• Its so obvious

    I'm tired of this whole feminist women and men are equal. Now before I continue I would like to say I'm 100% in favor of real feminism. For those of you who don't know the definition of feminism is to support equal rights with between women and men. That means things like voting and owning a house. In sports (Sports that require physical pain and strength so not horse back riding or sailing) men clearly are better. Here's why, men and women ARNT equal! Yes I know its a shocker! Men naturally have more strength and are way more aggressive. In sports aggression is the second most important thing, skill is first. I have watched my teenage son play basketball for a long time. Once a group of basketball playing girls(who claimed to be really good) challenged him and his friends to 3v3. Ofcourse the boys whipped their asses, and it wasn't because they were more skilled, the girls were just as skilled. Its because the boys showed 10x the aggression.

  • It is a fact!

    Men are just better and more athletic! Plain and simply. I mean come on now. The best guys team VS the best girls team and the guys will win. The males will obviously win in hockey, football, and rugby, but even in sports like softball, volleyball and tennis the males will still win! Simply put I believe the best male will beat the best female every time and I don't see how anyone could disagree with that. I have nothing against girls and I believe that there are great female athletes, but when compared to the guys there is not even a comparison! Sorry girls, but that's the truth.

  • Yes they are...

    The fastest man in the world, is faster than the fastest woman in the world. The best male snowboarder in the world, can do tricks with a higher degree of difficulty than the best female snowboarder in the world. The best male golf player can drive farther than the best female golf player in the world. The list is endless. These are not sexist statements, they are facts. Why can't women just be comfortable with who they are, and the extent of their abilities. It's not a BAD thing. I'm a woman and I don't have any problem admitting the truth.

  • Yes they are.

    Just look at Karsten Braasch vs. The Willams Sisters. The dude was raked #203 and smoked on the court, and he still won. I think a retiring (from tennis) smoker beating some of the world's best female players says it all; women are just inherently worse at sports than men. No one cares if the WNBA "has good fundamentals," it's just not interesting to watch.

  • Male athletes perform at a higher level

    Lets be honest, males do perform at a higher level. You don't see a female holding the 100m world record or 50m butterfly world record. Even in sports that females dominant, males still have outstanding records. Males were made for sport. This also leads to the point why the news and sponsors are male dominant

  • They always will be

    Yes they are. I would like to preface my response by saying that I am in no way, shape, or form biased against women. I think that in terms of raw performance, it is fairly obvious that men are better athletes than women. They run faster, jump higher, are stronger, and so on.
    If by better you mean more physically capable then of course...This isn't an opinion, if you look at the olympic records that are held, men clearly are faster, stronger, while being heavier. The record for men is above the womans in everything but discus. I only need to ask you to imagine the 49ers going up against a female football team in order to demonstrate the point

    IF they had equal strengths, put them in the same league. Try that and see how many women would start on NBA teams. Maybe Charlotte.... BUT THAT'S IT. Do not get me wrong, Cappie Pondexter, Griner, Maya Moore, and Taurasi are all great players, but could not outlast bench warming NBA players at all.
    Men have more muscle and less body fat. Women and men are in separate events for more reasons than a more complex showering layout. It is because the average physique of a woman is different than the average physique of a man. It is not politically correct to say so, but men are faster, stronger, and more competitive at sports than women. Note also the National Leaders, and the chess champions.

  • They are because...

    IF they had equal strengths, put them in the same league. Try that and see how many women would start on NBA teams. Maybe Charlotte.... BUT THAT'S IT. Do not get me wrong, Cappie Pondexter, Griner, Maya Moore, and Taurasi are all great players, but could not outlast bench warming NBA players at all.

  • Women are just in general bad

    Men are far superior and women are only alive to cook clean and make babies. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . .. . . .. . . . . . . . .

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  • Sports have been created to suit men.

    Unfortunately we used to live in a society where men were the dominant gender, now that is steadily changing; however sports were created a in the period where men were clearly dominant, this means that men will have created sports that suit them.

    Hypothetically if women were the ones who were dominant when sports were created then we would have more sports such as gymnastics where women are better than men due to their increased flexibility.

  • I am female

    I am a 16 yr old FEMALE and I believe that women are better because we don't have every sport televised, unlike men.

    I am a 'Promising athlete' and have been sprinting and playing Rugby league for yrs now and have always beaten the BOYS!!

