• Rhetorical question here.

    Clearly men are superior to women. Physiologically and intellectually. Any argument to the the contrary is unintelligible.

    I'm not saying that women don't contribute to society. Women offer men pleasure. Women carry our children. Women's greatest purpose is to give support to a man so that he may better carry out his work. In this way, women contribute to society immeasurably. This might be difficult for some of you to understand, however this is simply evolution.

    Men have created a system that stresses these concepts, and have done so with logical reasoning. This is merely the system by which humanity will best achieve greatness. We have recognized this since the beginning of time. Your feelings are of little significance. Open your eyes and consider how humanity as a whole operates. There are things of greater import to humanity. How will we ensure the survival of our race? How will we become a player on the intergalactic stage? Are we too late? These are questions that for the most part, only men possess the intellectual capacity to consider. If and until women develop said intellectual capability, you will serve in whatever capacity we deem is best fit for the continuance of humanity.

    For the time being you will serve in the purpose you have been evolutionarily designed for; you will bear our children and provide comfort while we seek the answers to these questions.

  • I Am A Woman and I Agree

    Men are stronger and more rational in situations. Women tend to think with emotion and heart, but not head. I am a woman and know I am inferior to my husband in every way. We were created to be the caregivers and not the providers. I, for one, know I would be worse off if not for my husband. Divorce rates are higher since women declared their independence. There cannot be two captains of a ship and I am happy to embrace my role. I do as I am told and we have a happy home because of it. Men were designed to be physically and mentally superior. Period. I have embraced my role happily.

  • Strength, power, history

    First men have better bodies. They have more strength and will. You can argue with this when a woman joins SEAL team six. Second, men have written history. And they were needed to write it. Alexander the great: man. Caesar: man. Pope: man. George Washington: man. Tell me next time a woman creates a country. As far as history goes women only tend to bring down great men. Tiger Woods and Bill Clinton not to mention General Petraeus are some good recent examples. Next: war is necessary. It decides who the greater country is, and made the world what it is today. Who fights wars? For the most part men. No disrespect to today's servicewomen, but for the most part guys take care of the tough stuff. Men also lead wars; name me a women who led a war and won it. Also men can't get pregnant nor do they have a period. Men do the heavy lifting. Men built this country and every building on it. Men bring in the household income a lot of the time. Men don't have to wear crap on their faces to make the opposite sex attracted to them. Humans are often referred to as mankind. Men are focused on the important things in life like providing for the family and keeping them safe. Men created the computer, car, plane, electricity and most other important things. If this is not enough evidence i could provide much more, but it is enough evidence you ignorant feminists.

  • Men are made authority in in this world

    God created Man to decorate this world and for his support all other creature were created and he is to take care of them. Women are one of the supporter. So Men are always superior. All the changes made in this world is by men. All the inventions, discoveries and daring work is done by men.

  • Man are complete human being

    Man are not selfish like woman. Womens are practical and calculating. Man can waste his time without thinking about benefits as long as he enjoys it. Man got imagination level like nothing in this world. Man created all the religion to give reason why we are here even it is not practical. Man is the anchor of human being. Women are just a extended feature of men to reproduce. Because of physical abilities a man's thinking level is incomparable to any other being. For ages man has showed features of great human being by forgiving, kindness, generosity, so on. Because of education woman may think they are equal to man but it is not the education which creates true human beings but selflessness.

  • Yes

    We are superior mentally and physically. Without men the women can not survive. But men can survive without women. Yes I know technically they can't because of birth but you know what I mean. Men can build houses, hospitals, schools, cars etc. We can farm and do all the manual labor. Women can not. Anytime you see a brick it's there because a man put it there. Who built that computer you're on right now? Who built that building or house you're in right now? Who built that car that car, bus, boat, or train that gets you to where you need to be? MEN, women can not do the things men do because they're inferior. Call me a sexist I don't care because everyone knows it's true. Everything I said can not be argued with. Why do you think the man wears the pants in the relationship? Why is the man the dominant one?

  • Men are definitely better in every aspect.

    Because in my life time I was always had the most to offer to women while a woman always sat and complained. Overall we have testosterone, don't have to worry about having kids, we are the ones who "give it" not take it. We are more logical, strong, and less emotional.

  • It's merely biological

    1. Men are naturally physically dominant over women. (In emergency situations woman will get left in the dust.)
    2. Men can pee standing up. (Helps in on-the-go situations, toilet not necessary.)
    3. Men can't get pregnant and do not have to go through labor.
    4. The world still demands physical work, focus, and problem solving, something men can do better than women.

  • Here me out.

    This answer depends on how one interprets the question. For example, the answer would be "no" if this means:
    "Are men better than women at giving birth?" for obvious reasons. But what is it saying? I'll assume it means - "naturally" and base it off the assumption.

    Naturally, men are better physically, at the least. Men are designed to run, hunt, gather, track, kill, etc... Women are designed to carry children and be "helpers"; from a pure evolutionary perspective. This is not unique to humans, indeed, it is found in almost every species of mammal. It makes sense in evolutionary terms, too.

    On intelligence, it depends on one's environment more than physical prowess. You have a certain amount of natural intellect, but it needs to be nurtured for it to be any good. Education is required to prepare the brain more than to prepare the body. That is why we have more "thinking" subjects than "doing" subjects.

    So, physically men are born better.
    Mentally, it depends, but I'd imagine a bias in one gender. Not sure which and I won't guess.

    Now, this doesn't mean that women deserve any less respect than men; I should hope no one ever even conceived this idea. This also doesn't mean that all women will lose in running races against men. With enough training, a women could beat almost anyone. But *naturally*, from a pure evolutionary standpoint, men are "better".

  • Incredibly obvious duh

    Men are more physically and mentally capable than women in almost every aspect. Watch the olympics and compare women world records to men world records, it's hilarious. Consider the people in history who are considered the most intelligent people who ever lived, 95 out of 100 of them are going to be men.

  • Because all women can do is cook and clean.

    They can't drive or do anything useful because their specialty is cook and clean and at least one hour in front of the mirror which should be spent cooking and cleaning.They buy anything they can afford with your credit card and they can't even get a good job. All they can do is be teachers, which is the lowest form of being a woman apart from being a housewife

  • Want to know my opinion? Read this solid truth.

    This is easily the most ridiculous thing in the world to me. You know what I think? Women complain too much! They literally can have their whole day open for anything! They had no job before, all they had to do is look pretty, make meals, and clean the house! I'm a male. I know how to cook my own food, I know how to clean my own house, I know how to stay in shape and be fit. Let me tell you, I clean everyday tops a HOUR! My house is amazingly clean! I actually was more dirty once but I wondered if I just forced myself to clean a bit everyday and stay clean and in the end would it be hard. Turns out, not that bad. Meals are EASY. I make can make a meal for me and my family in 30 minutes. No it's not some microwavable food that I buy, I make actual food like chicken and some potatoes with a salad or maybe I grill something for once ( do not grill enough really). Food is not a problem. So far I got 2 hours MAX out of your day! Staying fit? That's really not the hardest thing to do. Just be couscous of what you eat and set up a work out for yourself. Me? I run 2 miles in 15 minutes, do dumbbells for on average about 20 minutes( multiple uses of the dumbbells not just raises, this includes some forms for your back, chest, shoulders, etc) , an Ab/Chest/Arm workout with weight ranging from a 25 lb free weight to a 50 lb free weight ( workout involving 7 different forms of core workouts, 3 different pushups, and 2 different plank positions?) that takes me another 20 minutes, and I work on my legs with weights and simple movements such as lunges or squats for another 15 minutes. Lets count that.

    15+20+20+15+120=190 minutes = 3 hours 10 minutes

    I do that plus work, plus take help my little brother with school when he randomly gets dropped off by my busy parents, plus being with my girlfriend ( Going on dates, hanging out, kissing, talking, etc), plus tend to a dog, plus work at HOME. Yes I get HOMEWORK from my job! I barely have time for anything else! You have any idea I how much I want to just sit down and play a video game or watch a TV show sometime? The only reason I'm on this website is because I'm taking a break from my work that's making my head ache and I was discussing this topic earlier today. Women have it easy! They don't have to work because men have a natural "bread winner" thing going on..

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  • If someone's the best, that someone is male.

    I'm not saying that certain women can't be better than certain men. Obviously a LOT of "men" out there are inexperienced and novice. However, if you want the BEST person for a given thing (okay...Besides birthing), that person will most definitely be male. Not only that, but the 2nd best, 3rd best, ...Etc, will be male as well.

  • Look at the Forbes top 10 billionaire list.

    Before you speak utter nonsense before this decisive evidence, look at the bloody list and tell me, tell me. . . How many women are there on that list? Now that you've seen it, probably, can you please remind me again of how many female high school dropouts that have been as successful as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney or Albert Einstein?

  • Men are superior why?

    Apart from physical strength which is no doubt, believe or not men are mentally stronger but mostly don't notice it. If an almost unsolvable problem arises, most women tend to whine and cry which does not seem a smart move to me where men will try to think it through but if they are unable to solve it they become barbaric. Men are generally better at science ( especially Physics ) and math because they focus on one problem to another where women multi-tasks. Men are more emotional than women but they fail in expressing it because they don't want to be called feminine. Men can't be pregnant but apparently if you kick their nuts, it will hurt way more than delivering a baby but only for a few minutes of course where delivery could take hours. Women are likely to graduate but application is one of the needed skills in the horrifying real world. Men are given a heavier punishment on the same crime than women because they seem and are tougher which is bull crap to me and sometimes women get away with it another bull crap to me. Men are barbaric but women are manipulative and seductive. The inventors of technology, sure women took part of it but mostly are women.

  • Men are natural born leaders.

    You can't deny this, just look at history. I still think women and men should both have equal rights , but men need to be credited for all the things they have done, without men we wouldn't live in the world we live in today. They do all the heavy lifting, the leadership, and development of cities/countries.

  • Men are physically and most of the time mentally stronger than women, even though physical changes are not something a women can control

    Men are better than women, mainly because men are the creators, the inventors, and men created nearly everything we have today. Women created a few things throughout history, and they are nothing special, or big. Men have created everything from science to math to english. Even though men are also people who start wars and can hurt the world, women can as well. As long as there are humans on earth, there will be problems.

  • Men are strong willed and are very smart.

    Men are able to take charge, when needed. Many of the smartest people on Earth are men, including Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin. Men can make learning very fun but also serious. Men are the most generous sex as well and great at controlling business. Politics are also one of men's strong points, women are too weak in politics, like Hilary Clinton. Lastly, men are overall not catty and do not complain like women. Overall, men are very good at what they do and know exactly how to do it properly.

  • Of course they are

    Men are superior to women in every way. They're better at everything than we are. They're smarter and stronger than we are. We were made to serve and please men however they wish. Especially sexually. Our bodies were perfectly designed to be used by men for their pleasure, since almost every part of our bodies are made in a way that can be sexually pleasing to men. Plus, as women we naturally submit to dominant men, even though a lot of us would rather not admit it.

  • Men dominate at everything

    The best thinkers of all time are men. The most influential scientists--Einstein, Turing, Tesla, Newton, Da Vinci, Bohr, Planck, Darwin, Galilee, Copernicus, need I say more? Don't even bring up Marie Curie, she was an idiot who accidentally killed herself. The best artists also happen to be men--Van Gogh, Dali, Picasso, Da Vinci come to mind. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Beethoven, and the rest of the most influential musicians and music groups are male. Also, how many woman have created their own religions? Jesus is loved and worshiped by billions of people, he was a man. Muhammad was a guy and he was freaking great, he's still loved and feared to this day! Science, Religion, and History prove men are far superior to women. Btw, if it wasn't for men there would be no internet....

  • Asexual reproduction people

    Lets' assume both sees could reproduce asexually. Men made men, women made women. Thus eliminating the need for the opposite sex. Men are physically stronger and are predispositioned to be better hunters and gatherers. Men would eventually kill off the women and live life without complications. And for the iq debate.. Take a moment to Google the top people with higher than average iq levels.

  • Proof in the Job Force

    For the same occupation, women are paid less than men. This difference exists in the US even though sexism is illegal because women tend to be less apt than men. Also, women get lower paying jobs than men get. Careers as medical doctors, senators, and governors are male dominated. There have been a few very smart women but many brilliant men.

    Posted by: jbub
  • Indeed, I agree.

    Women can be better than us men at somethings, but we will always conquer the aspect faster and more efficiently, definitely in a less biased approach, without all the emotions and crap. Women cause more drama as they have nothing better to complain about other than how little a paycheck they get meanwhile, a man such as I works while being homeless and complains not a smidgen.

  • We are different biologically and you can't ignore it

    Men and women are definitely different and will always be. We have seen that the risk takers and innovators have mostly been my throughout history and even in modern day (majority of patients are filled by men). Men as a whole are physically stronger and studies have shown that there are more men on both extremes of intelligence for men (mon geniuses but also more idiots). Women today want to just scream we are equal (aka we don't need men and we are better ). What they don't realize is that they are protected by men. They only way they could talk like that is because men allow it. Men Are the majority when it comes to police and military and will most likely stay that way. Law makers continue to be majority male as well as business leaders (don't get me wrong there are exceptions to the rule (leaders and business women who have been successful) but as a whole men continue to dominate even with the new laws putting them at a disadvantage to minorities (women) even though women are becoming majority in mid level business. I would love to say we are all the same but we have seen in the last 30 or 40 years that even when women have the ball in their court they still will not get to the top compared to men. Sorry ladies the only way you will every make it to the top as majority is to continue to put up laws that limit men.

  • At certain aspects, it is undeniable

    Biologically, absolutely men and women are well-suited to different tasks. Over the eons, women evolved wide-set hips, allowing infants' heads and shoulders to pass. Nurturing women made for better mothers who perpetuated the species. Men evolved more musculature in order to hunt for food for women birthing and caring for children to help perpetuate the species. Today, women tend to be better caregivers, while men tend to be better suited for physical-labor heavy jobs.

  • Survival, evolution and natural instincts

    This poll is not worth much since it doesn't represent reality that well at all.
    Men in general have always been better than women in general throughout the history. Men have a higher natural instinct to perform well than women. Men are without a doubt, better today too and most likely will continue to be. Because women are so filled with emotions, it comes in the way of being a truly strong and rational thinker. Men dominate the planet and there are good reasons for that. Too many women are so weak that they hide too much behind the, in many cases disgusting, feminist movement.

  • We are better, and you know it.

    A woman cannot attain happiness on their own. Their happiness is dependent on their man. They want to be men, and are therefore frustrated because they cannot be one. All the ideas of success that they aspire to attain (and some of them do, female CEO's etc.) are modeled after men. They emulate men to try to attain equality, hence their flaw. The happy women know their place in nature. They are there to be led, not lead. The best man will always be better at anything than the best woman. This includes everything. All that to one side, they are simply inferior creatures. They require absolutely no skill to charm the opposite gender other than their beauty, hence a majority are not funny, charming or interesting. Because they never had to be. And the ones that are, do it the wrong way, by trying to be "cool" like a guy. A king can make any woman a queen by marrying her. If a queen marries a man, they are simply married to a queen. The problem lies in men that do not understand that they are better than women. Women take advantage of this fact, hence why a majority of women have men wrapped around their fingers. These women are also still not happy, hence why those marriages either end up in divorce, or the man ceases to be a man and he becomes "happily married". To top it all of, they bleed every month, and have to sit down to pee. I feel sorry for you ladies, I really do. : )

  • Not inferior, not equal either

    Men just excel at qualities that women are not capable of matching naturally; women can reach the same sometimes by actively trying to be like a male, but that is just a symptom of mental illness. Why would you want to be like a male when you have your own qualities you can excel at better than males? Females are better at some things, males better at others. That's just a truth you can observe, and you can't legislate that out of existence using political correctness. I don't understand women who want to be like men.. Keep your female qualities, the world needs more nuturing and empathy, and importantly women who can balance men!

  • Overall, men have been more productive and forthcoming in every category.

    Look at our past, Wars have been won by man. Inventions were perfected by man. Now look at our present, World records are held by men. Who is the most famous peson you know? It's probably a man. Genetics show that men are build to be smarter and more physically adept to the world we live in today. I'm sure in the future women will hold a place need where men stand, but we will still be on top.

  • Men are wiser

    Men are wiser and take responsibility for their actions. Women just do whatever they want without taking any responsibility. Men are stronger and are more caring towards humans and the world. Women just consume and consume and pollute the earth. Sure, women do have degrees, but they dont know how to apply them to the real world.

  • Men are better. It's simple.

    Men are physically better. They don't run the world just because they're physically better, it's because they are mentally superior in stressful situations. Women freeze in stressful situations. All the great war generals were men. Julius Caesar, George Washington, Genghis Khan, Robert E. Lee, ect. Maybe the only good female general was Joan of Arc.

  • Men have contributed to society more

    Men have been in the military for thousands of years. Men have invented more things that have any importance in the world. They generally work more and they have been the breadwinners for years. They have kept their respective countries in check, whereas any women controlling a society have failed miserably. These are all good reasons why men are better than women.

  • Because men make the world go round

    We make everything, we buy you things, we put up with your crap, we listen to you (or pretend to), we deal with you, make you feel special, we give you compliments and everything you could ask or and still you bicker and start fights over the most insignificant crap in life.

  • Men are far superior

    Not even close.

    There's a reason why men were rulers of the world, and women aren't. If women COULD, then they would.

    They're just corrupt and seductive, and managed to create this false illusion of "equality", which is downright pathetic. Men and women are NOT equal, and therefore don't deserved to be treated as such. Is a woman's strength on average comparable to a man's? No.

  • Men are better!

    Bibicaly men were the first humans on this planet, and Seth was the first baby born, Bibicaly speaking men were the first created and first born. So men are better the Bible says it all. So no matter howmany times you here a woman say "we are better!" tell them what I just wrote down.

  • Political Correctness gone mad!

    There has been a movement of "gender identification swapping" for a quarter of a century. With the advent of the nonsense that is "political correctness" we are not allowed to portray women in any negative light. Men, however, are fair game. If you stick up for your own sex as a women you're a "feminist". Do the same as a man and you're not a "masculinist" you're a woman-hater (and isn't it strange that there's no name for all the women who hate other women?) Well let's tell it like it is; women are emotionally less stable than men, women are physically weaker then men, women have smaller brains than men, women have less co-ordination than men and their spatial awareness is a joke. The counter arguments are as predictable as they are weak. Even their last bastion handed to them by some quack has been de-bunked - that women can multi task better then men. I've yet to see one (98% of all PEOPLE multi task to around the same degree apparently.) If women were as good as men there would be no women and men sports events, there would be world champion women drivers and every other invention would be by a women. Of course there's always the last through of the dice - "we haven't been given the chance." Wake up, women have every same "chance" that men have had for decades now and because they can't cut it it's because of the "glass ceiling" and "those bad men putting us down." Couldn't possibly be because women are less adept at the skills that come naturally to men. The fact that this is even a debate shows how ridiculous society has come and how successful the brain washing by the femi-nazis has been.

  • Sexism to a T

    There is a an argument here comparing Men and Women- two human genders. Yet if you type into Google any statement comparing the genders and find a news article or a 'report' on the differences of the gender, you will find the majority of the aforementioned articles to be wrote by women and all conveniently happen to support the argument that women are superior. Secondly 78% of primary school girls believe that girls are 'better' whereas only 23% of boys think boys 'better'. There are feminist societies who fight for 'equality' yet at all levels of society where they have had an impact such as 'Wimbledon' and at primary education there is a definite bias towards women. Women often call men 'ignorant' or 'non-listeners' due to a supposed scientific argument which has not been proved correct. Finally in all cases where a man has outperformed a women there is always a comeback argument about how it isn't the woman's fault and how she is equal- this does not happen the other way round. There is a double-standard instigated by woman and this is why I prefer the male gender. Women claim to be disadvantaged in society yet there are societies such as Womens Aid for domestic abuse, whilst a worthwhile charity there is no prominent alternative for domestic abuse against the male gender- yet another double-standard. Finally the somewhat superfluous argument that women outdo men at an educational level is seen as a female advantage yet does not point out the facts that the courses suit the female mind more dominantly and that obviously the majority of teachers are women which has an effect. If these statistics were the other way around you can imagine the scandal that would arise and excuses made for women. I love womankind as they are our mothers, sisters and daughters but I have been turned off by a few bad experiences with abusive women (ballbusters etc), the fact that women are protected and aided with a double standard yet men receive no such treatment and the fact that they will not settle for equality, they have to have enforced supremacy.

  • Lol so obvious countless reasons

    Men are stonger, smarter, women are lazy, they never invent anything. Everything in the world was invented and built by men. All women are good for is their physical beauty and birthing children. Male supremacy is real. Women are docile creatures designed to be controlled by men. Powerful women? They’re called dykes, that is, women imitating the male biological/cultural configuration. Truth!

  • Better than men

    We are mentally better than men and can multi tacks . We are better at having baby and giving birth cause we can only do it. Men cant focus like women can. We grow up faster than men do. Men can be childish and immiture bt woman can be fun and adultish

  • In history, yes

    Men have played more important roles in history than women ever since history existed. Men were leaders of mighty nations, men created science and technology, men created cures for diseases, men made this world what it is today. However, women also play key roles in modern life, so this question is kind of tricky to answer, but I would say men are just more important and can be better leaders and excel at things.

  • It's like asking which is better apples or oranges!

    Men excel in every field. Good women produce and raise men who excel.
    Women put a large amount of effort into creating men. Women produce and raise women to bear men.

    Women who focus their energies trying to excel in a field end up producing and raising lower quality 'men'.

    Women may be better than these poorly produced and raised men. But I would blame that man's 'worseness' on the woman who raised him.

  • Physically and Mentally.

    Most men are physically stronger no doubt about that. Women who says men are mentally inferior are incorrect in my opinion. Most women when facing almost unsolvable problems give in to their emotions and asks their friends for suggestions, especially in teenage days based on my experience while men tend to solve their problem alone and can think logically under pressure.Emotionally, women because they can express their feelings better. I could be wrong though.

  • In what way?

    I believe that many people use cherry picking examples to justify egalitarianism in all ways. But the fact is that women are better than men for societal and pro-creative purposes but men are better than women (from a more advanced or better developed perspective) physically, mentally, and emotionally. That is not to say we should ignore men or women for either of these reasons but that doesn't change basic biology, let the resolution stand affirmed.

  • The topic is not very clear. But yes. Men are better than women.

    We are all created equal. No one is "better" than the other. We need to specify this question into different categories: ex. Are men faster than women, are men stronger than women, can men jump higher, do men have higher IQ....These are tangible statistics that we can bean count. And when we do so, men outplay women in average. Debating intangibles such as emotions, pain, thoughts, even the IQ, is a waste of time.
    Let’s see it this way, if an average man and an average woman are dropped in a deserted island without computers, tools, or any other technology. To whom will you bet your money that will stay alive longer? Let’s just be logical and reasonable.
    Another thought: Women complain how they were disadvantaged in education due to being stuck in the kitchen making food for thousands of years, and if they hadn’t they’d be “better” than men. Get a list of top 10 chefs in the world and see how women are doing with their over thousand years of skills and practices.

