• Yes magazine models are too skinny

    Magazine models are extremely skinny and are sending out a bad message to all the people who read them including children and young adults. They are what people idolize as they are famous and on covers, but weighing only between 80 and 90 pounds is not at all healthy and is not something that should followed. The fact that they can get their contracts suspended or even fired for gaining to much weight is just outright wrong, since they are not living healthy at that weight in the first place.

  • Magazine models pose as an unrelealistic expectation.

    Though I personally find skinny women very attractive I understand that they are posing as a role model for many young girls in society. Many women simply don't have the genetics or the environment to naturally be that thin and thus feel depressed. if only for this reason I think magazines should show more diverse sizes of women.

  • No, They're Completely Fine

    The models on magazines are supposed to be attractive to be appealing to the audience members who view them. Although I agree that there should be more diversity in the weight and size, the models have worked hard to become what they are and shouldn't be shamed for being "too" skinny, the same way bigger people shouldn't be shamed for being "too" big. Who are we to determine beauty?

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