• Liberals use emotion instead of reason

    A lot of the time it seems like Liberals are overly influenced by their emotions. Just about every bleeding heart I have ever met has been a liberal. Liberals don't use reason. They seem to just look at the short term effects of things.
    For example:
    Oh my god, there's been another mass shooting! Lets give up our right to bear arms so that this will never happen again.
    The world trade center exploded! Lets let airport security harass us and steal our toothpaste. Oh and just to make sure it never happens again lets let the government pass the patriot act and monitor our phones and computers.
    Oh my gosh those poor Mexicans! Lets just let them all into our country without any thought of the consequences.

    Every time there is a problem liberals seem to not use reason but emotion. Usually this ends up with them trying to make us give up our rights for perceived safety.

    Many of the things that make liberals emotional aren't even real problems. They are problems invented by the government and spread through the media so that the libs will give up more of their rights. An example of this is gay marriage. For hundreds of years we have not needed gay marriage and now suddenly it is urgent that we have it. The government has made this problem so that they can have the power to change the definition of marriage. The same thing goes for global warming. IT IS FAKE! It was invented so that the government would have an excuse to tax us for our CO2 emissions and try to change the way we live.

  • Emotions Lead to Drama

    I would say so, for the fact that most of the time Liberals seem the most emotional of the Political Parties. If anything does not go "their way", then they have to make a huge fuss about it, when in reality; they should just simply work their way around it.

  • All people are blinded.

    All people are blinded by their emotions. For example, the stock market has simple rules to follow, buy low then sell high. Yet, in every financial crisis most investors panic then sell low and buy high, why? Because our emotions get the better of us in crisis situations. Liberals and conservatives fall prey too their emotions. It's a biological certainty!

  • Yes, many liberals are somewhat blinded by their emotions, but, then again, so are many conservatives as well.

    Far too many people, both liberals and conservatives alike, are somewhat blinded by their emotions, and have the attitude(s) that anything goes, no matter what. I'm a liberal whose ideology was tempered by a good dose of realism when the Federal District Court-mandated large-scale, cross-city school-busing edict took the city of Boston by storm, beginning in the mid-1970's, which lasted well into the 1980's. While I agreed that the all-white Boston School Committee had deliberately and knowingly played dirty pool by its egregious violation of the Racial Imbalance Law and kept de facto segregation of the Boston Public Schools intact, the remedy that was ultimately implemented was really not the best way to go, plus it failed to get to the root of an age-old, deeply-rooted and complex societal problem. Many liberals out in the suburbs regularly denounced Boston's white working-class people who protested against the Federal Court-mandated school busing edict and resisted it as a bunch of racists per se. Although white racism was a significant driving force in the opposition to the Federal court-ordered school busing order, there was more to it than that. The issues were also socioeconomic in origin, and class as well race played a significant role in Boston's school busing crisis. That kind of short sighted emotion also obscured the fact that not all of the people residing in the poorer white ethnic areas of Boston were racist, and that other things, such as poorly thought out urban renewal policies, airport and highway expansion that encroached upon and sliced through many of Boston's neighborhoods, and the block-busting and subsequent ghettoization of some of Boston's neighborhoods, as well as the fact that many, if not most of the white schools were just as bad as the black schools, also played a part in the resistance to it.

    Many conservatives are blinded by the "abortion is murder" attitude that prevails in so many conservatives, and that a baby is entitled to be born, whether or not it endangers the health or very life of the mother.

    Posted by: mplo
  • We need both parties

    OK . If you want to protest or disagree do it in a non destructive way. And that means our environment too. Don't burn a police car. You dirty the air. Pick up your trash. Dont spit on people. If you protest and do those things no one will listen or respect you. That means both sides.

  • Feeling good versus doing good.