  • Men are willing to do stuff women wont even care to do

    Everything that you use in todays society was made by a man.. Men fought the wars and made the religion to give people some moral values. Men are stronger and more intelligent and passionate. There are dozens of job that women wouldn't even care to do. We are superior.

  • Absolutely yes because men are better physically and mentally

    Naturally, men are better physically, at the least. Men are designed to run, hunt, gather, track, kill, etc... Women are designed to carry children and be "helpers"; from a pure evolutionary perspective. This is not unique to humans, indeed, it is found in almost every species of mammal. It makes sense in evolutionary terms, too.

  • Men are better than women

    Who's the one always getting called to fix something when things go wrong the men are the women are the ones who will sit and cry about the problem until the man gets home from. His job to fix her problem. Many houses would not be built without men because women ha e no incentiv to be strong like a mman women can't lift anything

  • Men are more important

    Men can take up more responsibilities than women that is why they are given leadership positions. This is because men have the ability to plane for the benefit of the society by making reasonable dissions that will help develop the society in terms of infrustructure and economy. However women have not helped in shaping the world

  • Facts and more facts

    Let us look at the facts. Which gender is superior in physical attributes? Which gender governs most countries in the world? Which gender has the most well known scientists/inventors?

    Yes, women have been treated unfairly in the history of mankind. For this reason, many have said that women have had the disadvantage, and therefore it is not fair to compare facts. Alright, although we live in the 21st century, let us take this disadvantage into my stance. Women have been cooking for men in the previous eras as that was what they were taught to do. Now please take a look at the World's most famous chefs. Now let us take a look at the top designers in the industry. ?.

    By looking at the FACTS, we can very clearly see that in fact men are superior and I am taking into account that you are a human being reading this, therefore we are taking the commonly known definition for superior which is accepted by the general community.

  • They are beter

    They are better because they are smarter, bigger, bolder, better thinkers and better at everything else. Women suck at everything that is why they stay at home all the time doing nothing besides for house jobs like cleaning up, hanging clothes out, doing laundry and other stuff like that. Men are so much better

  • I am voting just to make the thumbs up/down ratio 50/50, EQUALITY

    Men and women are equal, and they have been for over 80 years now legally. There is no difference between the rights of men and women, and to say otherwise is to be ignorant of the constitution of the US. Sure women are payed less, but that is not the fault of men.. Men are just more successful in this way.

  • Yes they are

    Men have made far more of an impact on history than women because men are more capable. For every famous person in history that's a woman, 50 are men. Don't say "oh well women were oppressed" NO, women held less productive potential than men and fought in far less wars. Women are lucky white men allowed them their freedoms today.

  • Lets teach them a lesson

    Let all of us men stop building buildings, stop building cars, stop maintaining the electricity, stop building bridges, stop maintaining the railroads, stop maintaining the sewage system, stop building roads, stop inventing and see if all those females can live without us. Well women, prepare to get your hands dirty and enjoy working hard.

  • Equal if anything, but overall Men

    Men and women are certainly different, through evolution, men and women preform different roles, women were generally expected to bear children and raise them whilst men are to hunt and provide food. Even today these jobs are still true although far less so.

    Men generally physically stronger,(arguably) have a higher pain tolerance and seem to be more level headed

    Women think more from the heart and seem to be more caring, still designed to bear children

    When it comes to intelligence , there is no clear winner , it comes from who puts more work in usually and that varies from person to person so no clear winner is present/obvious

    In conclusion, only from natural ability men seem to be superior although the difference is marginal and my decision should be more equal that one over the other

  • Shouldn't be a question.

    Take away all the smart men, then yes woman are smarter. Woman have to deal with the "tough" job of holding a baby in their stomachs while men are in Iraq, Iran etc. For twice as long sometimes with injuries that can be a bit more painful then pregnancy. The only argument woman have is being pregnant.

    Woman are not superior. The only people saying that are crazy feminist liberals.

  • Its simple, they're smaller and weaker. Just think Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci and many more.

    Its simple, they're smaller and weaker. Just think Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci and many more, or just put any professional racer, runner, swimmer man vs woman and the man will win always. That is how god made us. Dont get mad, remember the most important thing in the world that only women can do is to make all of us. Thats why they're very important.

  • The best man is better than the best woman.

    Look up the list of people with an IQ of 200 or more, and you'll see mainly men. Look at any chess championship, mainly men. ANY game is dominated by male players, or maybe have a few female players. The violin, arguably the hardest instrument to learn and play well, is mastered only by men (No, Lindsey Stirling does not count). Driving sports are dominated by men, ANYTHING physical is dominated by men. The go-to answer that "Women are better at Scrabble" is also untrue, look up the NASPA ranking tables. So the best performers in sports, games, instruments, and any physical exertion are men.

    Supporting evidence: Look at the disagreeing side.

  • Men are better

    Women act like men aren't deep. However, that's because men suck up their problems instead of complaining about them. Also, men don't bad mouth women, while all the time feminists try to act like men are evil. Also, women will always rely on men to do the heavy-lifting and paying for the women, and we don't complain about it.

  • This is a pointless question.

    I absolutely hate this question. We are not meant to be compared, Men and women both have certain skills that they will usually be better at than the other. This question is phrased badly as well. The question is already biased as it is phrased "Are men better than women"?, rather than "Are women better than men?" or "Which gender is better?". We are biologically different and we cannot change that, so we might as well stop fighting for non existent superiority and do what we are meant to do, co exist. Sure, men may be "biologically" stronger than women, but that doesn't mean a man who never exercises or eat well goes up against a women who does, that he will win. Same goes for men, men can be very neat and tidy and good at cooking and taking care of children, just the same as women can be. Neither is significantly "better". But we cannot deny we are different because we were meant to serve different purposes.

  • Don't Ignore The Obvious

    Often times people let their fear of bigotry supersede rationality. There are two genders of people, and both are different. Isn't it possible for one to be better than the other? Do they HAVE to be equal? Certainly not, not by any scientific means at least. And to the people who tried to argue that women are better or even equal, seriously, just look around you. Men run the world in every conceivable facet. Men dominate the power structure of the world. Nearly every brick you see is laid by a man. Men are physically superior in every way, women cannot compete with men in any athletic or fitness competitions. Men are mentally superior, as evidence by their overwhelming dominance in the following intelligence-measuring areas: mathematics, IQ scores, SAT/ACT scores, chess, computer programming, and many others.

  • Natural Born Leaders

    Men are natural born leaders. From our presidents to our greatest minds in history. From Albert Einstein to President Barack Obama. Men can get greater tasks done. Women cook and clean... And put on make up. Men have been superior in history as entertainers, great leaders, great minds, etc. Women have not and frankly never will be.

  • Yes they are

    Because they conquer women in all aspects.

    Men are superior over women. Women have only limited capability and potential. They cannot execute what men can accomplish because they are weak and men are strong. They are under men’s clothes.

    Men are clearly not equal to women and vice versa. Women have wider hips, women have larger breasts, women have different hypothalamuses, women have different brain composition, men have external genital protrusions, men have different hormones, men have more hair.

  • Men always do better at the World Olympics

    This year women came close, but a misrepresentation of averages has been presented to blow smoke up feminist asses and negates the fact that men have still done more extreme weight lifting and etc. One only has to look at the official Olympic records to see that men are simply better at sports and that is a fact.

  • Both Are Important, However...

    I believe that both play important roles in society and day to day life, however in general men are more logical when it comes to problem solving. Women support the family, and for many men control the socio-economic aspects of day to day life. However, for the most part it is men who support, protect, and build the society's in which the woman's network is built. If you look back on history, you can see multiple times over that innovators, leaders, and figures of power are (on the most part) men. Inventor of the airplane, first human on the moon, the list goes on. As of today, on an international level man is more important, however on a small neighborhood/family setting, woman are usually the powerhouse. However this is changing. A new list of billionaire woman is hitting the world, and things may change in the near future. However as of today, men (on the most part) support, control, build, and destroy the civilizations which run the planet. Much love to both ;)

  • In Every Way!

    I have been looking at men and women, and one thing I can say for sure. In more than 99 percent of the world's trades, arts, positions, etc., men have excelled and are still doing. Men tend to be more intelligent, and that's why they are more wild. Men have physical strength and stamina and power to withstand a lot of physical torture and mental torture.

  • Kinda because of .....

    It's not that Women are less clever than men it's just because of the Y chromosome and the extremes it causes. The least intelligent men are less intelligent than the least intelligent women and the same on the flip side. As the Y chromosome cause extremes in the amount of intelligence. (I believe in sexual equality. I AM NOT SEXIST)

  • In most aspects

    In general, I don't think there is anything that women do that men cannot do better. If you are a woman, just objectively (not emotionally) think of anything that men cannot do better.

    Regarding childbirth, women are not stronger 'because of childbirth'. This pain is something women have to go through to give birth, not because they can. The fact is that men are physiologically stronger than women, deal with it.

    Regarding mental issues, women are so much more insecure than men. If they weren't, it wouldn't be a problem for a woman to take her top off as much as men do. And if you're a woman, you have insecurities and you know it. Of course some men have insecurities, but most if not all woman are insecure creatures.

    I really hate it when people say men and women are equal. THERE CAN NEVER BE GENDER EQUALITY, mainly due to physiological and emotional reasons. Even at a micro-level between couples, is there gender equality? The man is always assumed to be the leader, and when misunderstandings occur, he is expected to mend the damage. In my country, males get caned while females do not get caned for criminal offences. Granted that the reproductive system for females will be damaged, this does not refute the fact that there is no gender equality. In fact, this only shows that men are physiologically stronger as the reproductive system can tolerate caning.

    Men are better leaders for sure. The 'no opportunities' argument is baseless. In the past, there were more or less equal numbers in both genders of slaves sent to America. It took Martin Luther King, a male leader to step up. Women in general prefer to be led, especially by men. This is why the family head is always the male.

    The only aspects I think women are better are genetics and emotional support. Women are genetically stronger, and a good example is colour blindness, which women are much less susceptible to. They also live longer, partly because they use their bodies less so there are less oxidants produced in their bodies. Oxidants are responsible for ageing. I don't think I need to talk about emotional support.

    Multitasking was the most stupid reason I heard for women being better. Its not that women can't multitask, but most men can. Also, not all women can multitask.

    I won't delve into intelligence. Are IQ tests enough to measure intelligence? I don't think so. I think intelligence is too abstract to be quantified.

    I know I sound sexist for saying this, but this cannot be more true. Women are only needed in society (or life) for reproduction and care giving their children. I'm not belittling women, because it isn't a joyride. What I am objectively saying is that women specialise in this aspects, and men basically specialise in everything else. Most women admit they are weaker than men since it's true, while those who don't are usually egoistic themselves.

  • Men have more dominant jobs

    EG, defence force, air force, navy, few women exist in these jobs. Most women have a job in accounting or banking. The suffregets, 1902, started to be rebellious but never gained indipendance until much later into the 1900s. Women tend to earn their share by staying home and looking after the kids while the men of the house earn all the money in the office. A job more suited to women is teaching. For instance, women are more suited to working with children because they are more understanding of children.

  • Facts are Facts!

    Well, let's list the ways one person could be regarded as superior to another. Physically - the average man is stronger and faster than the average woman, fact. Intellectually - men do tend to have higher IQs than women and those at the very high end of the scale (i.e. geniuses) are usually men. Contribution to society - men have built civilization, created the technology you use every day, shaped the world.
    Women talk of being emotionally superior to men (and they're probably right) but being in touch with your emotions is next to worthless in a universe that runs on natural laws which need logic to interpret and harness and women will NEVER do logic better than men.
    So in conclusion, there are undoubtedly area's where women trump men but in the grand scheme of things that are truly important men win every time.

  • Obviously. It's obvious. Yes, better at everything imaginable.

    This is not something to argue. It's plain to see and obvious every minute of every day. Some men are scumbags and just as many women are scumbags. Overall, every advancement made by humanity has been a result of male ingenuity. Every piece of technology that you take for granted in your daily life was invented, built, distributed, maintained, and repaired by a male. Without male innovation, women would be wandering around in the woods collecting berries. Sorry if it sounds sexist but the truth is a bitter pill to swallow.

  • This is a mans world...Because we made it so!

    Despite what the feminists would have you believe, men are not violent, abusive sex pests. We are creators and pioneers! Of course, this argument is just for fun, we all know that neither gender is better or worse than the other, each having their own strengths and weaknesses. But from a historical point of view, men have invented most everything that has ever been useful, and I know the feminists would say that is because the patriarchy monster kept women oppressed so they could not contribute fully. However, again historical records show women in schools and in further education, there have been female writers and thinkers since at least 1413, when Julian of Norwich wrote Revelations of Divine Love. True art and genius is not born of freedom and fulfillment, it is born of struggle and hardship. Most every male that has accomplished something, has done so in hard times!

  • Men are the best

    Men are the best becuase there are more famous people in the world than women!! Women suck egss daily!!! Men are so much better becuase they can do everything and anything ever invented in the world!!!!! Man was first to step on the moon, women weren't. Jesus was a man!!! Not a woman!!!!!

  • I would say YES

    Reason is, women always talk about how hard and painful it is to give birth, yes i agree it is hard, but that should not even be part of this at all, because its not like men are able to give birth but decide not to, its something that only women can do, so i think they should shut up and do it. Over all men are stronger, faster, and for more then thousands of generation men have been in control, and still are today. I think if it was not for men women would not be alive today, because going back in time,it was all about survival of the fittest, men had to protect family and hunt for food.

  • This is not a general statement.

    I do believe that in general, men can be considered to be "greater" than women. I don't mean this in the sense that they should dominate women or they deserve this or that. I do believe that men and women are all humans alike and should be treated all with the respect that they personally deserve. The point I would like to make is that men have a tendency to be better at natural abilities than most women. If you like at the numbers and statistics, it is more common to find men that are naturally better at many things ie: physical abilities (sports, military, etc.), mental capabilities, etc. I could list a large number of things that men are commonly better at than women, but it doesn't mean by any means that all men are better than women. I will be the first to humbly admit that there are women that are stronger, smarter, and more talented than me in every way. However, I will say that I am better at many things than the majority of women. This is the same for many men.

    My point in this poorly explained paragraph is to say that men are generally better at most everything than women. Granted, there are many women that excel more than men do. I am simply saying that it is much more common to find men that are better than women in nearly every area.

  • Physical strength is good

    Testosterone is a hormone, the male hormone, which at puberty gives rise to masculine secondary sexual characteristics, after being converted to dihydroxytestosterone (DHT), if I remember correctly. Testosterone doesn't magically make muscles grow, it increase the rate of protein synthesis by something around 40x, but crazy as it may seem, you still have to eat in order for that to happen. It also does many other things besides making muscles grow as well.

    "Men have, on average, superior upper body strength because of greater muscle mass. However, on average, women can endure more pain and cold than men due to greater natural body fat and biochemistry, presumably because women are the child bearers."

  • Emotion and physical strength

    "Men get ill and drink a lot more than woman." "Men die 5-10 years before woman." Despite this being stereotypical, why do you think men drink? The main reason men drink in such quantities is solely because of 2 things: Depression and WOMEN. Most women are vindictive over-the-top drama queens. This means men are emotionally and physically stronger and have much more potential than women.

  • Masculinity: A recurring trait that will always return.

    Masculinity has been proven superior throughout the years historically. It is historically proven that men are better than women because men would play Gold Paladins without misplays, perfect timing, and simply presenting a rather magnificent scene of a battle. Women on the other hand recklessly play incompetent Bermuda Triangle decks like Riviere, constantly not hitting the ride chain, making misplays, and also losing hand advantage in the long run.

  • Yes

    Because the natural order of all living things clearly states that men are far more superior than women. Rule 3425 of the world human development books states that men are more superior because they are more intelligent, masculine, friendlier, and kinder than most women in the world. The ratio is 7 to 1 male to female.

  • Strength and Inventions

    We are stronger, we invented many more things, like the TV, the printing press, the laser, the automobile, the internet, the plane, we discovered DNA, made the steam engine, the internal combustion engine, the pill, the computer, the motorbike, bur, tram, tank, bike, skateboard, scooter and many many more things.

  • Men are smarter

    Men are genetically smarter than women. I was watching a news report about dumb people and there was a women that lived in the United states that didn't know a country that started with U. Another women also didn't know how many sides are on a triangle. How many sides are on a triangle? Uuhhh hmmm uhh 0 or isn't it 1?

  • In reference to sports

    Women naturally (as a collective) are genetically disadvantaged to men in most sporting aspects. If you took a male and a female of similar genetics and taught them a sport the man will be the more dominant due to his male genetics. There is the argument that professional women sports players are better than men, this is un-provable due to men not versing each other. For instance the Australian cricket team has been dominating in the tri-nations tests while the men are average. This could be due to the higher variety of skill in men's cricket than that of women's (but we shall not know, I swear I am not sexist). But this is about the average day women and male, the average man is genetically more efficient sports wise than the average woman. There are genetically sports suited women but they are considered not as common.
    In reference to ordinary living and not sports related topic i have no clear preference, women rock at some aspects and men at others.

  • Yes, and there's a reason for that.

    The female argument is that they have the more important reproductive organs, are smarter, and are more level-headed, among others.
    While some of that argument is certainly plausible, there are points where a man would outshine a woman. They have (generally) greater physical strength, enabling them to build the houses which, you, women, live in. Ever found that you have to ask your hubby to help you open a jar of jam because you don't have the strength to do it yourself? Well, look, he CAN do it!
    Anyway, I did click "Yes". But if there was an option stating "Equality", I would most certainly click it. There are just some places where men outshine women, and some places where women outshine men. Brains aren't any better than brawn, and vice versa.

  • Yes they are

    I would say we are equal but those stupid feminist messed it up for the rest of gender. They Also tend to nag a lot and gossip about other people. Women are also bad a creating a logical argument with evidence to back up their opinion. Good day internet and stay classy.

  • Women suck ass

    They are dumb and are forced to carry our little bastards around for 9 months. Jokes on them God even screwed women because he hates them as well. Men can get jobs and are more emotionally stable than the weaker sex. All in all they are complete booty suckers. Go men.

  • Physiology of a Man

    Men have much larger brains. (10-12%) In addition, the average man is much stronger physically than the average woman excluding a woman's high pain threshold. There have been studies comparing both men and women's intelligence. Due to varying results however, no definite conclusion can be reached. Therefore, because men are stronger and faster than women, and both genders are equally intelligent, men are "better" than women.

  • Man are better for sure ..

    From my personal experience, I have found most of the women cantankerous in nature. They can apparently change their " color " almost instantly like a lizard based on any situation. Most of the woman also suffer from mood swing disorder. All these attribute the fact that Man are better human being. ( Sexuality , bad behavior , gluttony are quite common in both man and woman.. So they don't count )

  • This is honest

    Women only exist to please men, this applies sexually, mentally, and emotionally. Women are meant to have sex with men and then to stand out of our way. Men make society great. We work and we demand very little. Women simply carry our young for us because that is what God intended them to do. Females are the weaker sex.

  • In all ways

    Men are responsible for all things good and bad. Women are for breeding. The modern women is useless. If men did not feel the need to procreate and start families, women would be gone. They have become self entitled trash. All concepts of honour, comradery, friendship, loyalty, self respect and self sacrifice are the domain of men. Women have no understanding or want of these concepts.

  • Emotionally Stronger than Women

    It is a documented fact, backed by scientific and statistical data that men are emotionally superior to women. Men release less hormones, making men less prone to crying or laughing, unlike women. Women are often unable to control their emotions in situations in which men are easily able to control their emotions.

  • Stronger than women

    They are much more usefull than women. For example they can weed a farm and hunt i am an african we think that men can do much more than womenthey are much more usefull than women. For example they can weed a farm and hunt i am an african we think that men can do much more than women

  • Men have much less medical concerns than women, due to birth defects.

    There are previous chart statistics from 2001 to 2010, over 26% of women use health medications to ease their weak illnesses such as, the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, high Dopamine levels in the brain, the Bipolar Disorder, also including Testosterone and Estrogen levels. (Men's statistics are over 15%, which is lower.)

    Till this day, the real proof that these disorders will accrue when a girl has been effected by the strict community of their own gender, or their birth defects come from their own parent's illnesses, such as high drug use and alcohol. But when these same problems come to effect a boy child, their disorder levels are the same from the beginning of child birth. However, the difference between males and females are how they are both raised from the American society, today. Boys love cars and girls love doll house, both interests help educate them do the same exact thing with they grow up near their early 20's or 30's, but which interest is really more important to change the society? Public Transport or Gossip?

  • Men are waaay better than woman

    Of course all you ladies would say no to this, your just simply jealous of the true fact that men are bigger,stronger, and yes smarter (search it men are smarter). You woman complain that you spend HOURS working in the kitchen, seriously? My kid does that in ten minutes. Us men work hard all day and sometimes overnight to live, woman don't do anything and wait for the guy to come home so she can spend all the money on cloths. Men die in wars for their country, woman don't show respect for it. You woman should be ashamed.

  • Yes look at history

    I stumbled upon a woman(i presume) on the "no" column that said women can handle more pain than men. So I did a little research and found a story and several like it I would like to share. In Japan a samurai was fighting multiple opponents and in the process lost his left arm. He drew his short sword and continued to fight. He then lost his right arm and was knocked to the ground. He was able to fight with his feet for twenty or so minutes before bleeding out. I also found a few stories of celtic and viking warriors who fought on one leg or suffered grievous injuries but continued to fight. My last point is that men are the reason we have organized civilization today. Thank you for reading this(tips fedora).

  • This is a yes

    I'll put this simple
    1.In the bible God favorited man
    2. Men are born for labor, they are born with more muscles than women, while women are born for birth and the loneliness of man, also stated in the bible.
    3. Men aren't asses to Eachother unlike girls who throw shovels at each other's heads
    Anyone who disagrees with me Can kindly put so in the comment section

  • Obviously They're Better

    I'm a girl. I hate the feminazis that go around saying we're better. No we're not! Men are both physically and intellectually stronger whether you look at it for a evolutionary or biblical point of view. The average man is taller,weighs more, makes more, smarter, stronger,etc than the average woman and for a reason. Divorce rates are so high because feminazis are telling women to challenge men in everything, kill their babies, and to hate men. Did we have this problem in the 50s? No because people weren't trashy back then and trying to be able to walk around without their shirts (I'm looking at you feminazis). I personally would love to stay at home with the kids while the husband goes to work (I'm 15 though so obviously I don't have a husband) but feminazis look down on women who actually try to embrace their feminine role. There can't be 2 captains of a ship -_-

  • I believe so...

    Eve was made from Adams rib. Women are considered a weaker vessel in the bible. They are amazing human beings, being able to accomplish great things such as child birth and having great compassion. But their minds run on emotion. Not a bad thing...But if it where just women on earth, they would just cry over everything and panic. Men get things done in the world. Women get things done too, but how much more so than man? That's why men always jump to conclusion by saying, woman rule the house and nothing else.

  • Men are better

    It humors me when women make themselves feel all empowered and claim that women are just as strong as men. If so, why don't they ever manage to fight off a male rapist? If women are so strong, why are they getting raped all the time? Men are built to be stronger.

