• God created us equal.

    We were all created equally at the start. Adam and Eve were equal until they took the apple. That's when sin began and that's when equality between genders began. However we can't blame Adam and Eve because we would have done the exact same thing and it is our own fault that women were seen as lesser people than men, and so it is our problem and our responsibility to resolve it.

  • Women are just as strong

    Women and men are equal. Women are just as good, if not better, in leadership roles than men. Men need to stop seeing us as slaves and see us as equal human beings. We may have small differences in our bodies, but nothing that means that we can't play the same roles as men.

  • I don't understand but lets get the word Equal down

    Yes men and women are equal but in nomadic and throughout history. They were usually the one to take care of the kids or do house work. But now lots of women have more high paying jobs than man and some men have more paying jobs then women. Therefore don't go full feminist on me, But you women are very equal to us no doubt.

  • I would say yes

    Many governments mane male and female both as a representative .
    Women are now there in each and every field of education ex. Saina nehwal , rashundri devi etc.
    women now go out for voting too
    television series potray women as successful career maker .
    85% of wemen as doing physical work out there in fields. After all this women and men are equal at last .

  • Equality for All

    Men and women are different but equal. Women should have every opportunity to succeed that men do. There should be no restrictions for any job or career based simply upon whether someone is a man or a woman. A persons gender, standing alone, has very little to do with that persons worth.

  • Logic, Science and believe

    (Science) Because one a cell is basically not any sex they split into two and one cell splits into two again basically like Bactria forming and developing. And then that cell eventually involves over a period of time to create and Female and a Male species . This is what I believe ( K.E.Nottle) Because women have side burns beards and mustaches as well as Men. Like Adam and Eve story basically there are no dominance although if you look at nature itself more males are dominant then Females, but insects the Females are dominant.

  • Men and Women Were Created Equal

    Speaking in biblical terms, all mankind was created equal in the beginning and that was the intention of God (the creator). Just because men and women play different roles in a lifetime doesn't make them any less equal. It is society over the generations that caused the two to seem unequal to each other.

  • YES

    In the things that give human beings our competitive advantage, namely our brains, men and women are perfectly capable of performing equally.

    Yes, there are some differences; this is something that cannot be denied. But those differences and gender norms do not make one side better than the other. Traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine roles and traits are equally important in keeping society alive. There are also plenty of exceptions to the general rule.

  • Women are created as lesser objects

    Well for starters women have to pay more than men. Men have better jobs than women because men are stronger. Women are seen as lesser objects because society sees them as cooking, cleaning, only doing house work, and staying home with the kids. If we were equal, this world would be a better place!

  • Are not and should not be the same

    I believe that they were not created equal because if they were they would be doing the same things since the beginning of time. Physically and biologically they are not equal. People these days seem to believe that women should be equal to men. But I believe that they should not be so as to keep a difference between them.

  • Things have gotten a tremendous lot better but there are still sexist people everywhere.

    Woman will never be fully equal until we get the major achievements such as becoming a president, or even the pope! there's no woman's football league or woman's baseball league (not sure about that second one, sorry if I'm wrong). Woman also are still getting paid less than the average man, its may not seem like it but it is still allowed. Men are still very sexist to women, especially with the trendy 'make me a sandwich' going around. Women are not here to be mans little slaves, they are here for the same reason as men.

  • No, men and women are not created equal depending on how one looks at it

    From a physical and scientific stand point men and women are not created equal. No one can legitimately argue against the fact that from genetics, to biology to physiology men and women are worlds apart. Now there could be a legitimate argument that men and women are created equal on some other factors. However, from a scientific perspective, they are different.

  • No men and women are not created equal.

    We should not be considering this hypothetical question, because men and women are created unequal in all sorts of ways that affect our lives. It is not about how we are created, but whether or not, once created, we should have equal rights despite our differences. I believe our Constitution says it well, it does say that we are all created equal, but goes on to say that we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and so on. This does not mean that men and women, blacks and whites, or any other comparisons are equally the same as each other, but instead equally to be considered to have the same rights despite our differences.

  • Women have their place, due to natural processes.

    As a woman, I agree with many men that women are not equal to them, due to our evolutionary differences. Ie menses test our mental stability each month and such, until we do our evolutionary job of reproducing, like all women should do. And men were made to work and provide shelter and such for his offspring and mate.

  • No by the design

    I think that women were created for a different purpose than men. I don't think that women are inferior to men but not equal. A man was created to be a leader, defender, breadwinner. A woman was created to be compassionate, caring, supportive. Western culture desperately tries to change this in the name of "social progress" and in result has degraded to the point of unrecognition. This is not about gender roles or social norms. Have you ever seen a happy feminist? No, and never will.

  • The matter is not just about "equal"

    Why don't we say that men and women are created differently, instead of using the controversial "equal" term? Obviously, we are created totally differently for different purposes and role in life. The matter of equal arises from our misconception of comparing ranking stuff. Who is there to say that cleaning is any inferior to lecturing, or acting is superiour to cooking? But we did, and we made all these mistakes of comparing and classifying roles in life. Imagine how life would be without those who spend days and night cleaning our town and all concentrate of acting in movies. The town would be a mess and would we still love to go to the theater to see these fancy movie after travelling through all these trash and bushes in the streets in the absence of the diligent cleaner? We men and women have evolved to fit into different roles that we are good at and it's not reasonable to see one position as less important than another. Can someone compare the job of delivering baby to other job like CEO? Which one is more important? Nowadays we would say right away CEO, but that's absolutely wrong. I would say that both are important and we do what we are good at and should be equally appreciated for any job that we choose. If we get this thinking, there would be no more arguement about this gender matter.

  • I don't think we were "created" at all

    I'm saying this from an atheist perspective, but I don't think we were "created" we - evolved. The differences in the genders is called Sexual Dimorphism in biology, it is found widly throughout the animal kingdom, from birds to butterflies, kangaroos and deer.
    Men and women are biologically different, and these differences are universal. Some of these differences are very easy for us to notice like hip to waist ratio, or muscle mass. Other differences are more subtle, like how a women's immune system is stronger than a man's.
    There is an evolutionary reason for our differences, we were not created.

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