    Emotions are a good thing, and so is feeling empathy (which many liberals claim conservatives do not feel). It is, however, not a question of feeling/not feeling empathy for others. It is a question of what to do about the empathy you feel. All of us feel things and have emotions. It isn't about feeling, it is about what to do and how to do it when it comes to dealing with problems in our world. There is hunger, disease, illiteracy, crime, war, abuse, tragedy and injustice. Everyone who is decent feels empathy about those things. The difference generally between liberal and conservative thinking is HOW to approach these problems. As another responder stated above, many liberals have knee-jerk reactions and respond to emotions with little to no thought of the repercussions of the actions they wish to take. This is foolish. If something is a true emergency, we must react quickly. But if it is a social issue that has been ongoing, it is something that requires planning and thought put into it in order to make the solution to the problem a lasting one. It is far better to do a good deed than to feel good about feeling empathy whilst doing something foolish. One should ask, "how will this problem be better dealt with for the long term," rather than rushing in with some half-baked band-aid or money only to exacerbate the situation.

  • Patheos - Logos = Liberal

    Many liberal arguments are based more on patheos rather than logos so naturally it they are more emotional and are prone to acting irrational. They also tend to want to frame things in ways that only support there world view. The election of Trump was a perfect example, liberal have gone into a mindless rage because they are angry at the out come. When they try to explain its always to put it in terms place them in a moral high ground, IE trump voters are racist/ sexist. They don't want to the logical thing, which is to examine all the factors in this election dispassionately and then make an informed conclusion based on what we know. For example with the election of trump most are crediting his victory as being due to, Dissatisfaction among white blue collar voters who voted for Obama, low voter turn out due to apathy, and Hillary Clinton own low popularity.

  • I wouldn't say blinded, but....

    First off, I'd like to state I'm a liberal, to get all the people that are gonna hate on me for this to get outta ma face cause I'm on YOUR side. We do value our emotions, but I wouldn't say we're BLINDED by them. And we don't exactly use stuff like fear and anger to run our lives, though. We use sympathy and empathy. Our goal is to help the less fortunate. We're buying stuff at the grocery store and see the guy behind us doesn't have enough money to pay. Instead of thinking, "I could invest this strategically and save for a rainy day," we think "OH S#$% HE NEEDS MONEY!" and give him 20 bucks.

  • Mixing up two different things.

    You're mixing up irrational emotions with having empathy. Instead of just trying to help corporatiobs and the wealthy and casting out anyone trapped in lower socioeconomic levels and calling them lazy and calling that "just good economics" or "just business." liberals try to improve the economy not by creating inequality, but by trying to improve the economy while also improving peopkes lives and opportunities and the community so everyone can contribute to the economy more and also make society better.

  • Liberals are passionate, but not blindly so.

    While we are more aggressive than people would usually think to be, do not mistake passion for pure emotion. We do look at the outcomes of our beliefs and we do think before we speak. Conservatives call our beliefs blind emotion because they'd rather are beliefs be views as "Bleeding hearts" than honest and true issues people should care about. I'd love to debate this topic further, if any would like to challenge!

  • What do you mean by liberal?

    Why are we labelling people as being 'liberal' or 'conservative' anyway? The democrats are conservative on some policies regarding society and regulation while republicans are liberal regarding different social aspects - like freedom. I don't mean to say individual republicans or democrats, but ideas that make up the party are a mix of liberalism and conservatism. The definitions of liberal and conservative are actually truer in regards to UK politics where the Conservatives are more likely to want a bit less freedom of speech for the sake of safety. Other parties wouldn't stand for this, especially a republican party.

    Why are we grouping people into this category of 'liberal'? People have some conservative and some liberal ideas - it's not like they're totally incompatible.

    I think someone needs to define liberal somehow. I just wanted to emphasize that 'liberals' are not all blinded by their emotions, but I'm sure some might be. We can't make sweeping generalisations about groups of people. "Liberals" don't always share the same ideas either - some agree on many issues some disagree on less issues. Some are one way, some are another.

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