  • Men are very superior

    If you flip through a history textbook, you will find very few women in it. If you go online and Google the richest people ever, you'll have to scroll down very far to find a woman. Through history and into modern society, men have dominated women. If you look at a list of all the U.S. Presidents, you won't find a single woman. If you look up the origin of the word women, it means wife of a man, that says a lot about women.

    If you google the strongest people alive, you won't find a woman for a while. If You look up smartest people, you will, again, have to scroll for a while to find a woman. If you examine the NFL, you won't find any women, but there aren't any rules against women playing. If you look up murders, you will find that most murders are committed by men and victimized by women, not because men are mean, women are just as mean, but because men are able to murder with little resistance because women aren't strong enough. Men are physically and mentally more able.

    Most women believe that they need more rights. I have examined all laws of the United States, I found no right men have that women don't. The only reason women want more rights is because men used to have more rights, the only thing that stopped that is simply that it is human nature to pity those with less than you.

    Not only are men clearly superior, but men also have an easier life. They don't have to jam a price of plastic inside them and a week later remove it filled with blood. Men also get to 'go' without having to unzip and take underwear off.

    If men didn't exist and women could reproduce on their own, they would be an estimated millenium behind a world with men and women, and 3 milleniums behind a world where men could reproduce on their own, without men, women would be screwed

  • Read this females

    Top 5+ famous people are males (Michael Jackson 1st place) , top 5+ richest people are males (Bill Gates 1st place), top 5+ smartest people are males (Terrance Tao first place), Top 5+ people who changed the world are males (Jesus Christ is 1st, Tomas Jefferson is 2nd). THERE YOU GO FEMALES!

  • Men face injustice and still keep quite

    Nowadays there has been a sudden sprang of women empowerment movements. Of course women need freedom and right of choices all true.But just think of it ,women demand reservations everywhere.Why? They are indirectly accepting that they are weak and need special consideration. If you really feel women are equal to men then what is the need for considerations shown to women in public places and in law making? If a man does a mistake he will be beaten up in public .But no one will dare to do so to a women who has committed a worser crime.And yes ,its women who gossip more,they go behind all nonscence like makeup and fashion and are more bothered about their outfits andlooks[cannot survive without a mirror}and many women's magazines are crap.They spoil their self esteem by reading those.

  • Heres a simple truth.

    Women are important, but not perfect. They remind me of Science in that way. You can sit there and say science says that females feel more and that makes them in one way superior to man. And okay lets say science in this case isnt wrong. For people who feel more, and understand emotions "deeply" your pretty selfish. So what men can be pretty simple, but its superior to be that way, why complicate everything, making more stress and letting stress and other things cause more health issues? You might "feel more" but at least men in most cases "care more" for others than themselves. Hell females even struggle to have friends with other females so much fighting and what not its ridiculous, certainly worse than man. I could go on but ive proved my point. Women are great, but they are not superior to man. Adam came before eve for a reason.

  • Men became leaders naturally. We are superior

    From the beginning, their has been man, and there has been woman. In regards to reproduction, equally carrying their own weight. Mother holds child, while father protects. You see in all life, it is safe to say that the goal placed on the very top of the list is reproduction. Speaking instinctevly of course. Without today's society's influences, I'd say it's very much fact that humans would strive for nothing more than to reproduce, ensure our next generation, prolong the humans reign on Earth. So when reproducing the child, the mother is rendered what? Useless. Perhaps you disagree? Yes, her body is the sole provider of nutrition to the child, but the 9 month duration of carrying a child isn't that easy. Cravings, pain, mood changes, followed by the plenty of other symptoms that comes with pregnancy, is it possible a woman could survive, without a man? Could she defend herself from predators, build shelter, create fire. I highly doubt that is possible, for that is the reason why man exists. To protect. You are probably confused, asking why I mention all this of early stages of humans, being animalistic in nature. But I say from this standpoint, that men are more important just because of this, that they themselves put forth more than the woman does in the effort to survive. And that is why they realized this before woman, and that is why men today is placed higher in society. A society created by the human population, naturally, placing men above woman, not for just no reason, but because we are biologically superior. Yes woman match our intelligence, exceed even, but if they truly were superior, would they be placed lower in society to men? Would they receive less benefit then men in the workforce? Why is it they are lower? Because men said so? Yes. Because men said so. Because men could say so, and did, and if woman were superior, truly better than men, then they could've prevented this. Before they stood submissive, today they fight for equality? Why? Why all of a sudden now? Because finally, they see it unfair they aren't treated equally? Or is it finally they've came upon the same realization men had ages ago, that they were put there because men knew they could easily manipulate a woman. Today a woman can survive on her own while pregnant, given the opportunities supplied and removal of more natural labors required to survive by the most earliest of human life, when society wasn't priority, survival was. When we were simply animals like all the rest.

  • Yes, men are better

    Women. Are. Insane. Pure and simple. Men are logical/reasonable in their decisions. They don't take as long to think of a solution to a problem and, more often than not, their solution is better. Men also don't go psycho for a week every month and bleed. Women, clearly, are some kind of demon.

  • Yes men are better than women

    Men are better , wiser hardworking and good luck than girls . They can marriage 2nd and 3rd and even 4th time .I am Therefore in the favor of men . . Men have ruled most of history's great empires; Men made the light bulb, the telephone, modern quantum theory. The list is practically endless. Great men were famous for what they did; many great women were famous simply because they were women, or they helped women.

  • For the most part

    ON AVERAGE: Men think better under pressure, aren't as easily manipulated or psychologically broken, are physically built better in every way, think with reason/logic instead of emotion, are better leaders by far, are better equipped for more jobs (especially the important ones). Women are essential to life as well. They provide care and support for men and their families. There are also many intelligent women out there, just not as many as men. For the most part, the most intelligent and impactful people in history were men. BUT, they get too emotional (especially when it comes to this debate which i am trying to be civil about) and can't accomplish things as well as men. Id they were perfectly equal, then we would be allowed to hit them (i'm not asking for that). Women's best asset other than their emotional and caring nature is their bodies and sexual image. A man's sex drive is a very powerful thing, and probably our greatest weakness.

  • Men are the reason we are here today

    The only reason why men need women is because we need both to procreate. In a world where we could procreate asexually but still keep our physical and mental traits and where men and women split into two deprecate lands, men would easily thrive whilst women would probably die out in the first couple if centuries. Men are physically stronger than women (I do acknowledge that very few women can be stronger) and therefore can easily protect their families and loved ones whilst women need men to protect them. Men are also the ones who built pretty much everything (precisely why it's called man made not women made) and it's everything we have built that have allowed humans to thrive. And what's all this bullsh*t about men having lower IQ's than men? Um who do you think came up with all the things that men have made. That's right; men. We think it and we make it happen. Women think it and all they do is wait and nag and b*tch about it until somebody does it. Look at history, whilst yes there are some notable women majority of it are men. We build, invent, conquer and rule the world and it's the women's job to serve us and take care of us

  • Women Are Lazy and Ungrateful That Men Made Nearly All the Advancements for the Human Race

    Men made nearly all the advancements for humanity to rise well above all the other species in the world. The only inventions women made were just additions to other inventions already made by men. Women still do not express gratitude toward men for making nearly all the inventions they use in their lives for them as they should. In fact, women actually express more hatred toward men than men do toward women on average despite the fact that men made almost all the advancements to their lives and women made nearly none of the advancements to the lives of men.

  • Men are better.

    Men are better, why You ask ?
    Well... If woman were indeed better than men..
    Then i think they would have bin the leaders in history,
    Right? I mean think about it its very simple if.
    If woman were indeed why did it took them thousands of years to finally have there (freedom) (rights ) emancipation what ever you call it.
    We would have bin the stay at home in the kitchen oppressed little whiners that you woman are today!
    The only reason you have a voice its because we let you speak !!

  • Islamic way of this....

    Men are the managers56 of the affairs of women because Allah has made the one superior to the others57 and because men spend of their wealth on women. Virtuous women are, therefore, obedient; they guard their rights carefully in their absences58 under the care and watch of Allah. As for those women whose defiance you have cause to fear, admonish them and keep them apart from your beds and beat them.59 Then, if they submit to you, do not look for excuses to punish them: note it well that there is Allah above you, Who is Supreme and Great. And if you fear a breach between spouses, appoint one arbiter from the relatives of the husband and one from the relatives of the wife. If the two60 sides sincerely desire to set things right, Allah will create a way' of reconciliation between them, for surely Allah knows everything and is aware of everything.61

  • Men are designed to be providers

    Men are providers. Yes, women can provide but men are designed more than women. Men also have more testosterone so they are stronger. Women are caregivers.; Men are stronger than woman. That is why men are most defiantly stronger than women physically. Women are just strong mentally and when giving birth.

  • Men Are the Base of this World.

    Without Men, we would not be where we are right now. Men have invented many important things that are important to humanity. Without men, we wouldn't have any of these. For thousands of years, men have protected woman and done so much for everyone. Since men have accomplished more, shouldn't they get the respect that they are better then women? Men and women should get the same respect but we should always remember that men are better then women.

  • Men are obviously better

    1.) Who would win in a fight?
    2.) Jesus was a man
    3.) We do not get periods
    4.) We have penises
    5.)We aren't freaking crazy
    6.) We say what we mean and we mean it (no mind games)
    7.) We built this world, while you were making our food
    Do you smell that? No???? Me neither start cooking.

  • Emotions! One Word

    Men don't overthink everything. They don't cry about a heartbreak gone wrong, or a best friend gone rouge. No, instead they learn from their mistakes and plan for the future. They don't stuff their bodies with ice-cream, which is very unhealthy, instead they wash away their problems with some gin.

  • I love men

    Men will always be better than women as they are the best in the world as they are stronger smarter and keep the world going. Without men the world would crumble, nukes would be fired and the dinosaurs would return. We don't want a repeat of the dinosaurs being too good for us and that's what men do best!

  • Yes woman are

    There are many reports, and proofs showing that woman are indeed, smarter, healthier, and that we even live longer. Why? I don't know, but the fact, is, that woman keep better care of themselves. I don't understand why males think they are the dominant species, or that they don't need woman to survive. Face it, we need both male and female to survive. And get this, I'm a minor female speaking.

  • Well...... .... ....

    It doesn't mean that if your a men, or a women, you're automatically superior to the other gender, or below. The same genders are equal. But if you take all the important people in our world, about 95% of them are men. If they're were no men, basically 99% of everything around here wouldn't be here, like your computer/phone/device, and even free speech. But women just use those to attack men and say that they're better, and the world would be better without men. Good luck reproducing.

  • You don't have to look far to see why

    I work at a supermarket and I have to do all the heavy lifting, storing, ordering, invoices... The ladies who have the same exact job title as me can't do anything but stock things on the shelf and customer service. They are't expected to perform all the task, but the guys are expected to perform all tasks. Equal pay? I feel cheated

  • Mens are not better than womens

    Womens do lots of workingScientific research says that women are cleverer than men! Also, the average female lives 5 or 10 years more than a man. Most of the faces you see on TV that have done something wrong are more likely to be male faces.
    Supporting fact one, women are more likely to graduate because of application numbers.

  • Men have, the great people and the terrible people

    In society, men have the most ignorant and heartless people, but they have some of the best, smartest and kindest people. Hitler was horrible, but George Washington was great. Women also have good and bad people, but not as many are great or horrible. You don't hear about women like hitler very much, and you don't here about women as great as Washington. If you base your entire opinion of a race or gender on some past experiences of a couple people. Then you are only keeping yourself from the dangers or goodness of the race, or gendrer, in many places men are better then women, yet what would men do without women, die I'm fairly sure. And yet what would women do without men, they'd die as well. Men would be very disorganized and wouldn't get anything done. Women would not be able to protect themselves, would be under constant hard labor. Men to dominate and to work hard, but to protect and love women. Men gave their lives to let their wives get on the life boats on the titanic. Women were meant to love and submit to their husbands, as well as care for children (men wouldn't have any idea what to do with a kid). Men, and women should not submit themselves to any other person, except their spouse. I do believe my rant is over now.

  • Women always want what they can't have until they have it. (shallower)

    Most women attempt to use their looks and and sly tongue to control because they are not capable to stand up for whats right and good if it isn't popular. They use manipulation instead of good values. Oh and you can't have a child without sperm. There is a reason women carry the baby and not men. We all have our rolls in life. Men trying to be like women never works and never will, so why are women always trying to be like a man? To the shallow end again how many women date or marry because of money? Almost all of them, then they get to rob you of half of all your hard earned money, properties, or material things instead of just taking the things that they own with them when they leave. This is why many women are not respected, you must earn respect you don't just get respect because your female that's ridiculous. They want power, popularity, and money for pounds of makeup and a hundred dollar shirt only other women care about. Television will destroy most relationships because when women watch enough television they start coveting things they don't have or need like a 2 hundred dollar pair of shoes i mean really, more and more to the point that they aren't happy or they "get bored" (shallow) and they forget about their responsibilities to the children and or husband/boyfriend. It wont work and hasn't for 6000 plus years. Most women need to realize that they will be much happier, healthier, wealthier, and respected when they support their man making money which will only cause him to do his best everyday and move up in the workplace and make more money along with added incentive to impress. Help raise the children when they are young when dad is at work who needs or wants a filthy babysitter that knows nothing about your kids when you could be bonding daily. How many men do you think would want to spend all their time at home and the park and the gym with the kids while the wife is away making 1000 a week for me?? That would be nice wouldn't it? But no we feel a responsibility to provide and it's how we were designed. Bigger, stronger, wiser, not carrying a child in their tummies because that is what women are most respected for and that is a fact. Nobody cares about the hot hooch at the party because nobody respects her, why are you at a party with a bunch of dudes and no man? Those girls think they have respect but really do not, and men are very good at making women feel the way they want them to feel because a real women doesn't do all that garbage and doesn't present herself like a ho. Have some class and value the things in life that actually mean something and stop trying to imitate all the garbage on television.

  • Yes,i do think so

    First of all men are physically stronger than women, other than that ,almost all the people with the best iq are all men.
    This simply proves of men bieng more intelligent than women also in sports men are far ahead of women.But in human behaviour or nature qualities it depends on each individual person

  • Yes,i do think so

    First of all men are physically stronger than women, other than that ,almost all the people with the best iq are all men.
    This simply proves of men bieng more intelligent than women also in sports men are far ahead of women.But in human behaviour or nature qualities it depends on each individual person

  • Yes,i do think so

    First of all men are physically stronger than women, other than that ,almost all the people with the best iq are all men.
    This simply proves of men bieng more intelligent than women also in sports men are far ahead of women.But in human behaviour or nature qualities it depends on each individual person

  • Get the job done

    Men are better in almost everything rational thinking,quick response and the list could go on. We like to get the job done while women take time and are perfecdionist. We do it the fast and right way. Women may do some things better,but men in comparison do many more things.

  • Men rule the world

    Men will always rule the world in every aspect were just dominant as women are recessive. Women are the gift to men as men bust their behind there's always a woman to back him up. Overall, women will never be as capable as men unless it's done by artificial selection.

  • I can go on all day

    Men created society.
    The world still has physical demands.
    The world still has mental demands.
    Women cannot survive without a man.
    An easier way to put this would be men are better at everything besides cooking, social activity, and feelings. If I go over the simple terms of booksmart and streetsmart, men are more capable of survival in the real world, while women live in a textbook. If men and women traded places, we wouldn't be here today.

  • Yes men are better

    Men are better at everything than women. And the only reason women get more digrees(the only reason they claim they are smart than men) is because men fear college as the laws are misandric and sexit so most men avoide college and thats what feminists want too to show less clever as clever by oppressing men. In my opinion first should be given first in everything without having special standards.Eg if a women can beat usain bolt in running let her be called the fastest human on earth but in real world that wont happen not only in running but in any field. Women will fall in dust if they compete with men really without favourations.Women get to atleast match with men is because of low special standards given to them . Its like if 2 runs a race first is awarded gold and the second also get awarded gold because its a women but if you see talent wise she deserve the 2nd place. And men are also less cursed by nature since they are not destined to suffer for pain of birth.

  • Please read before hating.

    Physically, men are superior (at least in general). This is due to testosterone, which promotes muscle growth and is found in males more.
    Mentally is where things start getting hairy. The problem is that sources can vary. The "scientific research" that has been mentioned several times on this page needs some sort of citation - from what I have seen, men encompass a larger scope of IQs than females. Again, I am generalizing. This means that there are more stupid men than stupid women, but there are more smart men than smart women. However, it is the latter that leads the world to change. This is definitely controversial and debatable, but judging by the numbers of men and women in STEM jobs (men far outnumber women, often by ratios of around 3:1), men have more success in advanced jobs. Yes, the average woman completes college in less time according to some surveys... But those don't take into account the difference in degrees. A Liberal Arts major does not need to spend as much time studying as a prospective doctor.
    Those are two measures of what is "better", but these two alone do not necessarily mean men are better. Women are definitely more emotionally in-tune, which can be both good and bad.

  • Men are better than women at most things

    Men are better than women at accomplishing things. Its just simple fact. I always see all these fat women in the gym right after New Years. Then, not even a week later, they go back to their Homeland of Mcdonalds. When a women does go to the gym, they always reward themselves after with a dessert or some other unhealthy item that completely ruins the point of going to the gym. When a man finishes excising, the only reward is to work out some more. Men keep rewarding themselves until they're in shape. Because that's the point of going to the gym. Now these are all just general statements. There are women who are excellent at working out, and there are men who are bad at working out. But in general, men are much better at setting goals and then instead of feeling good for setting a goal ACCOMPLISHING IT.

  • Men make babies

    No men no babies that means no more people. Men produce sperm while the female produces the ovum so without men there wouldn't be any kids and without anymore kids there wouldn't be anymore people. I just wish we weren't so sexist and we can say something more nice instead of all this crap!

  • Men make babies

    No men no babies that means no more people. Men produce sperm while the female produces the ovum so without men there wouldn't be any kids and without anymore kids there wouldn't be anymore people. I just wish we weren't so sexist and we can say something more nice instead of all this crap!

  • Men are superior in many ways.

    I'm sorry to say ladies but men are stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. If you've ever went shopping with a woman you'll know that they get distracted at everything, men on the other hand are far more headstrong and determined. We are obviously physically stronger, no doubt about it. Emotionally women get upset about the most ridiculous things. Men are just better. :)

  • Men are better

    We are smarter. We are funnier. WE dont cry. We HAVE to work. We dont waste money on stupid things like shoes and dresses. We are definitely better in all aspects. Socialization as well. Men can rake in more unlike women who would start crying for petty reasons. More over we aren't pigs or dogs like women!!

  • Physical represents the mental

    If men are physically bigger than that means also mentally.Reason being goes back to the primeval days.Men had to be smart to invent things like easier ways to hunt,track and long term planning to provide more stable and secure environments for their family.Woman on the other hand had to be more trivial like doing house(cave) work.Also woman had to be more emotional because they had children who needed caring and since kids are emotionally fragile,nature provided woman with this non deep trivial and emotional thinking for rearing.There brain could not develop to the way a mans was since each sex had there own tasks and objectives to fulfill.The thought process then in woman is different to men.While men tend to be more practical since they needed to be with the work and jobs they had from time beginning.Also the mental pressure on men to provide and hunt,battle,innovate and think better ways to live they developed a stronger brain as well as body.While woman on the other hand who generally lay in loft without as much physical or mentally strenuous work did not develop the same way over the years.This being for example why woman can not paint as well as men or write as good poetry on the natural law of natures average. This is not sexism by the way just mere facts.Political correctness has obscured facts for feelings(feminized society).Hence the reason why woman tend to be more short term in thinking,examples being even in modern day society like running up massive debt.But anyway as we approach the end days of western civilization through the fracture of community and the blurring of sex and facts,I can at least say to liberal minded and non objective thinkers,I told yeah so lol!!!

  • Men are better at everything

    There is not a single field that has women consistently out competing men. At the top of every field who do you find? Men. There are no exceptions to this, that's why sports have female and male categories, and why every scientific, technical and skill-intensive activity has the best at it who are men.

  • Men are better in every way

    Its really obvious. I see couples all around the world on average an overweight guy has a much more over weight wife. Men are taller than women on average stronger on average smarter on average. The proof is all around me i've seen so many dumb women driving on the roads. I'ts like they want to get into a fender bender with how close they're driving to someones bumper. The only reason why this debate is more on the womens side is because the majority of men in the world do not have time to go on a website and argue with a bunch of women. All married men know they can't win in an argument with their wives because the wife will make up anything just to be right. That is why women think they can beat me in this debate. If you think you can beat me i will tell you exactly why you're wrong

  • Men are superior to women

    Men are superior due to the evolution of humanity. The human male was specifically designed to solve difficult problems and be physically able to do physical tasks. Women only feel a sense of superiorority because of evouloution. I am just gonna come out and say it most women are naïve and even more as children. Who invented all major inventions mostly men. The person who made the Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci was a man. The only reason why women are needed is for sexual reproduction to create mutation so we can evolve and survive. If it was a world were there was female dominance humans would have gone extinct due to that females have horrible leadership skills because they don't have good control of their emotions. I rest my case

  • Men are in charge

    Who Created the nuclear bomb? Men. Who rule the world men (President of America, Russian Leader, etc.) Men are logical and make good decisions. Women? Emotional and irrational. Men also provide and care for the family. There is a lot more stay at home moms then there are stay at home dads. Also, in the story of Adam and Eve, Men where created first. Men are clearly superior!

  • Men are better than women

    As you can see, both men and women have their own qualities, woman like doing chores, men work (This is most likely the case for any of you who are going to try and prove me wrong...). But lets face it, Which useful inventions can you name that woman created? Thats right, none! Men have created most of the worlds useful inventions, such as the lightbulb, the car, the iPad... Name something men haven't created/aren't working on. They usually are the ones to build the useful buildings we have today, such as the library, Parliament House, Mall Ect. Also, how many woman have you seen working in the mines? Men are always the ones to do all the dirty work! The jobs that woman cant do (Usually because woman just aren't strong enough). So as you can see, men have built just about everything.

    My next point is about the army. Now, you may see in the movies, or in the military adverts that many woman are shown...This is not the case is the real world. Woman take up less than 10% of our army, which therefore means, men are more willing to risk their own life, for the rest of the lives in their country. Men do not lead to wars, disagreements happen, and it can be hard to reason with other country's.

    Birth. Birth is hard, i get it, but, for those of you complaining, men also have horrible pains and illnesses too. Kidney stones: Although women can get these too, men have to pass them through their 'You know what'. And that 'Ain't pretty'. Also, more men are murdered then woman, you know why? Because men like to protect, and will do anything in their might to do so.

    So well, thats looks like just about it, I have without doubt proven that men are by far better than woman.

  • Men are better leaders depending on the environment, same can be said for women.

    Men are better leaders in most of the higher paying professions because of the environment. Some of the higher paying jobs are in dangerous areas, or in areas where emotional decisions can be devastating. Those same traits are not good for leadership positions where empathy and understanding the emotional relevance is needed. Women often do not want to work on an Oil rig, or deep sea fishing, or underwater construction, or regulate construction. Men are not a prominent percentage in primary school education, or mental healthcare. Does that mean we should be up in arms about it? No, only hiring a person based on their qualifications and their actions should be considered.

  • Leadership by Gender. It is not as easy as black and white.

