Are maths and sciences more important than the arts?

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  • Students should focus on math and sciences

    Art doesn't always give success and money. If you work on math/sciences, you can become a business man or a scientist and you will be sure to have a good salary while you can't be sure to have enough money if you work on art. A a a a a

  • Education is Important!!!

    Math and science are part of a major contribution to children's education, so art isn't as important as math and science. Unless people intend to become artists - of which they should still be more focused on studies - then art would be equally, if not more, important than math and science.

  • Arts subjects i.e. music and drama, are just as important as academic subjects i.e. maths and science

    I would definitely argue that the arts subjects are just as, if not more important than maths and science. I would just like to state now that I am currently expected A's in maths, physics and chemistry as well as music and drama so I am not just one of those kids who only thinks they're better because I'm not good at academic stuff. Anyway, from my own personal experience of these subjects, I would say that it is the arts subjects where I (along with the rest of my class) feel most comfortable. Most people who I know only chose to do maths or science subjects at higher because that is what most employers look for, even although most jobs require very little if not none of the actual content in these courses. When was the last time that you had to use Pythagoras' theorem in your everyday life? However, I feel that being allowed access to the arts subjects I have gained skills that I will keep for my life. In my music class the teacher is very down to earth and friendly, in fact the whole music/drama department is like that and I feel that this encourages our social skills as we find it easy to talk to them and we don't feel scared to answer out and become friends with everyone which resulted in us being a little family. The same goes for my drama class. Whereas I'm my maths class although the teacher tried to make the classes fun, we just weren't motivated we knew that we would never need to calculate the volume of a sphere again in our lives so why bother? You could argue the same goes for drama, 'when will you ever need to act the part of a woman in prison in the 80s?' however that is not what we learn. What we learn is how to be confident, how to stand up in front of people without shame or embarrassment and speak our own thoughts and feelings. We also learn about ourselves, characteristics of our personality and how we react to different scenarios that occur in everyday life.

  • I think arts is important

    People love arts and math also science but science and math is not that important in yeah maybe you need math and science for job but like I said math and science is NOT that important... I love arts so much a lot of people love arts did't you. ARTS

  • Arts are just as important or if not more important

    Math and science are good and all but some people just don't have the mental capacity to handle to handle a lot of those two and a lot of people want to be different and not just some average business man or a scientist.Me im passing both math and science with A's and im sleeping through those classes because there boring my acting and art classes are my favorite because you get to express yourself and joke around while math and science are serious subjects with little to no fun involved and a lot of people are just goofy and that cant be help because thats how a lot people are so it really depends on the persons nature.Sure im good at science and math but i want a job that doesnt really involve using those two and the arts are an education

  • Arts are just as important!

    The arts can not only benefit academic performances, it also can help depressed students and become a safe environment TO LEARN HISTORY about our society and how it connects to academic and arts. For example, shakespere is both academic and arts. It connects to his wonderful plays AND his poetry. So both arts and academics are important!

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