    But in saying that SPORTS FOR ALL

  • Women have often beaten men

    Personally, I think that women have often beaten men. The fact that men's sports is more on television than women's sport is purely sexist and the fact that men are better is completely wrong. The world is so sexist in believing that men are stronger and more powerful is so wrong and not right to think that. Women just have equal rights as men have.

  • There are different aspects to consider.

    No one can really say that men are better athletes than women or that women are better than men. It is true that men are physically capable of building more muscle and are naturally competitive. This however, does not mean that women are incapable of beating men at sports if given the chance. Unfortunately this is not the case and women tend to be overlooked in the sports world. I think that people should watch a NBA game and then directly afterward, they would watch a WNBA game and observe the women. They not only have the same skill but also the same competitive drive as men.

  • Their bodies are different.

    Men's bodies tend to have more muscles and they are able to build them quicker. This does not mean that they are better than women when we look at athletics. They can not be compared based on the idea of athletics alone. This is like trying to compare apples to oranges.

  • Men and women are comparable athletes.

    I think that men are better athletes in certain ways than women, but women are also better in certain ways than man. Of course in a contest of strength the average man should be stronger than the average woman. But some women have better endurance than some men. There are many examples to support this.

  • Men have muscle but women have their brain

    Now if we are talking about raw strength versus strength, there is no doubt that men would win. But physical strength is just one aspect of a sport. You also have the mental and tactical part.

    I'm speaking as an athlete since I have been one since I was 5. To determine if men are better than woman in sports means that you will have different answers when looking at all sports. If we look at previous world records as the affirm side is doing you will see that the gap between the men and woman's record for most sports is closing in terms of gaps. This means that women are getting to the point where we can compete with men physically.

    Now as for the use of a brain in a sport I turn my attention to fut-ball or as we call it in America; soccer. If the men's team faced the female team, I would believe that the woman's team would win because they are more skilled than our mens team. Each sport can turn out differently but I wouldn't say that men are better athletes than women because they just might surprise you.

  • Women are stronger than most men.

    Women are strong amazing people.
    Are good at lots of thing but I believe that women can be strong. Then men. In my opinion . Just because on TV you see men playing more sports dose not mean there beater than women. Women are just as good as men in my opinion.

  • I don't think that men are better athletes than women

    I'm a female and I play a lot of sports like volleyball, basketball, swimming and badminton i can't say i'm awesome at all of them but I play better then most of the guys that are in my school. In my opinion no matter if your a guy or a girl, If you try, you can beat anyone.

  • There is a Difference, but it isn't Innate

    At the moment men are, on average, better at sports than women. That doesn't mean that the difference is innate. More boys than girls play sports, and they are encouraged to keep playing while women are discouraged. My conservative parents never enrolled me in any athletics classes past the age of 12, while one of my brothers has played every sport that exists, it seems, and the other (who is bookish and rather frail) has had lessons in archery, and participated in soccer. Most of my male friends have either played sports or been pushed to play sports, while many of my female friends were pressured to quit by the middle of high school. This means that men's sports advantage can simply be explained by having a vastly larger pool of talent to choose from.

    You could say that women don't want to play sports, but keep in mind all of the social pressures working in that direction. According to the current standards of beauty, women are often discouraged from being visibly muscular or more athletic than their partner. They also see the physical risks of sport as making them less desirable. Scars and other physical injuries are seen as very unattractive. And we all know how much pressure women are under to measure their worth by their physical appearance, especially in their late teens and early twenties, a critical period for advancement into the higher levels of sport.

    My theory is that, given equal opportunity and training women and men would do marginally better at different sports to some extent due to physical differences, but would be, on average, the same. But we haven't seen anything close to equal opportunity.

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Jordan445 says2015-05-28T21:05:31.357
I was convinced men are better, but someone very credible to me said the opposite. I have to consider his opinion, but I still believe men are better - and despite reason, he said its not true men are fitter because society has conditioned women to not excel, there is a the flip side- which is that society has also protected women - I mean who would put a woman against Mike Tyson in a ring. I do not know who the current heavyweight champion is, but him beating up some woman is not my idea of a fight at all...
Dragon_Voyager says2015-06-23T20:42:30.813
That reliable source of yours is a buffoon if they believe that physical differences between the sexes is a social construct.