    A person is or is not a better leader. To suggest a better leader can be judged by gender shows ignorance and narrow mind in my opinion. We have had corrupt, violent and incompetent leaders of either gender. Additionally, comments like "If women rules we would not have war" is false and just sexist towards men, making them no better then the few men whom are sexist towards women. I think any leader should be based on their actions and merit. I have worked for and managed both men and women. My experience has shown me that gender does not make a leader or a better person. People that have a chip on their shoulder because of something like gender, religion, race, etc. tend to create a problem so a blame can be made to justify their prejudgments. Ones who see people as people, the are more often then best leaders.

  • Lets not be sexist here: competition

    Obviously it's easy to say that women are superior in all ways. Women can handle pain better, women are better communicators, women can this, women can that, women earn more money, women are more successful, you name it. It's all been said with little to no evidence to back it up. That, my friends, is the summary of stupid.
    The reason that men are better, is that they were the ones who drove human society to this point. Competition is something in a man which is lacking in a woman. Nobody can argue with that. Men are more competitive. Their entire psyche revolves around this information. The fact that they are had, socialize less, is all to show no weakness. Why guys are such *ssholes in some respect: competition. It's everywhere, but women are able to toss it off as an inferior trait.
    It is, however, these traits which made society as it is today. If it weren't for the drive every man has, we would not be as far as we are now, at least not as fast. If a business didn't care whether or not the worker or, indeed, the owner could make as much money as possible, it would collapse.
    All these things, being hard, not showing emotion, not caring about others, not telling people what they are up to in their life, being naturally competitive and willing to point out weaknesses are what makes society run. If women were in charge we would still be in the stone age, only socializing, nothing more. Whereas all these manly traits are seen as bad by some, they make the world go round.
    Deal with it.

  • Men Are Superior and History Has Proved This

    Are men stronger than women physically? This is obviously correct.

    That only leaves the intellectual side of things.

    Flashback to the beginning of civilization. Clearly, at this point and time, it was survival of the fittest. And which gender -- male of female -- dominated? Every civilization you can think of, whether it be Ancient Greece, Rome, China, Japan, anywhere... Had men take the leading roles. For the most part, women were seen as inferior beings with no rights.

    You may argue that back then technology wasn't in full use and physical strength was more important than intelligence, hence women were oppressed by men. That in these times, if everything were to start over again, women would dominate.

    Think again! When humans first appeared on the Earth, who was stronger, the tiger or the human? A tiger could easily kill 5 humans at a time. Yet why are humans the most powerful race today? INTELLIGENCE. Yes, intelligence. Intelligence determines your power and status. So if women were oppressed in ancient times, it must be due to lack of intelligence. Face it, if they were truly more intelligent than men, then they would've overpowered them just like humans overpowered beasts. Yet, they were unable to do so because of their lack of intelligence.

    Now, am I saying women should have no rights? No. There definitely are huge benefits to incorporating women in our society. Not just cooking or cleaning, they have shown tremendous benefits in medical, science, and technological industries. Yet, for the ~100 years they have had these freedoms, rarely has any woman ever surpassed the achievements of men.

    Should women have equal rights as men? Definitely. Just because they are not physically of intellectually equal ( at the very top level ), there still is benefit from including them in our society with some leadership status. Women in history have shown their usefulness, and have proved to be better than some men. However, are they superior to men or equal? No. And they should not think this way. History has shown this, and it is continually going to be proven as time continues. Women have accomplished barely even a hair of what men have accomplished in the 100 years they have been free, and I doubt any amount of time will allow them to progress any farther in comparison.

  • Men are better

    Men are definitely better in every aspect. Because in my life time I was always had the most to offer to women while a woman always sat and complained. Overall we have testosterone, don't have to worry about having kids, we are the ones who "give it" not take it. We are more logical, strong, and less emotional.

  • Men are better

    Men are definitely better in every aspect. Because in my life time I was always had the most to offer to women while a woman always sat and complained. Overall we have testosterone, don't have to worry about having kids, we are the ones who "give it" not take it. We are more logical, strong, and less emotional.

  • Women are more superior

    For thousands of years men have been considered the dominant gender, but women have always secretly known better. We’ve been evolving and becoming stronger right under their noses, while men have basically stayed the same. With scientific advances like artificial insemination and cloning paving the way, it won’t be long before women realize that we no longer even need men to reproduce. It’s conceivable that in the near future, the human race could be populated solely by women. Oh, sure, we might keep a few men around for moving heavy things, but that’s about all we’ll need from them, because women have clearly become the better half of the species.

  • Men or women does not matter

    Even before i started to read this entire conversation, i knew one thing and that is, i will find men arguing on behalf of women but it will never be vice versa. And thats where our greatness lies. Greatness of a man. And i think that sums it up too.

  • Men or women does not matter

    Even before i started to read this entire conversation, i knew one thing and that is, i will find men arguing on behalf of women but it will never be vice versa. And thats where our greatness lies. Greatness of a man. And i think that sums it up too.

  • Its definetly accurate

    Males have created nearly every invention we use in our daily lives, from the phone to the car, to the bridge to the boat, from electricity to many significant scientific theories and vaccines. Women, well majoridly sit around and yap all day. I have many friends both male and female and the males are far more intelligent and aware then females. I can have deep conversations about space, religion, politics, history and all sorts of things. While girls would rather talk about useless social media and garbage that has no relevance to our world. Life is about exploration, discovery, live, experience, while for girls, its about drama, celebritys, and reality t.v. Its hilarious.

  • Ignore the social conditioning

    There's an incredibly sophisticated political correctness machine attempting to diminish or even reverse gender stereotypes, but if one is to be honest, men are more mentally and physically competent at a diversity of tasks beyond child-rearing. My warning to men seeking long-term relationships is this: be wary of hooking up with women with even the mildest feminist tendencies. They are a liability around children.

  • Just look around!

    Just look around and you will see that 99% of things is made or invented by men. I am not saying that that all girls are inferior, but when you look general population they are. And also if someone is, that doesn't mean we should act disrespectful but fact still remain that they are. Men invented almost everything, from religion to computer, and when you compare economic output of average man and woman, man will always have bigger one. So you can't argue with fact and numbers, sorry girls!

  • Men Are Better

    This argument is a more accurate description on who is on the internet more ie: who isn't working more men are at work working while the women are at home playing on the internet and internet shopping aka; spending the mans money. And name ten famous inventions like the light bulb or the car or even modern perfume who invented it? Man

  • Men better than women

    Men are better than women because that is how nature is, let us think back for those of you who are Christians god is man Adam was man and he was the first man on earth eve came "from" him meaning if god did not want eve to exist women never would have lived. Great scientists like thomas edison political leaders George Washington. Our founding father were men it is true men have messed up a lot but that's what makes men superior.

  • Men better than women

    Men are better than women because that is how nature is, let us think back for those of you who are Christians god is man Adam was man and he was the first man on earth eve came "from" him meaning if god did not want eve to exist women never would have lived. Great scientists like thomas edison political leaders George Washington. Our founding father were men it is true men have messed up a lot but that's what makes men superior.

  • Males are definitely superior

    Males are definitely better than females. Name me one occupation that females actually is the best in. Even female oriented jobs have males leading the pack. Look at fashion and you will have Michael Kor, Hermes, Louis Vutton, etc. Look at culinary and you will just look at the number of Michelin Chef. Look at gynecologist, and odds are you are looking at a male division head. Even a male nurse have more advantage, having the strength to carry patients to change beds for instance.
    Male are also better in adapting and more emotionally stable. Men is guided by logic while women are lead by emotions. The argument that women have more threshold towards pain is flawed. Give them a pair of testicles to protect and they will understand that they are not as strong as they think.
    Women are the supports that allow the society to thrive. Without them, males will be less efficient, but that does not mean males cannot survive. Males will only falter as we are not inclined towards being the support, but nonetheless, we can easily adapt.

  • Men are better than women

    We are better because we can do more. If men were not on the planet then women could not have babies and then all life would not be here. There is more of us to love. We like the women parts and only some women like women parts therefore we are better lovers.

  • Men are better than women

    We are better because we can do more. If men were not on the planet then women could not have babies and then all life would not be here. There is more of us to love. We like the women parts and only some women like women parts therefore we are better lovers.

  • It is evolutionary correct

    Throughout civilization, men have always been in charge because that is the way that evolution has shaped us. If women were meant to be on the same level as men, then they would have the same physical strength, 3-d and coordination. However, they are not. They are meant to be machines used for child birth. I cannot think of any contribution brought to science and mathematics besides Madame Curie's work (and even that was heavily supported by her husband). They should stay at home and give birth. That is all. They are physically inferior, and psychologically inferior because of the effects of evolution. So, stay in the kitchen and make me a sandwitch.

  • No doubt about it!

    1. Men have all the Olympic records- they're physically superior.
    2. Men aren't as susceptible to trends and fads as women are.
    3. Men use logic more for their thinking, as opposed to women, who are more likely to use emotions.
    4. Men don't have to cake themselves with makeup to feel better about themselves
    5. When was the last time you saw a matriarchy? Even with a femal president, men run the government
    6. Men make almost all of the discoveries and inventions.

  • No doubt about it!

    1. Men have all the Olympic records- they're physically superior.
    2. Men aren't as susceptible to trends and fads as women are.
    3. Men use logic more for their thinking, as opposed to women, who are more likely to use emotions.
    4. Men don't have to cake themselves with makeup to feel better about themselves
    5. When was the last time you saw a matriarchy? Even with a femal president, men run the government
    6. Men make almost all of the discoveries and inventions.

  • Just nature's choice

    Men are just built stronger both mentally and physically. I say "mentally stronger, because they tend to ere on the side of an engineering major or math major; women ere the side of a teaching major or political science. I don't think I need to explain why I say that men are physically stronger; it's just obvious.

  • God chose who is better

    Adam was made before Eve. Eve was made to be Adams helper, not his equal, and not his superior.
    Men have accomplished more in history, men have more dangerous jobs, more men are leaders, the list goes on and on.
    Just because women can have babies doesn't make them better, they still need a man and vice-versa. I don't hate on women, I love them, women should feel the same about men.

  • God chose who is better

    Adam was made before Eve. Eve was made to be Adams helper, not his equal, and not his superior.
    Men have accomplished more in history, men have more dangerous jobs, more men are leaders, the list goes on and on.
    Just because women can have babies doesn't make them better, they still need a man and vice-versa. I don't hate on women, I love them, women should feel the same about men.

  • Why is this a question?

    I thought this was known,p by everyone, besides for those few, minority, fat ugly feminists who are completely deluding themselves. Its just so stupid!
    And I'm a woman. So don't go calling me sexist or misogynist. I'm just saying it as it is, and if you don't like it, tough.

  • We are all human!

    Look I know all of you believe that your gender is better but the truth is neither gender is better, we are all the same race and instead of fighting amongst one another about race, gender even height and weight! We should all band together and form a society where no one is oppressed and no particular gender, race or religion is superior.

  • We are all human!

    Look I know all of you believe that your gender is better but the truth is neither gender is better, we are all the same race and instead of fighting amongst one another about race, gender even height and weight! We should all band together and form a society where no one is oppressed and no particular gender, race or religion is superior.

  • Well, of course they are

    Men are stronger, smarter, WAY less talkative, less emotional, have been better than women since the dawn of homo sapiens, and look at animals, the males are dominant in the animal kingdom, too! The only thing women are better than men at is annoying men and/or crying whenever something goes wrong!!!

  • Men are not negatively influenced by emotions

    Men are able to make rational decisions on a regular basis because of their even-keeled disposition. Women, on the other hand, often make rash decisions in a hormonal fit of rage. Also, women seem to be incapable of understanding the concept of cardinal directions while navigating. Women also tend to have a crippling lack of self-confidence, even when no such lack is warranted. Many women are smart, attractive, interesting, etc. but very few actually believe that they are. Because of this impairment, women are loath to take initiative or apply themselves. Those few who do possess some sort of self-confidence tend to take it to an extreme, obsessing over trying to prove themselves in one way or another.

  • I am a woman and i have to agree!

    Men are stronger, cook better (especially on a grill outside), and well, the bible said men were the first thing god created so... I shouldn't have to say anymore and if you comment on this it also proves women (ESPECIALLY ME) have temper issues. Get a stress ball it helps!

  • On average they're superior.

    More inventions, more contribution to society, on average men are far better economically, on average they're stronger, the most common jobs for women are still low income jobs although they have the same opportunities, and on average they're better investors, on average they have higher I.Qs, and they have created more inventions. Sure things may vary but for the majority it is obvious. By the way, what was Einstein ? Also, if the man and woman come from the same mother and father the likelihood of her being stronger is slim to none. (Presuming there's no weight training)

    They weren't put on top for no reason, although, I believe women should still have equal opportunity for the variations on average though men win the cake.

  • Men are superior for the good of both sexes

    Men are more self-reliant, stronger, more logical and smarter. Men have always ruled the world and always will. It's just the way it is. However, men are also protectors, trainers and teachers. We like to take care of the weaker sex. This division of power is best for everyone. Women can stay home, take care of the kids, cook and clean and service her man. They don't need to face the complex world out there. Let the man handle that.

  • Supperiority is proven by facts , not suppositions.

    Check the list in Forbest of the richiest people in the world ... You will appreciate that like %90 of the personalities are males . Men are more successful than women , but they may argue as an excuse: Men have more opportunities than women.
    Such argument seemed worthy 50 years ago but now if we are honest to ourselves ,we may observe than in most countries females have the same opportunities than males . But they hold themselves in their excuses to avoid thinking that if they were truly superior , the world would have more successful females than males . But the obvious fact is that males are more successful , for that we may logically conclude than Men are supperior. Anyone may inquiere : Why? Because Men (not male kids) are more intelligent , analytical , logical , less sentimental and have more nate initiative than women. The Nature was not unfair , it just gave everybody what they needed for surviving , even women.
    Please ... Despise all info found in internet that supposedly state than women are supperior , all that info is totally feminist but disguising of scientifical . Focus on the evident facts that we may prove each day which supports our sex not on obsolete ,feminist theories.

  • Supperiority is proven by facts , not by suppositions.

    Watch the Forbes list . Like %90 of the richest personalities are males , woman may thinks as excuse : Men have more opportunities than women. If we are honest , such argument seemed worthy 50 years ago but now... Woman have the same opportunities than men , if women were truly superior , there would be more successful females than males . After all they have enough possibilities to succed as men do , or even more. But that isnt the case , so the logical conclussion are than men are superior . Why ? Because men are more logical , analytical , intelligent , less sentimental and have more initiative than women. Please , despise all info that you may watched at internet about female supperiority and focus in evident facts and not in obsolete feminist theories.

  • What's the question?

    Women who deny men are superior are fooling themselves, they know perfectly well the truth but have been blindsided by some b***** who call themselves feminists.
    I'm a woman BTW, and this is what I really believe, iits the natural order. Why do you think it was always men who ruled in the past? Because that's what comes naturally. Women are created to be homemakers and nurturers and while I'm not denying they could do well elsewhere, they'd never be truly happy.

  • Is it not obvious?

    The most intelligent people who have existed are men. Can most people name a female scientist? That's not all, but it is what comes to mind. I don't want to say what has already been said on this side of the conversation, but I agree with almost all of it.

  • Everything of relevance (except for man lol) was created by Man

    Almost all technology, invention, science, music and literature was created by men (and usually) for women. Women get all their props from giving birth and that's about it... Everything else is the mans job. There is no way that the only reason women hardly created anything at all is because men suppressed them. We all know that's a lie, men do almost everything simply for their partner. Women get to give birth to a CHILD, so men's creative energies are channeled into other things! Women are the supportive role (in its natural way) and men are the rugged ones who get the hard stuff DONE. I could go on and on and on. Nothing easier then tearing apart the sexist feminazi lies that comprise almost all of their corrupt, hateful cult. Before anyone goes off on how I hate women... Well beer and women are gods way of saying he/she loves us! ;)

  • A women's vote

    I'm a women, and I believe men are superiour-in almost every way. That is how we were created, and is the natural order. Why do you think its been like that for so long? Since the world began, men have been on top.
    When I marry I will obey my husband because I know he will be much cleverer than me and will know what's best.

  • Most women are better than men, but the few male exceptions are better than any women

    The most intelligent scientists years ahead of their time were men (ex. Nikola Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci, Gallielo)
    The most strongest athletes in the world are males ( obvious)
    The best chefs on TV are 90% male
    The best artists in history were male
    Even the best fashion designers are male
    Granted women have a landslide in longer life expectancy and more pain tolerance, but it's about quality of life rather than quantity ;)

  • Men are superior

    Let's get scientific. The Y chromosome is subject to more mutations than the X chromosome. While this sounds bad at first for men, the larger number of mutations combined with natural selection means that men have evolved faster than women and are more advanced. This is obvious when you compare the sexes at problem solving, dealing with tough situations, being emotionally mature and stable, etc. Not to mention that research has shown that men have on average a higher IQ, by about 4-5.

  • Men Are Better

    Women make up OVER half the population and in most cases it's women who are giving birth to and raising the next generation, including men. So, it seems to me that if men and women were truly equal, then we would already hold equal power around the world.

    Instead, men hold almost all the political power, make up most of the most powerful people in the world otherwise, and own most of the land.

    So it seems pretty obvious to me that we are inferior to men, and should learn to accept that.

  • Men are Better

    Women make up more than half of the worlds population and in most cases it's women giving birth to the next generation, including the men, yet despite this we still have so little power and land compared to men. It seems obvious to me that since this is the case it must mean that we are inferior. I don't see any other explanation.

  • Well they run the world

    The men of the world run the world. Two prime minesters of other countries are women. Germany and South Korea.... SO the countries such as China, Russia, and the U.S. have male leaders. Girls run approximetly 7.98% of the world. I no this is a little mean and hurtful but i do support women too!

  • Males are better than females.

    Women can't survive without shelter and can't live without a stove or an oven or a fridge.
    If we were back in the old days when we had to make our own homes and make our own utilities women will be doomed.
    Now I've been hearing women keep saying women can handle more pain.
    Which must be the funniest thing I ever heard of.
    In reality women are more sensitive to pain so men always handled more pain.
    Science proves women are more sensitive to pain.
    Women say they are better leaders but yet women are worser presidents than men.
    Have been proven in history that women ruined other countries.
    Do you know why women will never be elected president in the united states?
    Because we already have a muslim president destroying the country we don't need more bad luck and I'm 100 percent sure women will make the economy worse than Obama bin laden.
    I did heard that idiots want to vote for Hillary Clinton but she won't be elected because I'm sure their is hope for america once Obama gets out of office.
    I just hope that whoever gets elected is a republican.
    Anyways Men get paid more on the job.
    More scientist and geniuses are males.
    The smartest person alive is a male and the list of the most smartest people in the world a lot more males than females.
    The highest female Iq was around 190 which is a very low number.

  • Women can't live without men.

    Men made everything.
    Without a stove or a microwave or a fridge or without an oven it is impossible for any woman to survive.
    If you had to built your own house without any help and had to build everything in that house in order to live, which gender do you think is gonna survive?
    Male of course women can't make a house without a males help.
    Or anything for the house.
    While the female suffers and dies trying to build a house and starving to death in the rain, the male already made the house and utilities to survive.
    Now I keep hearing women say they can handle more pain, that made me laugh all night.
    The reality is females are more sensitive to pain so the smallest pain will hurt the female more than the male.
    Males are better in every way.
    Males get paid more in jobs.
    We will never get a female president in the usa due to the fact that in other countries females screwed up more than males in office.
    Now I understand idiots want to vote for Hilliary Clinton but

  • Who Run The World?

    All great inventions where made by men. Majority of world leaders where men. According to prospect.Org's article "Are Men Just Better At Everything?" Men exceed in workplaces much faster then women. They are influenced by pressure and expectations of success that they strive and succeed much more than women. Beethoven (male), Albert Einstein (male), George Washington (male). All of them accomplished great things. Women you have... Amelia Earhart. She tried to fly around the world and failed. Rosa Parks, Didn't give up her seat which wouldn't have been meaningless if it wasn't for Martin Luther King (male).

  • Let's be rational here..

    I'm female and I just have to agree with this one. I mean seriously, Women are so Emotional. They listen to their emotions first rather than their brains and once they realized what a horrible decision they made they don't do anything to make up for it. Instead they just keep on crying...

  • It shouldn't be a debate

    Men are tots cooler. In past times and stuffs, women have did nothing for us ever other than making us sandwiches. Men are smartester and women be stupider so you know smarts and intelence and all. (If you can't tell, this is sarcastic. Women and men are different but equal)

  • Too Many Reasons

    Men are physically much more "able" than women. They are more thick-skinned and able to lead people better (how many significant women leaders have there been historically?). Men are more analytical and less-prone to distractions. Men have dominated the ENTIRE WORLD for all of history. Of course there are exceptions to these rules, but men are usually more capable than women in the execution of most jobs.

  • Too Many Reasons

    Men are physically much more "able" than women. They are more thick-skinned and able to lead people better (how many significant women leaders have there been historically?). Men are more analytical and less-prone to distractions. Men have dominated the ENTIRE WORLD for all of history. Of course there are exceptions to these rules, but men are usually more capable than women in the execution of most jobs.

  • Men are just destined to be dominant.

    It's been that way since the beginning of time. Penis vs Vagina I think we all know the answer to that. God created man to be the main character. While Women are just as smart they lack the mojo that men have. The bible clearly accentuates that men are better.

  • History is Proof!

    This argument shouldn't just be opinions, look at the facts. As far as intellectual goes, Einstein, Newton, Galileo, Darwin, Aristotle, Archimedes and Edison vs Marie Curie. No competitions. Now lets look at the physical aspect. The Olympic records are proof enough. For the 100 metre sprint the male record is 9.69 seconds and 1 second behind is the female record of 10.62. For the Marathon the male record is 2:00 hours and the female record is 2:30 hours. For long jump the male record is 8.9m against the female record 7.4m. The Hammer throw male record is 84.8m against the female record of 76.3m. It is a joke. Men are fitter, faster, smarter and better than women.

  • Women are just as capable as men.

    We are able to do more than men. As many have mentioned, women who are stronger than men and besides, no one would be living without women carrying out labour. Besides, I, as a women, was raised to believe that men were chosen to experience periods and pregnancies but later on, women experienced them because men could not handle the pain and tough times we have to go through.

  • Physically, men are easily dominant.

    While I'm not going to get into the mental side of things, although men are at least equal in that regard, and there is no scientific evidence that supports the idea of women being smarter, it is a well known fact that men are much stronger physically than women.

    I'm not saying that women are bad, or that they can't be stronger than men, but most are not stronger than the average man. And, there is literally no evidence that women are smarter than men, so please stop using that argument, women. If anything, science is pointing towards men having a slightly higher IQ. Anyway, not getting into that. You can think whatever you want about brain power, but physically, it's not even close. Men win hands down.

  • Women are way better

    I go to a co-ed school. This year we elected leaders, one boy or girl per position. There were 30 leadership opportunities and 28 of the leaders were girls. Doesn't that prove something? If you still need proof we had a science test and they gave us our results as well as a comparison. There are 177 students and statistically only 12% of the boys got an A and 28% of the girls got an A. I did not make these figures up. I am in an extension maths class where 19 of the students are girls and 6 are boys. Doesn't that simply prove women are so much smarter than men.

