shown that liberals have a higher IQ than conservatives.

    One study found, "...That young adults who said they were "very conservative" had an average adolescent IQ of 95, whereas those who said they were "very liberal" averaged 106."

    I think this is mostly just because smarter people tend to actually know what liberalism is, while some other people seem to think the word "liberal" is a bad name to call people when they don't agree with them on something.

  • Polls and statistics

    If Liberals are dumb, then how is it that polls have shown liberals to have a higher IQ and do better in school than conservatives? It seems that conservatives need some reason to think they are better than liberals and so make up a reason. It's hilarious and ridiculous at the same time.

  • Well compare the US and Europe

    We can obviously say that Europe is more liberal than the US on the social point of view.
    Is it bad that we have a universal healthcare ? It is outrageous that the richest nation of the planet let their own people die because they don't want to pay their healthcare, how luck should decide about you living or not ?
    I think most americans(even the working class) hate the working class when they are the pillar the economy because of a process of competition, they give you hope to become rich, but not everyone can, and people blame themselves when it's the system that is unfair.

  • A Few Problems

    Why are our states so much better to visit and so much nicer in almost every way? Top education, top colleges, lowest crime rates, least government intervention in lives, and other such things are benefits of living in liberal states. Honestly, when was the last time you heard someone say "I'm so excited to visit Mississippi this year!"

  • Not "stupid" just a different way of thinking

    Being a liberal does not make one stupid, it's just a view held by some people. A liberal typically just believes that people are fully capable of making their own choices. Calling a liberal "stupid" would be the same as calling a conservative stubborn or perfectionists. Neither Liberalism or conservatism defines one's intelligence

  • Liberals Just Think Different

    Being a liberal, I would like to directly point out, that I am not "officially stupid." I passed and graduated high school, getting my diploma mid term in my senior year. I went on to receive a 18 on my ACT, not stellar, but seeing that I didn't take it until I was 23, I was pretty proud of myself. My recent grades in college are at a 3.98 GPA. So, no, liberals are not stupid, at least not all of them.

  • Please read this

    The majority of the "yes" arguments are that liberals are violent/hypocritical/etc. The rest is just circular reasoning and typical Fox News-esque nonsense. In this case, I will address the majority.

    Most semi-moderate conservatives despise Trump and his alt-right supporters because they give a bad name to Republicans. So why judge all liberals (the majority of the USA, nearly all of Scandinavia, and much of the rest of the world) by a few extremists?

    Protesters who blow stuff up, set things on fire, commit other crimes, they are a vast minority of liberals. Most of us are quite peaceful.

    Scientists, inventors, programmers, and other similar intellectuals are most often liberal.

    To quote Isabel Jiminez, "educate yourself, perhaps then we can discuss the matter at hand."

  • Conservatives brainwashed you!

    Conservative is unequal to capitalist and Liberal is unequal to socialist. But American 2 parties system lead into this and this brainwashes people. But in reality we need to find the best and you can watch "Trouble with first past the post" to understand and while you support same ethics we support difference. Except you because you are against me first. Sorry ): ): ): join liberal to change this into (: (: (:

  • Read the yes column.

    While I don't think conservatives or liberals are inherently stupid, it's rather telling that those that answer yes to this question are, when you consider, almost to a post, those that answered yes write at a third-grade level or below. Grow up, people. I take a walk each weekday with a Trump supporter. I find him exasperating at times, but we still respect each other. I've never once thought he was stupid. Stop being lazy and get to know the opposing side.

  • The 'Yes' column says it all...

    Liberals, on average at the age of adolescence have an IQ 11 points higher than that of a Conservative adolescent. Republicans, Conservatives and Liberals can all be very idiotic but a large portion are generally normal human beings. I find Donald J. Trump absolutely despicable, but that is simply my opinion. However, I have learnt from personal experience that makes me, "A poor low-life living off benefits," a "terrorist" and a "uneducated libtard", according to comments made by others..

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