  • Men are better then Women

    Men re better then women because they are stronger. Also men have provided more to society then women have. Women have an important job of carrying are children, but lets face it men have helped society more ten women have. Women do not have the physical or mental ability to do what guys can. Maybe in the future women will get better at certain tasks, but as of know men are definitely better then women are.

  • Obviously they are, yes.

    There is no need for an argument, it is fact. Although this forces one to write a minimum amount of words, so I shall repeat one of the best points in this debate, think of the most intelligent, society raising, progressive people you can, over 95 out of 100 will be men.

  • Yes in every single way

    Of course men are superior to us. They evolved to be so. We're only bringing the world down to our level now. The world is changing to a world more suited to women, but this was not meant to be so. We are better at soft subjects like playing piano and singing and sewing and taking care of kids, while men are better at building the world. They evolved for it. If nature wanted us to be better than men, nature would have made it so that we are bigger, stronger, faster, smarter than men, but it didn't. In order for the human race to survive, men had to rule the world, and this has worked for millennia. We have no business ruling or doing anything beyond our purpose of supporting men, having babies to continue the species and getting out of men's way so they can run the world without our interference about stupid things.

  • Perhaps you would have got your little lady brains to somehow figure out that Albert Einstein and other male scientists were the smartest?

    Men have literally invented everything useful. All women have invented was Kevlar. Men have invented electricity, internet, cars, planes, helicopters, computers, guns, knives, all sports, roads, and 95 percent of everything. If you say men held women back in the past, then why the heck has a black man beaten the first women for president? Men are physically stronger AND mentally as you can see 85 percent of all scientists are men. Wanna hear a joke? Women!

  • Men are superior

    Men are superior based on historical and evolutionary fact. Everything that has developed from an idea (ex. Chemistry, automobiles, hunting, buildings etc.) has always been carried out or started by a man. Even in other animal cultures, the male is dominant one because it possess the characteristics that will continue it's progression through evolution. Some one stated the female lion is superior the male but it's not, it simply carries out the menial tasks the male lion wishes not to do. The female lion is petrified on the male and hunts for it because it is superior. Men lay the foundation of society, and not saying women are irrelevant, because they are the back bone to the male regarding support, reproduction, parenting and more but the male is superior in most aspects, Physical and Mentally. Some women have traits that can lead them to be smarter than man, but the majority/average of males are superior to the majority/average of females.

  • Yes i am sure

    Men also lead wars; name me a women who led a war and won it. Also men can't get pregnant nor do they have a period. Men do the heavy lifting. Men built this country and every building on it. Men bring in the household income a lot of the time. Men don't have to wear crap on their faces to make the opposite sex attracted to them. Humans are often referred to as mankind. Men are focused on the important things in life like providing for the family and keeping them safe. Men created the computer, car, plane, electricity and most other important things. If this is not enough evidence i could provide much more, but it is enough evidence you ignorant feminists.

  • Yes i am sure

    Men also lead wars; name me a women who led a war and won it. Also men can't get pregnant nor do they have a period. Men do the heavy lifting. Men built this country and every building on it. Men bring in the household income a lot of the time. Men don't have to wear crap on their faces to make the opposite sex attracted to them. Humans are often referred to as mankind. Men are focused on the important things in life like providing for the family and keeping them safe. Men created the computer, car, plane, electricity and most other important things. If this is not enough evidence i could provide much more, but it is enough evidence you ignorant feminists.

  • It is true

    Men are better than women that is just a fact. Although it is true that in order for the human species to advance as a whole it is just a plain fact both genders are needed. So women are useful for something besides cooking, cleaning and giving me head. #backtothekitchen

  • Because They Are

    Do you see a man have a week of insanity every month? I think not. This is also why no woman has been the president of the U.S. because men do not have this week of insanity. If a woman was president, they would have killed anyone who took the last purse.

  • Obviously we are

    Men are clearly better when it comes to their physical abilities. When it comes to intelligence you just have to look at who the best are in different disciplines- sciences/arts/etc. You will clearly see a male dominance. Overall, men have an edge over women and that's pretty clear. However, we must not generalize and be sexist. Not every man is better is better than every woman by as a whole men are slightly better.

  • Of course men are better than women!

    Did you see the story where the woman's Olympic hockey team got beat by a male high school team? Men completely dominate sports. Take two professional boxers - man and woman, the man will always win. Look we can talk all day about "well women give birth"... Okay, good for women. Sure it's painful - but it isn't as painful as getting skewered in a battlefield by spears or having parts blown off on combat. Men build stuff. Men can lift heavier objects and often reach taller objects. (in general). Men generally repair stuff better and can take care and maintain stuff better - lawns, engines, plumbing, carpentry, tile & stone work.... Men can defend women and a woman would want her man helping her if assailed.

    Look, we can cry and moan for equality. But a woman is a man's help meet. Sure a woman can be a doctor too, but her male doctors of her age could beat her up, reach higher things, and lift heavier things.

    If you weighed 250 pounds and were passed out in a home or business that was on fire AND were found would you rather it be by a 130 pound female fire fighter, or a 250 pound man? Who do you think could drag you out quicker?

    If 15 men were in a combat situation with 2 women, and their position was getting over run by hundreds of enemies and they decided to fall back by running with all their might, who do you think would be left in the dust? You know who - THE MEN - because they'd run back to save the females who were originally left in the dust and get shot for them.

    So drop this silly argument and go help your man.

  • Yes. Just look at history and the successfulness of the human race.

    Men have contributed more to humanity than women have. In our days in the stone age men developed to be able to deal with stressful and dangerous situations; this enhanced our ability to be logical and to let this dominate emotion. Women are hard-wired to be selfish for self survival and emotional to illogical extremes; this is apparent when it is still women and children first instead of judging by the merits of the individual, even though the productiveness of a male, of similar age to the female, would be considered greater than the female. The matriarchy that we have entered into post feminism has paved the way for misandry to become acceptable when misogyny is deemed unacceptable in public life and the matriarchy has generally led to the concept that feelings are more important than truth . Apologies if I have offended anyone, but offence is taken not given.

  • Aggression and Mankind

    Aggression is a trait people Ussually say or think is negative, but aggression is a key to sucsess. Men have been and always will be agressive and will fight, men will always fight for things, things that can make life better or worse. But Men being agressive makes men better in at least one way, this way being that men will try harder to be successful and will always want to be the best, and by looking at life I see one thing, a quote

    "In the game of life you either, die a winner or you die a loser"

    And taking this in to consideration and the fact that men have been very Powerful and successful, because of there aggression we can see that many more men than women will die winners. But in all honesty you should think not about this comment, but rather about what you are going to do with your life, after all

    "Life is what you make of it"

  • Aggression and Mankind

    Aggression is a trait people Ussually say or think is negative, but aggression is a key to sucsess. Men have been and always will be agressive and will fight, men will always fight for things, things that can make life better or worse. But Men being agressive makes men better in at least one way, this way being that men will try harder to be successful and will always want to be the best, and by looking at life I see one thing, a quote

    "In the game of life you either, die a winner or you die a loser"

    And taking this in to consideration and the fact that men have been very Powerful and successful, because of there aggression we can see that many more men than women will die winners. But in all honesty you should think not about this comment, but rather about what you are going to do with your life, after all

    "Life is what you make of it"

  • It's obvious That they are

    Men are far superior to women in every aspect. They are both biologically and mentally fitter than women. They do all of the major work in the world and get it done much better than women. Any man can easily crush a woman in any comparison of physical strength or mental toughness.

  • It's obvious That they are

    Men are far superior to women in every aspect. They are both biologically and mentally fitter than women. They do all of the major work in the world and get it done much better than women. Any man can easily crush a woman in any comparison of physical strength or mental toughness.

  • Subjugated Breeding Stock

    Women and men both contribute meaningfully to modern society. It was not until recently (last century) that women even began to be equal in even the most socially progressive societies. It simply cannot be overlooked that for thousands of years as societies developed, in many cases independently, women were subjugated to the roles of house bound child bearers while men did such thing as rule kingdoms, create empires, fight ideological rebellions, and generally create modern society. It was as a result of philosophical ideals created by men that all men gained equality. Women gaining the social status they posses today is little more than a logical conclusion of the progression of society.

  • Men are better because....

    One- they are better at not wasting money
    two- because men are better at manual labor
    three- men are not afraid to take risks to where as women are a lot more hesitant.

    Even though women might be smarter
    there is still many more reasons why men are better.

  • Men are better

    We already know that Men are physically better Woman, no question. Men are also have contributed more to life(Execpt sex). Men have created far more invention and Mens sports are far better. For example there is the NBA and the WNBA. The NBA gets way more fans, the players get payed more, its overall better. Also all Women do is complain. My Mom and others usually complain more than the Fathers. Women can't say they are more mature than men. I will admit, when the Men and Women are teens/children, the girls are more mature, but when Men fully grow up and devolop into the man they truley are, they are more mature. Women are also emotionally less superior than men. If you call a women fat, she most likely WILL get offended. If you call a guy fat, he doesnt care at all. Men also do more work without being asked. Women usually rely on other people (typically men) to do the work for them. Im done for now.

  • Men invent, Women benefit

    Women have been "equal" "empowered" or what ever other "freedom" you wish to describe following the women's suffrage. What has a woman done in that time that has greatly contributed to the betterment of mankind? Women grew tired of walking, so man broke a horse. Women grew tired of riding a horse so men built roads and a wagon. Women wanted to go faster so man invented the train/car/airplane and so on. Women grew tired of washing dishes, man invented the dish washer. Women grew tired of washing and drying laundry and so the washer and dryer were invented. Women grew tired of taking water from a manual well so man invented indoor plumbing. For so many of the issues women became tired of, man worked and invented to make their lives easier. What have women invented to make their man's life better? Now women are not tired, they are lazy!! And now they have time to make their man's life miserable. The only thing women have invented to make their own life easier are punitive laws which punish the man for not being their slave.
    If you wish to argue against my points, please come up with LOGICAL and PROVEN facts. Ad Hominem (attacking the poster's character) is not a viable means to counter.

  • Men are awsome

    Women think there the best. They are always buying clothe and who buys the clothes men not women. Who buys the wedding ring men. Men are stronger and more athletic. Girl power is no more when it comes to men power. Girls can even take that much pain they always cry to men. Men take pain all the time.

  • Yes, technically they are better.

    Men and women are not equal. I would not say that a woman is any less important to this world than a man, but they should play a much different role. For the entire existence of humanity, save the past 50 or so years, women played a supporting role in life. They supported the men in their family, and they raised their children. They made sure their family was comfortable, because that was their job. Men protected and provided for their families. Both of these jobs are equally important. Men could not live without women and women could not live without men. The psychological connections made between a man and a woman are critical to life. However, when it comes down to who is actually the superior being, not who has a more important role, the answer is clearly men. Men are stronger, bigger, and faster than women. While many women are strong, fast, and big, they will never reach the level that most men are able to achieve. When you pair a man and a woman against each other, equally fit, the man will always win a contest. Feminists will say "that's because men are bigger, otherwise women would win." But that's exactly the point. Men are bigger, and naturally capable of more demanding physical tasks. Mentally, men have greater problem solving, focus, and mental capacity. The statement was made earlier in this forum that women are better at communicating. This statement is a fallacy. Women tend to communicate MORE. However, they throw in unneeded language that actually distracts from the main message and makes communicating more difficult. The statement was also made earlier that women can feel more emotion and are thus superior. This statement is obviously false. Emotion interferes with rational thought. So if you feel more emotion you cannot think as logically as someone who feels less emotion. Men also do not have to experience a period, meaning they are able to perform at full capacity at all times and are not inhibited physically, mentally, or emotionally every month. It sucks that women have to suffer through this, but the fact that men don't means they are more capable. Someone said men are inferior because they die sooner. The nature of a man's natural work- providing for and protecting his family- is often much more strenuous than a woman's natural work. Working outside will take a toll on men overtime, it does not mean they are inferior. And to the chick who said women experience childbirth and can tolerate more pain, I'd like to see you take a kick in the balls. Men and women are equal, but in different ways. They should naturally play different roles in life, but recently, people have developed the notion that they need to play the same roles. This has created gaps in family life which is producing a generation that has less values than ever before. I'm 17. I see it firsthand.

  • Men are better than women

    Nature literally designed men to be superior to women is every way. They wed designed to give birth and reproduce so that the race will survive for the rest of time. There are some species of animal that the women are designed to be dominant like the angler fish but guess what, were not angler fish

  • Men = faster better stronger smarter soicly accepiple and mentally stronger

    Btw women need men to live too, women don't get pregnant by them selfs. MEN dominate the business industry for a reason. Men sports teams have way more viewers for a reason because men are not wimps.
    MEN have stronger bodies too, physically and better immune system too. MEN ARE BETTER!

  • Men are better

    Men have created many thinks dont get me wrong woman are great too but without men woman would be nothing . This is my opinion men are stronger and smarter would think before they do stuff men really dont think about that . Men have created many important things that we use today . While woman not so much . This is why men are better

  • This is a no brainer

    Men can do any thing better than a women. We are stronger and way more capable of taking on stressful jobs. Then don't even put sports into the equation because thats a complete joke .(literally laughing so hard even thinking about this) Please put the best girl basketball, football, soccer, baseball/softball, volleyball,etc.. And put them up against the worst nba, nfl, mls, mlb, usa olympic volleyball, etc... Lets just say that game would get ugly and fast for the girls.

  • Of course yes

    Men are better leaders. Women voting is what caused Obama. Most chefs are men. Most of the inventions come from men. Men are both physically and mentally more capable woman. All women are goo for is reproducing and cooking for us. Check out history as well most of the smartest people are men.

  • Everything Except Aging

    In most cases of physical ability - yes
    In most cases of mental ability - yes (although there are numerous intelligent women out there)
    In most cases emotionally - men are more direct, and don't have PMS
    Biologically - No periods, no pregnancies/going into labor, it is possible to have kids (as a man) until one dies
    AGING - Women are better than men in this aspect, the oldest confirmed woman is about 6 years older than the oldest confirmed man (and on average, women live longer than men)

  • The man of the family is the backbone of the family

    In a family system, the man is the protector of the house and the woman is cares for the children. Don't say that it is society placing gender roles but it would only make sense since the average man is bigger and stronger than the average woman and women seem to express their emotion more than men.

    In the lion kingdom, male lions and female lions benifit from each other but the way we humans see it, some feminists may call it unfair. The female lions hunt and the male lions stay back with their young.
    This looks opposite from us humans,right? When the female lions kill their prey, the male lions eat first. This how the male lions benefit, but how do the female lions benefit? Like I said before, men are the protectors. As being smaller than male lions, female lions may be attacked or raped by other male lions. They need protection from this happening and so they need a sexual partner in their life.

    Overall, women and feminists just want to prove that they are equal and some want to be better than the male sex. I only say yes because the male image is known to be bold and strong while there is none other image of a female than the one that is a girl in her fancy dress and wearing makeup. This entire issue of sex supperiority is based on women's desire to be like men. Seriously think about it. When have you heard a man (who is not gay or feminine) wanting to be like a woman?

  • Men, of course are superior to women...

    Men are the founders of the United States and also of all countries..
    Men are the builders of the world..
    Only Men are players in the NFL,MAJOR LEAGUES,and NBA
    A woman has never been President of the U.S.
    Need i say more... Ladies that the way it is,whether you like it or not..

  • History is proof enough

    I'm not going to write an essay, since all people have to do is look at history. Women literally do what men let them or tell them to do. It sounds harsh, but it's true. Someone on here wrote that if women had equal opportunities then we would be more advanced. Well if you were equal, you could create your own opportunities and we wouldn't have to give it to you. Thanks for reading.

  • Men are better at certain thing. Women are better at certain things. Hear me out

    Women are better at certain things yes, Are men better at certain things yes. Why do we have to act like everyone is exactly equally the same at everything and become blind due to todays political correctness? Men are better at more important things. Men dominate industry, and despite popular belief woman are not making up much ground in the business world or in politics , men dominate these things and always will. Even though women do have higher educations on average then men do in the usa. Also men are better workers and laborers than women, no contest, men are stronger and have testorone to support lean muscle mass and more energy.

  • Men are better than women

    Men are better than women because, firstly men are a lot more responsible than women, and men do a lot more physical work than women. I believe this because men have to do physical work all day, so that they can pay for the house, pay for the electrical, gas and water bills. Also men have to work extra hard to extra money for things such as food, electricity, gas, water and school for the kids. Men also have to work hard to make sure that their families stay healthy and happy. Men also have to pay for things such as medicines for when their wife or children get sick and gifts for their wife's or children's birthdays.

  • Men are better than women

    Men are better than women because men are naturally less emotional than women. This means that women get more emotional on small little things like a break-up or a death in the family than men. Men are also physically and mentally more capable than women is almost every aspect including mentally and physically

  • If compared directly , yes. Men are superior .

    Well, if we compare them directly , without external factors ( society , technology, religion, etc.) , we can only compare biology. Accepting that intellectually they are comparable ( men are more logical and methodical and women are more organized and multifunctional ) , we are left with the physical differences . Men are stronger, fast and tough . Sport reflects this well. If they were equal , women would compete directly with men.
    But we can not remove all the external factors . And without them , women are as good as men. 50 % ( more or less) of society are women , so half the credit of human evolution is theirs . And if you look well , as more women enter the world of work, the more the world's functions are divided by both sexs the evolves evolves our society .
    But again I say . Comparing directly without external factors , man is a better machine .

    Pardon my english. My native language is portuguese.

  • Definitely agreeing with that!

    Women play the support roles for male endeavors. Simple as that. I bet most of these women who responded read all the yes responses without analysis. Women got their rights, but c'mon. Now it's all nature vs nurture. It's biological for Men to automatically assume the leading role in society.

  • Definitely agreeing with that!

    Women play the support roles for male endeavors. Simple as that. I bet most of these women who responded read all the yes responses without analysis. Women got their rights, but c'mon. Now it's all nature vs nurture. It's biological for Men to automatically assume the leading role in society.

  • Men make money

    I think that men are stronger and smarter. Women are way to emotional women can handle the pressure of being in a men's shoes. For example women can not play in the nhl because the are afraid of the contact women's hockey does not have contact. That's a fact jack

  • Of course men are better.

    Biologically we are more physically capable than women (on average, that is). The most common point women use to defend themselves would be reproduction, and that in itself does not make the female gender superior.

    It only results in females being an essential burden on the human race, meaning we have to drag you along our biological timeline. You may argue that you don't need men to reproduce, but who do you think came up with and engineered biotechnology? Men.

    And while you may argue that in the animals kingdom, "the lioness does all the hunting, blah blah blah". May I remind you that we are talking about our species. I'll eat my hat if anyone can actually come up with a legitimate reason to support this idea of "female superiority".

  • Obviously men are better

    Women have been disadvantaged throughout the ages because naturally, they were not as physiologically able as men. This allowed men to progress themselves, explore outside of their immediate social groups and gain knowledge of the world, when women were often left at home taking care of the children. The knock-on effect of all this is men have usually been the ones to secure jobs and advance through a career. This is changing because women are no longer expected to stay at home and care for the children, and maybe some years down the line women will eventually become more intelligent and capable than men. But for now, GENERALLY speaking, men are the dominant sex. Anyone that disagrees is either an idiot or a feminist.

  • Women are WEEK

    We men are natural leaders, inventors, soldiers. We are just better. We invent everything; computers, cars, youtube, roads. We have invented everything imaginable. We are natural born leaders unlike week fearfull emotional women; name one female president....Exactly. All the soldiers and marines that protect our country are MEN. Now tell me whos better, week, stay at home, easilly tarrified (women break their nails and start crying), fashion loving, gossip queens. Or inventors, scholars, leaders, and soldiers. Yes exactly MEN are better than women and always will be. It makes me sick the way women are considered as equal to men. I wish we could go back to the days when everyone knew and except that women where the weeker sex and we could treat them that way.

    Now if you even so much as look at a women the wrong way its such a big deal.

  • Much more successful than women

    Only male presidents, only male military leaders. Men rule the world, we did fine with women not being able to work/vote, but the whole idea of "equality" and "ethics" practically MADE us let women do things men are meant to do. MLK, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, the list goes on and on.

  • Yes we are!

    Men are better than women. That's the truth, whether people accept it or not. I mean, there is a reason why men have maintained superiority all these years, throughout the ages. On an average men are scientifically proven to be intellectually more able than women. Yes, there are exceptions. For example the same way how there are some men who are genius there are some women who are genius. But if we compare the men and women with the highest IQ men surpass women in clearly.

  • You dont got DEEZ NUTS

    Men are stronger in a violent world. Women would die without men, women would not even exist today without men. You know who is a man? Jesus and Muhammad and you women pray to them, at least most of you. You women are just jealous of the muscles and nuts you dont have

  • There is irrefutable proof.

    Why do you think men hold all the records in athletics? Why do you think men can run faster, jump higher, and lift more? Why do you think men make up the majority of world leaders, corporate executives, and government officials? Men ARE biologically superior, and are predisposed to be the dominant, stronger, powerful sex.

  • In Evolutionary Terms, Yes.

    Evolution : yes, we are stronger, and were evolved to survive, hunt, take care of woman. Fact. If woman weren't evolutionary inferior they wouldn't need protection and a man to take care of them. Nearly everything that people use in todays world and all over history was invented and thought up and created by man. Woman wouldn't have lasted past the caveman era without men. Fact. Think back in all of history, all of the greatest minds were men with some exceptions.

    NOW. Having said all that. There are NUMEROUS occasions where woman are more superior than man. Granted they are not areas that are important to survival. But woman are far more emotional, they are able to feel empathy more, do more humane actions and be supportive. When it comes down to fact, you may not want to hear the truth, but men are objectively "better" than woman in any area that actually counts. BUT EVERYONE is no better in the sense of human being. EVERYONE deserves to be treated the same, and with the same love and respect. And offer the same opportunity where it makes sense. You wouldn't want a woman in charge of doing major physical labor due to the severe lack of physical prowess for instance. But humans are humans and deserve the same respect and treament.

  • Well Most of us men are Better.

    Well the way that Most women have certainly changed for the Worst over the years, does speak for itself. Much more women these days Can't even be faithful anymore to just one man since many of them Are the biggest Cheaters today, and they're the cause of most of the Divorces today which i really do feel very sorry for the children which are the ones that usually suffer.

  • In every way

    Men are not "better" than women as in: more important\worthier of respect. But they are more suited for every aspect of life. In schools, subjects are immensely biased towards the female gender. Men were created to dominate women, and to lead. Men are mature, strong, and powerful survivors whereas women are beings of pleasure for men. Women make men happy and strong. Women are to be cared for and loved by men. Saying that women could live without men in the world we live today is claimed to be possible, but how long would they truly "survive?" Would simply would crumble without men, whereas if men could reproduce without women, we would survive in a stable environment. Women would last maybe a few hundred years until all civilization falls into dust from lack of innovation. Now, that is not to say women are worth less than men, and their lives should be valued the same, but men are simply superior in every way possible.

  • Men are superior to women

    Men are superior to women and on a deep subconscience level women Know this. They feel it every second of every day when they need men to do things that they are too weak to do. Women are by far the more insecure gender. Women are by far the more resentful gender. Men are above women and always have been. Iphones, the internet, space ships, television, the automobile, radio, refrigerators, airplanes, every thing in this world is MAN made. Both sexes know this and to get along we both have to pretend women are not the inferior gender. That's why we men have to let women believe they are somewhat equal. To keep the world turning. Men, it's okay. Let the beautiful dears believe what they want. Be comfortable in your own skin. You have every reason to be. You are a man.

  • YES men are better!

    Men are, and always will be physically, and mentally stronger than women. It simply has to do with genetics. Why don't women play in the NBA, NFL, or fight professional boxers? It's not a conspiracy against women, it's because of the simple fact that they cannot compete within the realm of men. Just like any other species on this planet. The male species dominates the female. Whether it is plants or animals. No matter what, women's reaction time, strength, and stamina will never overcome a man's. Sorry, but there is nothing you are better than us in. That is why there are separate leagues. And again, it's not a conspiracy lol! Just accept your place within the biological circle of life. We dominate you, and always will. Until the end of time. Evolution proves this. If a woman thinks she can dominate a man in anything, it is silly. That is why that kind of thing is a fetish, because it isn't true. Like science fiction, just a dream.

  • It's mere genetics!

    Men are, and always will be physically, and mentally stronger than women. It simply has to do with genetics. Why don't women play in the NBA, NFL, or fight professional boxers? It's not a conspiracy against women, it's because of the simple fact that they cannot compete within the realm of men. Just like any other species on this planet. The male species dominates the female. Whether it is plants or animals. No matter what, women's reaction time, strength, and stamina will never overcome a man's. Sorry, but there is nothing you are better than us in. That is why there are separate leagues. And again, it's not a conspiracy lol! Just accept your place within the biological circle of life. We dominate you, and always will. Until the end of time. Evolution proves this. If a woman thinks she can dominate a man in anything, it is silly. That is why that kind of thing is a fetish, because it isn't true. Like science fiction, just a dream.
    Dr. S.

  • Men are today's leading hard labor work force.

    However, they still have the same intelligence level women. They can also do all of the things that woman do, BUT reproduce. But men also generally have higher amounts of muscle and muscle growth.Women help, they are absolutely necessary, but to ask what kind of question this is and vote no, you prove to be very biased.

  • Truth is painful

    It is obvious that men and women are simply alike in many ways. But besides the fact of reproduction, who has contributed the most to society, or the world, MEN. I think I make myself clear and easily elucidate my point that men triumph in many areas, women also do, but the history stand to prove me right. Why do you think men ever got to be thought of as superior, maybe because they are superior. Thank you

  • Men are better than women

    Accept it it's a proven fact that men are better than women. We controll and build everything in this world that we are enjoyin right now...................We are way superior than women and we will always be superior to women. Women make up most of the world population yet men are better and more successful.

  • In history they were

    Although men and women have their own advantages, men are theoretically 'better' overall.. Survival is the only reason we are here today, if we all had the genetic disposition the average woman there is no doubt that we would not be where we are today. Saying women are better than men completely ignores a period in time where humans were not our only enemies, where we had to fight animals with our bare hands.

    At this point in time gender is less relevant than it has been, so in basic society gender is relatively equal in which is 'better' but women still have less opportunity because of genetics, as they are unable to life heavier loads, or may choose a less stressful job or less hours, which is demonstrated in the gender wage gap

  • This is Honest

    Women are meant to provide men with sexual pleasure it is that simple that is why they are made the way that they are. They need to get down on all four's and suck our dick's until we are done with them. That is all that women are good for.

  • Men have been leading the entire human race

    Men have always been dominant and took the leadership. It is not because men are sexist or wanted patriarchal. If patriarchy is true,I would say it is partly because men have been endowed with advantages over women naturally. Men are stronger. Men are more assertive than women in general. Men are good at taking decisions during tough time.

  • Yes we can

    Ution. This "superiority" has been carried down through the generations to today and has made men be thought of as dominant. Many creatures on the other hand have female leaders like lions. (I'll use lions as an example.) Lions have the faster more agile females hunt while the male lions "babysit" and protect the proud. (That's the king of the jungle is a stay at home dad.) Lions do this because it makes sense not because the females are superior. (Also this is a stupid way to phrase the question because it's "are males better" when it should be "which gender is better". Even people like me who think they are mostly neutral will take this side.)

  • In most aspects

    1) Leadership: Men are better leaders, based on life observation this is how it has and will always be. They think more rationally, are more decisive (women are in general terribly fickle-minded), and more I'm lazy to explain.
    2) Physical ability: In terms of physical strength, men are better than women. I don't think anyone can refute this. If you think I'm wrong, try getting only women to carry a spoilt fridge to your frontyard for the garbage collector to clear it. In terms of physical ability and sporting ability in general, look at the Olympic records for similar events between men and women.
    3) Emotional capability: I read under the 'no' section that women are emotionally stronger. Are u kidding me? The fact that women are allowed to cry while men aren't already proves this. And it is not because men want to but they don't, but because we just don't need to. I agree that men take it out in the form of anger instead, but women cry way more often than men get angry, and they don't even cry over things that are at the level men get angry at.

    Aspects women are better at:

    1) Caregiving: Without a doubt women are better in this aspect because they are more emotional creatures. I dont think i need to elaborate much on this.
    2) Better genetics: I guess in this aspect women are better. For example, women tend to live longer, they are less prone to chronic diseases, less prone to colour blindness and a lot more.

    My point is if you look into every aspect of life, men will be better than women in most of them.

    With regards to intelligence, i dont think it can be quantified to whether men or women are better. To me, this is a gray area. I've seen a lot of stupid guys and girls, as well as brilliant minds from both sides.

    And as for gender equality, THERE IS NO SUCH THING. MEN AND WOMEN CAN NEVER BE EQUAL. I get really annoyed when people say this. Just look at occurrences in your daily life. A very clear example is dating. The male asks the female out for a date more than 90% of the time. The male treats dinner for the female as a form of courtship, and has to plan the date, blah blah and it goes on. All the female needs to do is to decide if she likes him. I'm not saying that the male will not like to chase girls, or that the girl shouldn't be spoilt, but the fact is it is NOT equal at all. If men and women are not even equal on a microlevel (between couples), how would you expect gender equality in the society?

  • I am a woman and yes men are better!

    I'm not writing this just to be annoying, but it is true.
    1. Their obviously far stronger than women on average. The scientific community would agree. (to the person who said it doesn't matter, it does because it relates to survival and life).
    2. Men are more rational. From experience i know as a woman emotions certainly help influence our decisions. Men can make the right decision and not let emotions get in the way.
    3. They don't get periods and have to give birth.
    4. Although as a woman i might not like to admit this, but look around, the modern world was created by men.

    Posted by: asfa
  • We are smarter

    We are smarter than men. Men only care about the general picture in life, on the other hand women care about the little things in life. Women also do most of the work around the house. For example, many times women are the ones raising the children, cleaning the house, and doing the dishes. Also they cook for the family. And now in many cases, women bring in income to their families.

  • There's not one thing in the world that male extremes are better than their female counterparts.

    The smartest people are - men
    The strongest people are - men
    The better drivers are - men

    There's a reason men built the world. IF their was a war between male and female, who'd win? Not hard at all. Women are, and have always been since history dates, inferior to men.

  • The most important Science, Invention, literature and events in history were all done by men.

    Tesla, Einstein, Maxwell, Faraday, Newton, Dirac, Turing, Democritus, Bohr, Heisenberg, Oppenheimer, the list is endless. Civilization would not exist without men. Women are only necessary for biological purposes, such as bearing children and feeding them (that's why they have breasts). Women are necessary for human life but they have not contributed towards the biggest advances in human intelligence. Men have larger brains than women and more coordination giving them the ability to manipulate the environment. Women only have as much power as men allow them to have.

  • Men are task-oriented and they are good in solving problems

    The left hemisphere of the brain of a man is bigger than what a woman has, and because of these a man is better than a woman in terms of mathematical abilities, and problems in our society needs equations and solutions. And we can compare our problems in this world to a complex problem in mathematics, and men can easily formulate useful formulas in dealing with those problems

  • Men are better overall. Period

    Let's be real people. The people who are saying females are better natural born leaders, well, how many female presidents have we had? Why are there still countries that do not allow women to work in a governmental position or even vote? I mean, men are faster, stronger and more athletic. There is a reason why there is a (less entertaining) WNBA. And there is a reason why nobody (ok very few people) watches professional women's sports. Because, men are more entertaining and can do athletic maneuvers that women only dream to do. Women, also, have to deal with periods and child birth. And, the word on the street is that they are both a nuisance and quite painful. And, how many female billionaires are there? Oprah and who else? There are wayyy more male billionaires because a man knows how to run a business and not let his emotions get in the way of things. And, 25% of women don't enjoy sex. It hurts them. That's a large percentage of the female population. Pretty sure all men enjoy sex. Women have to worry about rape (since, if we're being honest, men are stronger and can rape) and be extra careful when alone or just with another woman. The automobile, telephone, cell phone, internet, computer, and many, many more were all invented from male minds. Men do more and the facts show.

  • In Business, in Most Cases

    Yes, but only because they keep emotions out of the equation, and they stick to what they're doing. At times, you may find some women that are good at that, but most bring emotions with them. In my opinion, I'd rather have a dominant woman that is more guy like (but still feminine), sticks to her job, and avoids gossip, and insults. Guys make better business people, cause they just want a simple solution, and to get it over with. Women want like to socialize, and joke around, and lead, and it's complicated. Stuff should be like, here it is, let's get it done, do it on your own, ask for advice, go work. All else is respect and give respect, but no innuendos, that's just bizarre.

    Posted by: bk1
  • Men are always rational than women.

    In term of rational, men are always thinking by logicality. Man analyses all the possibilities before making the decision. Men will considers everything as well as the factors to influence the result.
    Sometime, men dare to take risk in certain urgent situation. They even don't like the women to think too much while making decision.
    Yes, maybe we could see some of the women have high ability even stronger and do better than men. But, as a whole, women still unable to transcend men.

  • Overall, men are better then women.

    This is because men and women are pretty much intellectually equal (except that men are less emotional and hysterical, and therefore slightly more logical). However, it is 100% proven that men are physically superior to women, and because of this men are overall slightly superior to women.
    Also, men do not have periods and do not give birth.
    I believe that in modern society, where most jobs do not require physical strength, women can do the exact same jobs as men just as well and should be payed equally.

  • Men are now facing oppression from an unnecessary and ill conceived feminist movement.

    Every useful invention has come from a man. The best thinkers, writers, athletes, musicians, engineers... You name it, they were men. Women shouldn't be discriminated against, but we shouldn't give women any more grace of affirmative action. In fact, the feminist movement has worked to destroy the family unit and promote workers based on sexual attraction.

  • Men are Better

    Men are better physically, mentally, and emotionally. There is a reason why men do not compete with women in sports, it is scientifically proven that men are stronger, faster, and have better hand-eye coordination than women. There are more Nobel prize winners who are male, and we contain our emotions and move on instead of crying all the time.

  • We are better

    Penis. Sleep. Brain Testosterone. The hormone which inadvertently causes baldness and shorter life span (average man compared to the average woman) it is the most biological difference between the 2 genders. It allows us to take risks , grow taller, bigger and stronger(in more ways than one) and the all in important SPERM. Oh yeah did I mention that we sleep better? Finally our brains are bigger-

  • About reproduction .

    Let's face it, it's a dog eat dog world out there. However, males are at the very least equipped to fight back. Without males, the females who "single-handedly" created our species would not have survived long . Of course it is hard for females to admit that their gender is subordinate to ours, which is why the great gender equality project has started.

  • Men are better, although not universally, because of physical strength

    Testocerone. Men have different hormones affecting their bodies. This means some of them quash others, intimidate them, and beat them up. Some of them do this to women. Some of them use this threat of physical dominance to take advantage of women and children, such as sexual abusers and serial killers, who are almost all men. This means women are afraid and they are less likely to assert themselves as a result- or gain power or influence. If they gained influence they probably wouldn't use it in the same way men do. Also men can achieve more because they can get women to do manual labor for them because of this physical dominance, so they have more free time to spend on experiments, mountain climbing, and political rabble-rousing. Hmmm, this actually isn't sounding as if I'm arguing that men are better. They are though.

  • Penis. Sleep. Brain

    Testosterone. The hormone which inadvertently causes baldness and shorter life span (average man compared to the average woman) it is the most biological difference between the 2 genders. It allows us to take risks (http://www.Pnas.Org/content/early/2009/08/20/0907352106), grow taller, bigger and stronger(in more ways than one) and the all in important SPERM. Oh yeah did I mention that we sleep better? Http://www.Besthealthmag.Ca/embrace-life/sleep/why-he-sleeps-better-than-you. Finally our brains are bigger- http://hiddentalents.Org/brain/116-sexes.Html....

  • For evolutionary reasons

    Women select for success and dominance making men more competitive. Thousands and thousands of years of this has led to men now comprising nearly all the extremes of achievement in almost every field. Helena Cronin for one explains this fact very well. This ideological drive for equality is not only impossible but undesirable as well.

  • Better in every spices

    In every spices you will see that male is powerful than a female. Lion and lioness. If you look at them a lion will look bigger and stronger than a female. Look a cow and a ox. Ox is a very dangerous animal, but a cow is not too much dangerous.

  • Man are better

    Then why did Man only created everything. Man is even powerful physically and mentally. God created man, he also created women but not superior. Man has the rights more than women. WHy did Issac newton created gravity and why didn't a women did? And a lot of things. Celcius, farhenheit, Johannes kepler, and a lot of other people are men. And physically, John Cena, undertaker and lots of others are better. So now who is better, man or woman? I say they are equal. Because women gives birth and man does everything else. So no one can survive without each other.

  • Men are the people who create modern day society

    Men are the people who have ideas, put them in to action, build them, and supply them. Women cannot think rationally and let emotion cloud their vision. Emotion is a weakness that has plagued women for millennia and will continue to do so till the end of time. You're weak.

  • Men just get on with it....

    Men are stronger than women in all aspects, except child birth and empathy.
    If women and men were equal, this discussion wouldn't even exist.
    If they are equal why do men do all the difficult work and decisions? Take all the risks and work harder than women?
    Why do women allow themselves to be treated second class in islam if they are equal?
    They're not!

  • The World we live in

    Men have essentially created the world we live in. Some people may say it is a horrible world, and I will agree that is in part true, however it would have been alot worse if women would have created the world we live in. Women who for the most part have little interest in technology and even less for innovation would have us still living in mud huts and dying of cholera. Their emphasis on feelings over facts would have led to the deaths of countless millions more people.

  • Men support their families and pay dearly for the freedom of their country and the well being of their communities.

    Men support their families, work hard in jobs that most women would either not qualify for or refuse to do. A majority of men automatically lose custody of their children in divorce proceedings and forced to pay child support, so men are still naturally the bread winner in every family no matter what the courts say. It is 99.99999 percent of men that die on the battlefields of the world defending their countries around the world. When men end up in the criminal justice system, they serve longer and tougher sentences and they receive to pity. When women are incarcerated they are considered victims of the system and men are normally used as the scape goat for their down fall.

  • Men are better than women

    From my opinion men is better than women because whenever any problem in house is there then men started to solve and women started crying . In any biggest problem men doesn't cry or weep where as women started. Men are both physically and mentally strong. When examination starts women starts reading from last few days but a men starts reading from one day before to exam.

  • Its obvious that they are

    Men are better decision makers. They are natural born leaders. With women they take more time to make decisions and are not as able to lead in difficult situations. Through out history the smartest people have always been men. Men invented the wheel and fire. Woman have a brain the size of pea and their menstrual cycle attracts bears.

  • I will give you one reason why men are better than women

    The very fact that we are even able to have this kind of debate is because men allowed it. Men built cars so that women can drive. Men built houses for women to sleep in. Men fight against enemies so that women can be safe. Men built machines for women to cook. Most importantly, men invented computers, internet, mouse, keyboard for women to be able to have this debate here.

  • Mostly personal experience.

    In every male-female grouping in my life (including husband-wife, brother-sister, son-daughter, etc.), the man is visibly more intelligent, more in control of his emotions, and worth more financially than the woman. I have consistently seen men make better decisions than women, and in cases where a woman's viewpoint win out over a man's, it eventually becomes apparent that the man's decision would've worked out better.
    Furthermore (and these are facts, google them), women are more likely to: be violent towards children (including murdering their own children), be instigators of domestic violence, and be found not guilty of criminal charges. Never mind that police officers are told to always detain the man first in domestic disputes (a policy created and advocated for by feminists; look up 'duluth model'.).
    Further-furthermore, the education gap present between men and women is believed to be the result of a system that favors girls over boys, NOT due to women being smarter. Women dealing better with stress (including having a five-times lower rate of suicide than men) can be argued to be due to society at large taking a woman's problems and complaints more seriously than a man's (which I'm sure you can all see in your personal experience; a man who cries is seen as a wuss and should be mocked, a woman who cries is seen as a victim and should be helped).

  • We are all different, but...

    It's true that everyone, regardless of gender has their own unique abilities, and i'm fine with men and women working wherever they want to if they feel they should. That said, it's just plain obvious that from an overall standpoint, taking all physical and mental things into account, men are generally better than women. Yes, women have been unfairly oppressed in the past but if you care to look back men definitely made most of the revolutionary changes to society, new tech, they make up most of the government, are more physically capable, and so on.

  • For the majority of the History of Humanity, yes. But really depends on what time in history we're talking about.

    For the majority of history women have never had a chance to prove they are better. Only until recently women have had a 'chance'. I'm speaking as a woman here, and I say that ever since people existed, women have been downplayed. Up until WW1, women have never been able to have the vote or show that they can be equal or better than men except in a few rare cases. During WW1, as many of you know, whilst the men were at war, the women had to be 'men'. They had to work in factories, and that proved that they deserved the vote. But for the majority of human history, cases where women were better or equal have been few and far between. Until recently.

  • Men are way better.

    Men are by far more superior. Who's the prime minister/president of your country? Yeah, 99.9% of the time a man. Why do you think it's "Mankind?" oh yeah because we're by far the superior gender. Why do you think the title of this debate is "Are men better than women" and not "Are women better than men?" Exactly, because every one knows, Men > Women. This world is about survival which requires the credentials of a man: Ability, Strength, Skill and Instinct, something women would know nothing about. So next time try coming up with a valid point, not "Men couldn't give birth" which is absolutely pathetic because any one with half a brain (not woman) knows men can't give birth so we clearly can't prove you wrong, but at the end of the day Men are superior, women will always be inferior, get over it. End of story.

  • Men are better physically as well as mentally

    We all know that men are physically better than woman
    But mentally also they are better
    Look at history most of scientists were males
    I dont know about any woman scientist who have
    Changed the world so far
    On the part of physicality I dont think you people need any

  • YES men are

    Men and women are biologically different an no one can deny this. Men are better than women at things like logical thinking, imagination and innovation. The reason for this is because these are the traits required for hunting and men have evolved from hunters. Women are better at social and emotional stuff because they have to use it to choose the best possible mate. That is why men are better where it matters logic, innovation and imagination while women are better at stuff like emotion and manipulation.

  • Men are superior to women through evolution.

    Most of the facts presented by the supporters of women are pure speculation, but the facts obviously point towards the fact that men are superior. Women only live longer because they generally have much less stress in their life, which allows for longer lives. Also, an immense majority of positions of power are held by men. In addition, the only reason why women appear to be smarter than men in adolescence is because women begin to go through puberty at a much earlier age than men. When junior and senior year roll along, men reach the maturity of women and surpass the women's intellectual abilities. The facts are obvious, men are better than women.

  • We are the drivers behind the increasing standard of living

    If it weren't for men (and their problem solving skills, engineering skills and inventions) the human race would still be living in caves and grass huts. The trades and the (mostly) men who work them make civilization possible. All you women who bemoan our tendency to try to solve your problems instead of "just listen", deal with it! It's what we do and in our nature!

  • Socialism is to blame

    Women can only outearn and outperform men with the aid of nonsense useless governmental jobs of which they have most of in 2013. Let's cut the size of the government and watch women flounder without their unearned largesse from the state. Men are naturally harder working and industrious than are women.

  • Better at what?

    By a certain definition of 'better', men *could* be stated to be better than women; this definition ignores basic psychology and the outstanding lack of *fundamental* differences between the genders, and says that men are and always have been treated better than women, and thus are. This is incorrect. One's biological gender has little influence on who one actually *is* as an individual; and then that difference is only a result of hormonal variations acting on the brain, and enforced cultural differences to reinforce those variations. Aside from basic physiology, and minor psychological differences that can be pinpointed to hormonal and cultural factors, there simply aren't any *fundamental* differences that one could point to that say women are entirely different from men. Let's use an equation; A=male, B=female, C=human. If both A=C and B=C, does A=B? It is incorrect from a biological point of view, but it only follows logically and psychologically that, regardless of whether or not A *IS* B, they still equate to the same thing.
    So no, men cannot be logically said to be 'better' than women.

  • What kind of question is this?

    Of course not. A man and a women both have their differences and each have their advantages over the other sex. Women have a higher pain threshold than man (obviously for pregnancy), they can communicate better, he two sections in the brain which are responsible for language have been found to be significantly larger in women than in men, women have a larger deep limbic system than men, meaning they feel emotion more.
    Whereas men typically, men’s brains are 11-12% bigger than women’s brains, this difference in size has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence, but it helps control their bigger physical physique, an area in the brain called the inferior-parietal lobule (IPL) is typically significantly larger in men, especially on the left side, than in women.

  • Women are smarter. We can live without men while men can't live without women. We sin less. We're genetically superior. Do you want more?

    Women have higher IQs, are better managers, save more money in the long term, and cost insurance companies less because we make better and more careful decisions. There have been many societies in which women lived alone, but not many in which men lived alone. In this day and age, we could eliminate men completely and still have babies. Men are more prone to anger. They hit more, rape more, and kill more. The worst societies in the world were the most heavily patriarchal. And yes, there have been matriarchal societies, but the patriarchal societies killed them all. Think that means men are somehow more superior? Think again. In which one of these societies were the men happy? They pretended to be happy, sure. But power-hungry savages can never be happy, and those who weren't power-hungry were discriminated against. Women have two X chromosomes while men have one X and a Y which codes for nothing. This is why men are more prone to diseases like Hemophilia. It's also why women live longer. Any more questions?

  • Women are superior.

    If it weren't for woman this world would die. Who gives life; women. I'm not saying that men take no part in it but men don't have to carry a 3 pound baby in their stomachs for 9 months. This shows that women can take more pain than men. You lot say that men are superior it is not true. Women may not have built anything but they are a lot smarter. The youngest professor is a women. Also women have taken part in building houses cars. They might have designed it.

  • Men are weak

    Emotionally they're not very deep, ignorant even. Physically, when they get ill, you never hear the end of it. Mentally, they are just plain angry whenever they don't get what they want. Most of the time, they're full of testosterone and have no will to do housework because they think women should do it for them all the time. In terms of common sense, I have never encountered one with a decent amount of it. They also very shy of looking after children/ changing nappies and if they could, they're please only themselves, play video games all day and think of no one else.

    If women had the same opportunities as men have had all these years, we would have achieved a much better society.

  • Actually, women are better than men!

    Scientific research says that women are cleverer than men! Also, the average female lives 5 or 10 years more than a man. Most of the faces you see on TV that have done something wrong are more likely to be male faces.
    Supporting fact one, women are more likely to graduate because of application numbers.
    Supporting fact two, men drink more alcohol and sleep later.
    Supporting fact three, have a look on the news tonight and you will see a man's face in a crime situation.

  • The number of misogynistic people on this opinion page is frankly quite disturbing.

    Are there really that many idiots out there that believe that women are just cleaning, cooking, sex robots who take care of children? Excuse me, I am nobody's mother, maid, or chef, and I never will be. Anyone who thinks that men are better than women come from stone-age principles. I wish the best of luck to sexist men at getting a girlfriend.

  • I am male...

    And I say that the different genders are more or less equal to each other. (If not the females are dominant, even though the males are physically stronger) The reason why males are viewed as better is for that one fact. Humans (and I wish I could underline that) have male leaders because they are stronger and more suited for hunting during the early stages of our evolution. This "superiority" has been carried down through the generations to today and has made men be thought of as dominant. Many creatures on the other hand have female leaders like lions. (I'll use lions as an example.) Lions have the faster more agile females hunt while the male lions "babysit" and protect the proud. (That's the king of the jungle is a stay at home dad.) Lions do this because it makes sense not because the females are superior. (Also this is a stupid way to phrase the question because it's "are males better" when it should be "which gender is better". Even people like me who think they are mostly neutral will take this side.)

  • Women Are Equal

    Men think that they are superior. But women are actually stronger than men. Men don't have to deal with anything, women have to deal with their changes. If men had those problems, men wouldn't know how to survive! Men are stupid and don't know jack about how life really works.

  • How about no.

    Why would a man be better than woman? Of course it is "better" to be a man in any society on the Earth--which has been the case for several thousands of years. Men would only be considered better because they have more advantages. Honestly, what can a man do that a woman can't? Are they more smart? No, it's just that women's views and intelligence aren't taken seriously in a professional setting. There are so many things corrupted in the average man's mind that I wouldn't be surprise if someone argued that women are just better people.

    Posted by: bete
  • You think you are superior to women?

    The comments intended to inferiorize women are repelling. Men think about sex almost all the time; whereas women don't. Clearly, men are more connected to their animal side. Thus, they are less rational than women. In societies where women are leaders, violence is less prominent than societies where men are the rulers. This is seen in the Bonobo family who have females who make the decisions. As for Chimps, they are brutal with each other and unsurprisingly, males are the leaders. As well, when there are more men than women in a population, there tends to be more crimes/deviance. Violence is linked to ones unconscious, which says a lot about men.

  • Do I really need to explain?

    A woman can wield a gun, have the same muscle tissue and raw power, be just as smart and manage money as good as a man can. But guys can't birth children. They don't have pains every 28 months, they wouldn't be able to endure it. Men's place is in the kitchen, to chop wood, build houses, provide raw power. Women's job is to administrate that power, make sure everything is good and thank him for what he does. If she deems he did a good job, then she rewards him with sex. And that's about it. I know it sounds like slavery. But belive it or not, that's how the world should be. It has been under patriarchy for 3000 years. Let matriarchy come and then you'll see.

  • So this is actually being asked...

    You dont compare apples to oranges, there is nothing to prove here. Like Yin and Yang, women and men each have strong yet different qualities that are meant to balance humanity as a whole. Our whole social construct is self sering, not for the purpose of helping humanity. Women have had little opportunity to make great strides until the last 60-70 years.

  • Women are superior to men.

    If it weren't for women we wouldn't be alive. Women are the ones who give birth so if there were not any women then none of us would be here today and there wouldn't be anything living on this planet, apart from molecules. Animals, plants, bacteria and grass making the world nothing that is related to human technology.

  • Physical ability is not as important anymore.

    I hate the way it is just naturally assumed that because men are physically stronger and dominated women in the past, they are better. I really am not sure why people have come to think that physical dominance rules all. Maybe physical strength was important in the past but not anymore. Women have come to really shine over the past few years. I think that the power of men is beginning to ebb a little. Soon mental ability will shine and brute force will seem childish.

  • No women are superior.

    Women are smarter than men, are more emotional than men, are the guardians of reproduction, more beautiful than men. The fact that men are more physically capable to me implies that they are actually supposed to be the workers, while women are supposed to be the brains. Women are also independent, while men always crave women, proving that they are nothing without females.

  • This debate has only one answer

    Our gender doesn't define us or label us. We are indiviual humans with individual personalities, thoughts, ideas etc.. And to all those sexist people who said 'men invented this, men invented that' well sweetheart you'd still be a sperm if it weren't for your mommy.
    On a side not, the superiority of women is clearly demonstrated by the pathetic pick-up lines women have to bear with every day. I mean come on, men are always wagging their tail at women.

  • Men are just a rough draft!!!!!

    Why else would God create women? Reproduction, maternal care, sensitivity? NO! God created MEN first, realized he made a horrible mistake, and created the final draft- WOMEN. Women will ALWAYS have a larger worth. Men have a pretty strong value as well, but women are much more needed in humanity.

  • Men are not better than women.

    Everyone has different talents. Some men can do things better than other men and women, some women can do things better than other women and men. There is no 'better than' in humanity, only a culture's skewed perspective of value. Historically, all of the world's societies and cultures have favoured men over women since the dawn of time, but it doesn't make them any better. It just means they have been privileged - i.E.More favoured, given more opportunities, greater value placed on their traits and achievements, no restrictions on what they can do or be. Hence, they appear to be 'better'. If equal opportunity had been given to women throughout history, we wouldn't even be having this pointless debate.

  • How could someone start such an argument?

    I would like to tell you all that women are nowhere less superior than men, it's just the misconception of the people that women are not as good as men.
    IN EVERY FIELD OF LIFE WOMEN HAVE EXCELLED despite their level in society. It's not the women that are inferior, it is the people's thinking that is small and inferior. Women are less than men in only two fields of life that is respect and equality. If women are given as much freedom, equality, justice, and social status then they could do up excellent in their life and maybe become the leaders of the world leading the men.

  • Their Anger is a sign of weakness

    Men are weak

    Emotionally they're not very deep, ignorant even. Physically, when they get ill, you never hear the end of it. Mentally, they are just plain angry whenever they don't get what they want. Most of the time, they're full of testosterone and have no will to do housework because they think women should do it for them all the time. In terms of common sense, I have never encountered one with a decent amount of it. They also very shy of looking after children/ changing nappies and if they could, they're please only themselves, play video games all day and think of no one else.

    If women had the same opportunities as men have had all these years, we would have achieved a much better society.

  • Men and women have their own strengths and their own weaknesses.

    There is no 'better' to it. We all have our flaws, and we all have our strengths. When we have a weakness, we use other strategies to conquer it.

    For example:

    There may be an every-day teenage boy who enjoy to play video games. He is great as fast reaction and quick movement (in no way does this apply to all males).

    Next, there is an every-day teenager girl who enjoys to play video games. She may not be as good at fast reaction and quick movement (in no way does this apply to all females), but she will find another way to conquer it. Instead of relying on extremely fast reaction, she may rely on strategy and logical thinking to help her through the situation.

    Everyone has their own ways of doing things. There is not 'right or 'wrong' or 'worse' or 'better'. We are all great.

  • What the hell?

    My brain is malfunctioning. I can't quite understand the yes arguments. I think I am good at understanding both sides of most things. But THIS? Besides the few joke answers most of the yes's come across as incredibly stupid and baldy thought out. Men do all the hard work? Women are weak? They are there to simply bear our children and empathize for us. Supposedly they are emotionally weaker and so on.
    These are generalizations. "Better" is a very rough term. But overall? With every person unique and skilled with different things? I don't think so.
    These yes answers appall me.

  • One would be nothing without the other.

    Women and men would be nothing without the other. They complete eachother. When a woman and a man come together they come together as one. They are both equally important halves that when they come together they make the perfect whole. One is not better than the other. We all make up the human race.

  • Men are better

    Men have always ruled in history and will continue to rule no matter what women think..Name 1war that was won by women..There isn't one..They call it a man's world for a reason I say let them have their fun because when world war 3 starts we will show them all.

  • Intelligence, Reproduction and Emotionally

    Men are generally seen as the superior sex in most countries, looking down on women and causing us dystopia; sadly the dystopia has now been referred to as 'every day life'

    Now, I am not trying to state that they are completely below us. No. Some men have achieved more then most women could ever reach in a lifetime; it just depends on the specifics. But generally, I say that women are above men only by a few feet, not a whole kilometer. I state before you three reasons as to why.

    1. Intelligence
    Men, of course, where the only ones allowed to go to school in more barbaric times; they were also the only ones that technically had freedom in the original, unedited constitution of the United States of America. But come women, many things have been created during our century and centuries in the past that have forever cultivated us. During this century, young women have created inventions beyond compare. Such as a charge that only requires 20 seconds, or the heat-powered flashlight. Surely those girls have done much more then just painted their nails and talking about boys.

    Short and sweet; we don't need men on this planet. Using the bone narrow of another women, females can produce offspring WITHOUT the need of any male assistance. But there is only one flaw to this system.

    The baby will always be female.

    Thus proving that we have no true need for them. And without any female creature on the planet, the rest of the world's population would die out in a century. Our technology and our bodies are constructed for situations that men can't handle. Not to mention menstruation, as well as giving birth; both unbearably painful things that happen everyday. Most men simply compare the week of blood loss(which MUST happen every month) to physical pain on the crotch (which can be prevented).

    3. Emotionally
    Females tend to feel more emotions then men. They butt heads at each other and argue. A women's psyche is stronger then a men's by statistics. And that's all I really have to say about that.

    I say this as a strong believer of facts.

    Women can reproduce without men, men cannot reproduce without women.
    Women are currently creating more unique and advanced technologies, the male side is falling behind.
    Women are more emotionally strong, men are not as much.
    If a women wanted to, she could be the strongest human if she tried, just like a man.
    If we were treated at least equally, we would be in a better place then we are now.

  • Women are better.

    Women are better because we can do things better. It's simple and you all know it. We can clean better, we can understand each other better, we can care for people better. The other day, my daughter came home crying and my husband did nothing about it, he just walked away!

  • Men and women are equal.

    Men and woman are very different, in many different ways, but that doesn't mean anything. Women are able to do as much as men can and men can do the same things that woman can. Everyone should have the same rights, whether they are male or female.

    Why do some people think that women can't be as good as men? I'm a man and I think they have the same chance of doing anything men can do.

  • Anyone heard of the UN's initiative 'the girl effect'? Females aren't equal, they're better!

    Contemporarily, in every aspect of life, women are better suited and adapt to survival and prospering. No longer does the physical strength of a man play any significance, as life is now about more feminine characteristics like patience, understanding and compromise. Even in developing countries and in disaster events, where physical labour is of high priority, women are being focused on. In these circumstances where men's value would be seemingly greater, the UN and various aid organisations are investing heavily in the initiative known as " the girl effect". Women are focused on for the future well-being and sustainability of vulnerable societies. It was proven statistically that saving one women has the potential to save an entire community, where in comparison saving one man, saves only one man.

    Women have more value and are better than men. Not equal, better.

  • Behind every great man there was always an even greater women.

    Without women, there would be no man. Men tend to think themselves as superior, but if there was only 3 men left on the world we could survive, but if there was only 3 women life would cease to exist.

    Men do be too cocky, females could live without you.

  • No - not in this modern era

    While historically men have had better status and have been preferred to women in society, we have made enough advancements, especially in the USA, towards equal rights. Men and women can do things that both contribute equally to society, although we each have strengths and weaknesses. It's part of what makes our race so fascinating.

  • We Are Equal

    We are all equal. Men are physically stronger but that's how they're built. Women can handle many things that equal the same strength just in different ways. If men were stuck with the menstruated cycle, etc., I don't believe they'd know what to do with themselves. But in my eyes everyone is equal. We're all human, we all reproduce, one helps the other. WE ARE A TEAM... But none of us are acting like we're a team, us, the human race. If we keep thinking either one of us is better, we won't get anywhere in history... I don't understand why we battle at this concept, it's really a waste of time and I wish everyone thought that way...

  • Women Rule the World and men know it! So they pretend they are stronger than us to cover up their failures.

    Women do everything for this world. They create babies, carry them for 9 months (putting up with sickness, mood swings, back pain etc.) and then have to give birth causing them agony along with stitches, after pains, PTS etc. They have to put up with PMS and horrible periods every month ( or sometimes more) as well as cervical screenings, breast scans, gynae visits etc. To match up to men they have to work like they do - but it's a "woman's job" to bring up the kids and do all the housework, cooking, cleaning etc. Men get us pregnant and if they don't feel ready they just leave and we never hear from them again - are you honestly saying this is fair? It's men who rape, abuse, harass, hit women - not the other way round. They say men are "strong" because they perform jobs such as being in the army. Lots of women are in the army. It's like because women are sensitive and gentle it's seen as a weakness and because men use their fists and make a fuss it makes them dominant. I always have and always will be proud to be a woman and I pity men who are so insecure that they have to belittle women to make themselves feel better.

  • Women are better

    Because they can do multiple things at once which men can't. Most women scores higher intellectually these days than men, which leads to women being more influenced and successful in economic and urban life. Women stay with their family more and bond more, plus they prioritize their family more.

  • Women Make Men

    Well, the earth without women, meant a world without men, okay, men may be successful but its the women who are the reason for a man's success. Women is growing up and making improvement in all fields, she is the perfect one. In Hinduism, the most powerful holy one is a Goddess, in Christianity, Mary gave birth to Jesus

  • Men and women are EQUAL

    I find it shocking and even scary that so many people have said that men are better than women. All people, regardless of gender or race or sexuality are EQUAL. Another thing is that everyone is different, so you cannot even say something like "Women can think more than men" or "Men are stronger then women" because maybe for certain people that is not true. We live in a changing world where women are becoming to stand up and give voice but even still there is men and even other women out there that see females as only a man's property.

    Really, you could say a man is physically stronger than a women or that a women is smarter than a man but does that really make one of them better then the other? No, it doesn't.

  • Men are not better than women. Part 1-3

    Firstly I'd like to state I am a man and that largely a lot of what you believe is due to your upbringing. For example if you were born into an Islamic culture your religion most likely would be Islam, India the Quran, China Shintoism. It is logical to assume that the same is true for beliefs portrayed by society as well. For example, women and girls are taught from a very young age that they need to be pretty, wear make-up and be sexy for the guys and men are taught that if they behave like the women they are gay or weak or somehow lowering themselves in status. These stereotypes hurt people because they are just that, stereotypes.
    If women were taught to be strong and not bow to men in the way that is portrayed by the media in general, you would see women doing the same things men do. There is no physical difference in brain development or structure between men and women, just learned behaviour. We need to stop subjecting our women to these kinds of stereotypes. I for one do not want a woman who is subservient to me, I want an equal, a partner who is there for me and loves me as I love her not a weak minded fool who can’t look after herself, what sort of example does that set for my children if I subject them to a mother who can’t take care of them let alone herself?
    I for one think there is a general lack of understanding between the sexes. Most men go out and work whilst the women are at home looking after the kids. I’m not saying this is wrong, I think children should have at least one parent that says at home with them, but to say this is solely a female role is sexist. I’d like to reiterate that I am a man and I would love to stay at home look after the kids cook clean and do all the things that are so called female duties. Hell if I could I’d even breast feed my children I’d love to have that closeness that a woman has with her children, it’s not bloody fare in my opinion but that’s just biology I guess.

  • Of Course Not

    I'm a dude, and I can honestly say that women have gotten a bum deal in how people view them in the world, and that's a true fact. Women are just as smart, and although they may not be as strong physically, they are stronger emotionally and mentally. Anyone who says that men are better are as dumb as the opinions they post.

  • Women are better

    Women are better than men in almost everything. They are the highest form of life, the light of the home and the society. They are much better than men in multitasking and can do anything a man can do and even better. They proved that they are better bosses. Recent studies shows the Future is Female. In the last two decades she showed the world what she can do if given a chance. They are outnumbering men in almost every field. The coming years will prove the superiority of Females over men.

  • In a civilized world, men and women are equal

    If you come from a world where people do not work together and it is not safe to walk alone on the streets, brawn is more important than intelligence. If you come from a world where people do not have to worry about being physically attacked on the street and people in the community have superior control over their impulses, intelligence is more important than brawn. Do I think men are more intelligent than women? No. Do I think women are more intelligent than men? No.

  • We are equal, in some point

    In some things, men are better, and in other, women are better. Men may be stronger, but women more clever. So we are equal.
    It is sad, though, that men even today try to be better and push women lower than them. Is it because of some peoples' arrogance? I find it hard to believe, and the thought that is most plausible is that men have a strong need of dominance.
    Thank God that feminists exist!

  • The womb factor

    We can debate and deliberate, but here are the facts:
    In terms of contributing to the betterment of humanity through technological, philosophical, and plain intellectual pursuits, us men will always outshine women, because we have evolved based on these traits; Women chose men with those characteristics to copulate with, hence these qualities remained and grew in men.
    But none of this matters much, because a male is also genetically designed to put a female above other men and himself also (white knight). A woman is biologically inclined to preserve herself and her child before anything else. Think about the titanic where women and children were given priority over men.
    But it doesn't matter to me which sex is better, because once we discriminate based on sex, the discrimination sex will be the lower sex, because they are enforcing their judgmental and tyranical ideologies upon the other sex.

  • We are all humans now aren't we?

    There are undeniably gender differences. Some of these amount to strength and weaknesses. However, I'd make two points:
    1) This is only a generic statement, in individual circumstances this may not apply (e.G. Men are generally taller but not in every situation because some women are taller than some men)

    2) More importantly, this is irrelevant to which sex is better. Actually, both are necessary, both are part of humanity, and most importantly, both are human beings. All men and all women are fully 100% human beings worthy of love, respect, rights, etc. We should not create a war between men and women.

    We should be able to recognize the difference in the sexes. We should be able to recognize the difference in any two people, communities, cultures, etc.!!! However we should always always always remember the dignity of the person. This dignity is not effected by anything at all, because once you are a human, you are a human and that's that!

    Posted by: Dmot
  • God made us equal

    In all my 15 years of living I know that God made us equal and he sees us as equals in this world. Men and women should have equal share in everything in the world god made for us. Women can attempt to do things men do and sometimes they exceed everybody's expectations. Women are just always underestimated and more open in showing their feelings. I know strong women who get hurt in every possible way but keeps silent and not complain. Yes there are those women who don't act like they should but there are also so many men that should know better.

  • Women are equal to men.

    Men are better than women at some tasks and women are better at men at some tasks. You can not say that "men" are better than "women" overall because of your underlying assumptions. Can men reproduce? I think we all know the answer. Women are very important to the growth of society and women and men are equal.

  • No gender is better than the other.

    Men are not better than women and women are not better than men overall. In some aspects, one gender may overrule the other, but nobody is, as a whole, better. Women are capable of just as much as men are and have proven themselves throughout time as such, fighting for equal rights and fighting to prove themselves, raising families and taking care of children and husbands for decades. Women are also capable of being the breadwinners, working long hours to support their family or just their own self if they choose not to have a family. There is no proof to say men are better than women.

  • What makes us better at something than someone else is not based on gender but personal ability.

    Because it is not the gender of the person that limits their abilities, it is how each person puts the effort into those abilities to become more skilled in them. Anyone can have stronger points in particular activities than someone else, everyone has a talent and they differ for everyone. Woman can be superior to men in any activity obviously other than physical strength, but that's not to say that no women are stronger than men it's just saying that evidently men are more capable at acquiring muscle than women and have the ability to become stronger.

  • Stereotypes from birth. Part 1-3

    Firstly I'd like to state I am a man and that largely a lot of what you believe is due to your upbringing. For example if you were born into an Islamic culture your religion most likely would be Islam, India the Quran, China Shintoism. It is logical to assume that the same is true for beliefs portrayed by society as well. For example, women and girls are taught from a very young age that they need to be pretty, wear make-up and be sexy for the guys and men are taught that if they behave like the women they are gay or weak or somehow lowering themselves in status. These stereotypes hurt people because they are just that, stereotypes.
    If women were taught to be strong and not bow to men in the way that is portrayed by the media in general, you would see women doing the same things men do. There is no physical difference in brain development or structure between men and women, just learned behaviour. We need to stop subjecting our women to these kinds of stereotypes. I for one do not want a woman who is subservient to me, I want an equal, a partner who is there for me and loves me as I love her not a weak minded fool who can’t look after herself, what sort of example does that set for my children if I subject them to a mother who can’t take care of them let alone herself?
    I for one think there is a general lack of understanding between the sexes. Most men go out and work whilst the women are at home looking after the kids. I’m not saying this is wrong, I think children should have at least one parent that says at home with them, but to say this is solely a female role is sexist. I’d like to reiterate that I am a man and I would love to stay at home look after the kids cook clean and do all the things that are so called female duties. Hell if I could I’d even breast feed my children I’d love to have that closeness that a woman has with her children, it’s not bloody fare in my opinion but that’s just biology I guess.

  • Why the heck am i here?

    Ok,I just want to clear one thing and i am begging you to listen.
    Don't judge women on what most of them do.
    I mean a man may be stronger than a woman if you put him against a nerdy girl (no offense) but if you switched it around and put some black belt female karate master against a male geek.... You get the point.

    A tomboy girl who loves football and climbing trees and hates pink,skirts and obnocious (Not sure how to spell that) men.

  • Of course not.

    I say this because we are all equal. Men think that they are better when they are not. Women are smarter than men and it has been proved. Men are so called strong when woman can be just as strong. Why do we women get treated like this? I want to see how men would like it if woman treated them like they treat us. >:C

  • Men Are Not Better Thank Women

    There are men and women who believe this to be true but it far from actually being the truth. I believe men and women are equal. They each have a special call and purpose. Women have children and what man can make that claim? Men are by nature protectors and providers of the family. That is not always the case but again I speak only of things that are generally truth. Just as not all men are protective or providers, just because a female has a child, doesn't mean she is going to provide or protect it once it is born. So superiority goes to the one that not only says but does.

  • Why would a biological gender difference mean that one was "better" than the other?

    Our concept of "better" is very subjective, meaning it all depends on what aspect you are judging and WHO the individuals are that you are judging. For example, a statement like "all men play sports better than all women" is a personal opinion, meaning that you have personal bias as to what constitutes "better" and make a personal judgment based on your preferences. The truth is, there are just as many athletic women as there are men and both do very well at all sports. But men have a tendency to play sports more violently which may make it seem that men play better or are more entertaining than women, but that is only your individual bias and not a fact. Women tend to be physically smaller than men, and a smaller body means smaller muscles, just as a smaller man is weaker than a larger man, it would seem that all women are weaker, but its really only due to biology predisposition and physical stature. Biology also shapes men and women's brains a little differently, women are better communicators and better at learning new languages, or being in tune with emotions, sometimes to much, while men may be better at mathematical thinking, and technical knowledge but are challenged with expressing how they feel, for example. There are gender "tendencies" but these do not hold true for each and every person. Biology dictates the amount of hormones circulating in you body, estrogen in females can make emotions hard to control, while testosterone in men can make anger hard to control.
    Who is more intelligent?
    Who is more violent?
    Who is more loving?

    It depends on the individuals you are comparing

    It is sad that people who are over exposed to a supposed "bad" group of men or women have such negative feelings or opinions of that gender. Society as a whole has been oppressive to women for a long time, justifying this through ideology such as "might is right" meaning if I'm stronger I must be better, or patriarchal religions written almost exclusively by one gender (male).

    Women have to assert themselves and continue to press society for equal rights, and some men feel threatened by the shift. But really, we only need to look to nature to see that both genders are vitally important and have their own unique skill sets. Some animals have a patriarchal system(gorillas, deer, seals, opossums), and some a matriarchal system (elephants, hyenas, bees, sharks). But there is no real canyon between our genders that we ourselves have not caused. Society over a long period of time has broken the unity of our genders and gotten the better of us. We use our strengths against each other and pick at each others weaknesses. Shouldn't we be better than the animals? If we are, then why do we fight so often amongst ourselves over petty differences?

    Be one people

  • No, men and women are Equal.

    I can't believe this is even a question, or that 50% of people believe it to be true. Men and women are EQUAL. In fact, women are the biologically stronger sex (they statistically live longer for this reason). I really hope anyone who put yes to this question misread it.

  • This is so dumb.

    It's crazy that anyone would actually think that men are better than women or vice versa in this day and age. Some people are on here are saying that men did all the hunting and gathering. I'm assuming if you're using a computer, you don't have to hunt for your food. Saying that "men did this and women did that" isn't a good argument because that's not the way things are anymore. Besides, we shouldn't look to our primitive ancestors as role models, we've evolved well beyond that.

  • Not at all, of course !

    It is one of the silliest questions I have never seen ! How can you think that a part of humanity is better than the other one ? It is a stupid discrimination ! And if you look at the society, there are more male murderers than female murderers, so if one of the genders would be better than the other one, the better would be the female gender !

  • We are equal.

    How good or bad someone is greatly depends on the person him/herself. Of course there are general traits for each gender (men are stronger, women are better in emotional aspects) but that does not apply for everyone. Also, what about girls who think they are guys and guys who think they are girls? In summary, everyone is unique and has their own personalities and abilities, so you can't judge this way. This is such a ridiculous question.

  • Only crazy religious fundamentalists truly believe this unless you're just insecure.

    Men are not better than women. In many historic societies woman were actually considered superior because they could bear life. Most past cultures actually considered both sexes equal and homosexuality natural. It has only been in recent times since Christianity became the norm that woman were considered property and to be controlled. The Catholic church was threatened by woman and their ability to bear children and sought to control them. Many stories about women's equality and ability was purposely edited out and translated out of the Bible to teach the followers that woman were to be subservient due to fear. I always find it amusing that most people fail to look at history, past 200 or even 2000 years, since humans have existed for 1000s of years, and compare it to our current culture. Men are not superior, it's just the age we live in. The next age in 2150, I'm sure it will me completely different yet again.

  • Hahahah, definitely not.

    Men can't even make a self-serving patriarchal system without shooting themselves in the damn foot with gender roles, AND THEN MAKING UP A MOVEMENT ("MEN'S RIGHTS") IN OPPOSITION TO IT[SELF]. And then they wanna talk about how women make less contributions when all we have for girls when they're growing up is barbies and other stuff centered around the idea that they need to be visually appealing (which will be reinforced everywhere they go and look for the rest of their lives).

  • We're equal- so we need to start being treated like we actually are!

    Men and women should be thought of and treated equally. Both should have equal rights. Although i do feel that we live in a male-dominated society. I truly believe it's easier to be a man than a woman because of this. Women are often objectified and sexualised in the media, there is so much pressure on little girls to look good and be perfect and if a woman falls short of this she is doomed to feel insecure for the rest of her life. A woman can never feel good enough whereas men are portrayed as the ones we have to please. Women are constantly reminded of the male's sexual 'ideal' on the tv/internet/magazines and it just breeds so much insecurity and a lack of confidence as well as just reducing women down to what they look like. Would most men wanna change this? Hell no. They like looking at half-naked ladies too much. It's screwed up. Men and women are definitely different and women can be bad also. But in the world we live in men are treated like they're better- everything is geared towards men- women are just 'vessels'. This needs to change and i hate the thought of bringing a young female life into this shallow male-dominated society. Men need to change and realise they are not better or more logical or allowed to behave a certain way because it's 'natural'- men need to start respecting women more! And i know this doesn't apply to all men at all, but why should a woman be afraid of going out alone at night in case she is raped? Why do men think it's ok to openly perv on and molest women? In this world men and women aren't equal. Men are viewed as the 'superior' sex and women are merely 'objects'. The fact that some men are still like this and society as a whole is still like this shows that men in no way are better than women... I really wish it was more equal and that men knew what it was like if the shoe were on the other foot...

  • I am a man, and I have to admit that women are superior.

    Women are by far superior to men, in almost every aspect. Women learn much better than men, and we all know that they have higher IQs than men. Women are far more likely to graduate college than men. Women are also cleaner then men. Women eat healthier, and have stronger immune systems. They live longer, as 85% of people over 100 are females. Women have a better chance of surviving a car accident, too. Women are better managers, and handle interviews better. 80 percent of those who have lost their jobs since December 2007 have been men. Women also evolve hotter, while men stay the same. Honestly, women are much better.

  • You little idiots

    Majority of men and some women, get your head out of your a**! Everyone is going to say this cr** about how men are more physically strong and stuff, but if men are physically stronger, why weren't they born with a f***ing vagina? First off, sex hurts for women. At least the first time. We have to break our virginity or hymen. Men's virginity, doesn't matter much to them. Second off, it's a proven fact that women can stand more pain, and anyone here who has had a sick male in their life, will know how much they b**** and whine about it. Third off, women are not mindless sex machines. We are not born to simply have sex with a man, have his children, and look after them! We have other stuff to do. Like jobs! Clearly, men fail to run a government. Look at America's economy! Men have larger egos and generally think that they are always right. And their wrong. Women have brains! Men need to start accepting that. How about you all just donate a lot of sperm and go live on an island for the rest of your life. That's all men are necessary for. We need that sperm to have children. So go donate some and then go gather your gender and live on an island because we won't need you anymore!

  • We are equal.

    The so-called fact that men are physically stronger than women is commonly used to support this statement. This is due to the hormone, Testosterone, and the fact that the average man has greater muscle mass. However, since when did strength equal superiority? Although many may claim that men are more intelligent then women (or rather, there are more men on both extremes of intelligence), women tend to better at connecting and communicating with people, have better emotional memory, become emotionally mature earlier and are more existentially secure. In William Faulkner’s short story “The Bear”, the character Isaac McCaslin thinks to himself: “[Women] are born already bored with what a boy approaches only at fourteen and fifteen with blundering and aghast trembling.”
    So is brute strength more important to empathy and emotional security? I think not. Since when did violence solve anything? Violence only serves to cause more disorder, often leading to genocide and murder. The key to peaceful living is empathy + human dignity, which is something a lot of men lack. Of course, there are always exceptions. Oh, and according to a stufy at University of Otago in New Zealand, us women are scoring higher at IQ tests, so the belief that men are more intelligent than women is false.
    Women are generally smaller than men, requiring less food and smaller clothes, and therefore using up fewer of the world’s limited natural resources.

    So, in terms of emotional wellbeing and longevity (women live around 10 years longer than men), the average woman wins. In terms of strength and ability to think logically, men win. (Although, as I said before, there are exceptions.)
    But without eachother, where would we be? Dead. We need eachother to exist, so no matter what our psychological or physical differences are, at some point we will need cooperate with eachother in order to reproduce.

  • Women are better!

    I actually think that men and women are equal... But seeing all the hate towards women I must say I am PRO women! Stop hating... We have enough hate in the world. I'm sick of misogynists acting like women are inferior and weak. A woman GAVE BIRTH TO YOU! What the hell is wrong with all of you?

  • To think either sex is better is wrong.

    Men and women are equal, end of discussion. All men who say women can't do anything except cook; does that mean that women who can drive, build and so on aren't really women? Why do some men feel the need to constantly bring down the opposite sex? This was written by a decent man. Stop sexism!

  • all people are equal

    Men and women are equal. Almost everyone accepts this, men and women are already equal so why are their stil feminists. I consider myself and equalist, for want of a better word, and believe that most feminist are female supremicist who think that all men are pigs. There are still issues for women and there are also issues for men. Men th history have had more rights but also more responsibilities (war, hunting) however these days men and women have equal rights and responsibilties. Here is my definition of feminism
    Attempting to create a society with gender equality by focusing on the issues of one gender

    If you are fighting for equality and you pick a side you're not fighting for equality

  • No, we are equal!

    Both genders need each other to continue the human race. It has always confused me why men are seen as superior. Men are usually more violent due to testosterone levels. Does this mean that we as humans believe violence is superior? Shouldn't we base our judgment on something more intellectually based?

  • Not that we've proven yet

    There are trends and exceptions, but those are in specific areas. There are so many variables to consider that one can't conclude simply based on generalized examples. There is no biological proof that one gender is "better" (excelling in more attributes) than another (Though certain individuals are "better" in certain areas than others). Poor question, but interesting nonetheless.

  • No, none is better than the other.

    In my perspective one can't compare women to men or men to women since they are very different beings. Women and men may both be humans, but they were created with different traits that serve different purposes. One can notice the difference just by observing the male body and the female body. Generally men are have wider and more muscular bodies for enduring more physically challenging tasks for the purpose of providing for his family. Women often have thinner bodies with the capability of bringing new life to this world (with a little help of men) and her body is designed to meet the offspring's needs as she is the mother.

    Comparing men and women would be like comparing a crane and a excavator. Both are heavy machinery which may be often used to achieve the same goal (construction) but serve different purposes.

  • No

    No person in this world is better than another, despite gender. Women have their surperior attributes, as do men. Women are often underestimated in their abilities and their accomplishments belittled, but there is so much potential in a woman that men should admire. I am a male, and I find that females are equals- ones that may not be physically stronger but have a stronger mentality.

  • no

    I personally think that men are not better than women. They are equal although one sex may be able to do something that the other sex can't doesn't mean they are better. It all balances out there are no such thing as a better race or sex. Just because women might not have physical capabilities that some men have doesn't mean they are not as good.

  • Women are equal to men

    Women are equal to men, there are no "better" or "worse". Men and women can have the same talents, abilities, or men have their own talents, abilities, and women have their own telents, abilities. Further more, if a man works, and the woman takes care of child at home, or the woman goes to work and the man takes care of child at home, their achievement is the same, no one can be omit. Therefore, Women are equal to men.

  • Men are not better than women.

    Men and women are equal, and should be treated equally. We are different physically and biologically, but that does not mean one is more superior than the other. They cannot survive without each other-- how long would the human race last? At most, a century. About half of the world is male, the other half female. If someone believes that one gender should be better than the other simply because of chance, they are wrong.

  • Not better, different.

    Each gender excels in its own area. Trying to compare the two is useless. Honestly, with science where it is now, either gender could survive without the other. Granted the men would be short on certain comforts, especially those to do with home-making, and the women would probably have a high demand for construction workers and such, but the two don't need each other. The differences between men and women make our lives better.

  • Women and Men are Equal

    People seem to forget different types of strengths. These include physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and others. While men may have an advantage in the physical side due to hormones, women are better able to express emotions and are more sensitive. Women now outnumber men in college, yet they are still unfairly discriminated and are paid less in jobs sometimes. Women and men play equal roles in life, and neither gender should be considered "less" than the other.

  • Men cannot be satisfied without women

    There are certain physical relations and expectations which only a women can fill for men.He can earn as much money,goodwill,bungalows and power but somewhere he needs women to share his enjoy. At bed there will be no materialistic things if it is women all can be abolished and forgotten,this is true women.He had held on different eminent posts in diplomacy and administration and same will be in future.

  • Men and Women are the same at heart

    The way I see it, men and women are practically the same. Not in the whole physical differences thing, but at the center. Both men and women need a home, need food, need to be loved. If the world could see this, we wouldn't be having this argument in the first place.

  • We're Both Humans

    Everyone was made equally. Plus, women get the worst part of the deal when it comes to childbirth and the aftermath. Women must deal with labor, and they are the ones who are expected to deal with taking care of child. But, in the end, everyone was made equally. Women and men are both made of flesh and blood, and should both be treated that way.

  • The question is part of the problem

    I don't like this kind of debate but after reading some of the comments I want to add my two cents. I am female and I think this kind of question makes men and women like each other less because it provokes all kinds of arguments that end up in name-calling and this is ultimately hurtful and useless. If it were possible to prove this sort of thing conclusively, someone with recognized scientific authority would have done so by now. Instead, all we have is inconclusive contradictory pseudo-scientific jibber-jabber that makes people feel bad. Men have their merits and so do women. Men commit shameful acts, so do women, men make valuable contributions to society, so do women. Nobody gets to choose their own sex before birth but once we are here, we get to choose what we do with our masculinity and femininity and those choices determine whether we are an asset to the world we live in or not and that is something we should aspire to be better at. It's almost comical that people try to take credit for being a man or a woman when they did nothing to achieve this state of being. Besides, 'better' in this question is a relative term and even if you could prove that men are better than women generally speaking, what would it help or improve in the world? I think nothing. Maybe it will just breed resentment. To me, that seems like something we'd be better off without. I'm sad that this question exists. My answer: I say no, men are not better but I also say no, women are not better. Generally speaking, we are equally bad and equally good and I haven't seen any evidence to believe otherwise. Selectively listing qualities and comparing them is not effective, accurate or useful. I hope that in the future we will achieve the kind of sophisticated society where these kinds of questions don't exist or are commonly recognized for their worthlessness and the harm they do. I hope in the future we can use debate as a useful tool for exchanging viewpoints on matters that can help us create a better world.

  • Of course not!

    There will always be some people of either gender excelling in different things. However, as men often have the upper hand in job areas such as politics and business and chauvinism it can create a warped number of statistics due to men thinking that women are not as good as them. It should not matter which gender is better because we were all equal as a baby in how we thought and acted. As children we played and got similar education. But when we learnt to think for ourselves, we caught onto the common view than men are better than women. THIS IS WRONG. WE ARE EQUAL.

  • We are Different

    You really cannot compare the two. Men are definitely physically stronger but cannot hold a baby inside them for nine months. Women are better at some things and men are better at other things. Comparing the two will never come to a conclusion because we are different and can never be considered equal.

  • Everyone is equal

    No one is better than anyone. Yes men and women are different biologically but that doesn't make one better than the other. Its just societies image on women and the fact that women have less oppurtunities that makes people think that. Both genders have pros and cons but that doesn't mean one is better. If you pressed yes you are a total sexist moron!

  • Please Read This

    If women's rights were pushed forward, the whole world would be better. Women aren't just only good for cooking and cleaning, they can do better if they had the chance. And all of you dumb men who think women are nobodies, you should just take a look in the mirror.

  • Not even close!

    Men and women are equal. I would leave it at that but i need to write at least 50 words so i'll refute some arguments i've seen. The people who are using historical figures as proof that men are better than women don't realize the sexism behind their statements. Of course Generals that are men are going to be more successful, there are so many more of them! Women weren't even allowed in combat until THIS YEAR. Since we live in a patriarchy, men have such an advantage over women that using historical figures doesn't work.
    A man

    Posted by: WSB
  • Stop saying men invented everything. They didn't and here's why.

    We'll probably never know how many women inventors there were. That's because in the early years of the United States, a woman could not get a patent in her own name. A patent is considered a kind of property, and until the late 1800s laws forbade women in most states from owning property or entering into legal agreements in their own names. Instead, a woman's property would be in the name of her father or husband.

  • Non of them is better

    We are equals meaning that none of us better than the other not even as persons regardless the gender. I actually believe that we complement each other but not necessarily in a traditional way. Also that mind predominates over the physical strength. In conclusion none is better, none is worse, final point.

  • Men are not superior

    I believe that both genders are equal and have their strong points. Women learn better and are mentally superior in the way their mind works and men are better physically and building their muscle mass. Sexism shouldn't exist and today's world needs to end this inequality and give women a chance, because believe it or not, some women are better at some things than men. So, I believe the genders are equal and with that equality, comes good and bad things. I believe women should be drafted if the draft is ever again reinstated.

  • Men and women are equal

    Men are not better than women and women are not better than men. That's just how it is. Some men can be better at physical stuff, while women can be better at mental stuff, but it can also be vice versa. Men may have been thought of in the past but many strong women have come up in the present. Women have been thought to be meek and quiet but some men are like that, too.

  • Men are not better than women

    Saying men are better than women is extremely sexist and women should have a right to do what men do. The only difference is our genders, there is nothing to describe men as better than women. In other countries women have to walk 3 steps behind men, which I think is stupid, because if you love your husband you don't want to be his servant do you. If you have a husband love is what you want, and men should never be better than women, and women should not be better than men, we should both be equal, no matter how wealthy and rich!

  • No gender is better than the other.

    The reason why there is such a lack of privilege with both sexes is because things like that are even asked. Nobody will take seriously a bunch of idiots who think they are better than another based on their gender, race or sexuality. People who do believe that shouldn't have any rights or privileges at all.

  • Balance is key

    There are many things that women can't do that men can and vice versa. For example, men are typically physically stronger, but women have a higher pain tolerance. Women are built to give birth and have menstrual cycles. Women's bodies are biologically built to handle pain. I am pretty sure men could not handle child birth. Have you ever seen a man sick, for example a cold? Jeez you would think that they are dying! They will take three days off work and feel sorry for themselves. On the other hand when women are sick they are expected to work their full eight to ten hour day, come home and take care of the kids, make dinner, and clean the house! Women are tough just in different ways that men turn a blind eye to. I am not calling men lazy by any means. They work hard too and typically do a lot of the manual labor jobs, because they are biologically built for that. Each sex has different skills.

  • Admire the Gender's Physical Differences

    Men are physically stronger, but that was how God created them. Evolution shaped men, and the reason, many believe, why men are stronger is because they must protect their women. And for those who say that women are fat, women store fats because when we were cave people women had to reproduce even when there is little food around, so women store up nutrition in order to provide for a pregnancy. Women's and men's bodies were designed to aid their different roles in reproduction, so both male and female anatomies are perfect for their specific use. Men are not better, despite that they have been dominating for a long long time.

    Women are NOT mentally weak. Both genders have the same mental capability. The reason why men and women seem to be emotionally different is more because of cultural influence, just like people from different cultures behave differently. You cannot generalize and say that all women behave a particular way in a particular situation, or do the same with men. Men and women have the same mental capability, it's just how society and culture expects us to be.

    Men and women are equal. Men are NOT better than women. That's just how arrogant people put it.

  • Women and men are equal

    Men need to get it in their thick heads, they're not more superior than women. We are not weak or stupid, in fact we have our own strengths which men don't possess.
    We carry and give birth to babies, when we get ill we don't complain about it unlike overdramatic males who always think they're dying.
    When men are out driving, they cause so much road rage due to their impatience. Women have more self control, especially with our sexual urges unlike men who get frustrated when they can't get "it".

    We are just as good as men, and sexism is just wrong.

  • No men are not better.

    Most men are stronger than a good majority of women. But women don't get sick as often and they live longer. Some people should know that some women ''pretend'' to be dumb so men can feel good about themselves because women are that nice. Women are better nicer but men CAN be nice. If only they were

  • What kind of a question is that?

    We are equal in the eyes of Allah. We have different biological differences. The ladies arent just cooking cleaning child-rearing sex robots. Just because men can do hard, physical labor doesnt mean we are inferior. For example, can you name me a powerful black scientist or philosipher before the 18th century? Unless you are a history boffin, not really. Guess that means that blacks arent cut out to be science genii? WRONG! The amount of sexism i have seen here is frankly quite despicable! Men have the nerve to say they are superior and save for a few, more or less all the wars were started by power mad men! The worlds resources are running out and animals are becoming extinct!

  • No one is better than the other.

    Men have their own advantages and woman have their own. I know that major contribution in history has been of men, but still you cannot argue that men are better than women. On what grounds are you saying this? Sports. Athletics. Computers.Innovations. But, if we see without being biased, they have some people who have excelled on their side too. Few in number, but still. Don't be on either side. Be and equalist.

  • No one is better than the other.

    Men have their own advantages and woman have their own. I know that major contribution in history has been of men, but still you cannot argue that men are better than women. On what grounds are you saying this? Sports. Athletics. Computers.Innovations. But, if we see without being biased, they have some people who have excelled on their side too. Few in number, but still. Don't be on either side. Be and equalist.

  • Take a look at the world now

    You all honestly believe that men are better? Men have ruled the world for centuries, and look where that has gotten us. Poverty, war, unemployment, hunger. War starts when the male leaders of countries have a dispute or misunderstanding. They then continue to fight a completely useless battle that lasts for years on end, years causing pain, suffering, and death for all nations involved. Women quietly sit by, watching and refusing to partake in the stupidity of humans fighting humans. Eventually the men come to an agreement, thus ending the war. Men have less developed minds than women, therefore they are unable to conceive the fact that the suffering of the nations could have been completely avoided, had they sit down in the same room and reach an agreement. To those who say that men are stronger. First, look at obesity rates. Take a look inside of Walmart, and see all those gigantic fat men riding around in carts because they are too weak to support their own bodies. 1 out of every 10 obese people are going to be a woman. Second, look at all the pain women can endure. Women go through pain, headaches, cramps that feel like they are tearing you apart, bloating, irritability, mood swings and more for an entire week out of every single month for nearly their entire lives. Women also endure 9 full months of sharing their body with another human, which brings even more pain. Then, after the 9 months of being a human capsule, they endure pain and contractions that would break a man's pelvis. For up to 35 hours. As if this wasn't enough, who are the majority of victims of rape? Women. Most men see women as an object of pleasure so they don't have to get off their lazy a*sses and do it themselves. If women were here to only service men, then why did God give women voices? Why did he give women working, intelligent minds and bodies, and why did he make them capable of fighting back? The naturally nurturing personalities of women would do this war ravaged world good. If all the men on earth suddenly disappeared one day and were replaced by sperm-ejecting plants, women would be completely fine. But, what if all the women suddenly disappeared? Humanity would suddenly die off. Men have gotten drunk on their power, and are uncapable of conceiving the fact that women could possibly be superior to them, due to horribly limited minds. All those who think yes are completely belittling their mothers. Their mothers, the ones who created them and went through years of pain for them. The ones who are regularly belittled and pained by men for nothing. Please get this through your ignorant skulls: Women are beautiful, intelligent, and creative human beings. Treat them as such.

  • I would say the opposite

    I am a man who thinks women are better at most things. If women had more influence in society there would be less war and more progress towards a positive future. Women are more level headed and tend to talk things out instead of resorting to violence like the idiotic male leaders of the past. Men have severely f%^&*$# this world up. Let's let women give it a go huh?

  • Not a chance

    Men wouldn't be here with a woman to carry them in her stomach for nine months. Saying that men are superior to women is incredibly sexist. I believe both genders are equal and have their own good and bad aspects. People should respect women and