• Yes, and they know it.

    Women are much more emotional and less rational/ diplomatic. They can hold grudges for years and they are NEVER wrong, no matter how silly their proposition is. We end up not caring anymore and saying "yes" to everything girls say in order to avoid further conflict. Girls might even justify cheating on you because you didn't buy them a box of chocolates twenty years ago.

  • Never met one who was entirely rational

    I don't understand why this is even a debate. Women have admitted this to me time and time again that they are complicated creatures and "different." What's the point of arguing about it? They base their actions on emotion rather than logic and that is just plain not healthy. Been through the dating experiences with over 40 women, and I love them, but........ Something's missing.

  • It's a bell curve

    Make a bell curve of irrationality, most people, man or woman, are near the center. There are some men that are irrational and some women that are rational. Society self regulates success and power to the rational side of the bell curve. We see more successful and powerful men than women because there are more men on the rational side of the curve.

  • Women Are Too Emotional

    I'm a woman and because of hormones, I feel women are proven to be more emotional than men. That is not a bad quality, but in a case of deductive reasoning skills and common logic, which are the basis for being "rational" vs "irrational," emotion can get in the way of these skills. I am very smart as a woman. I got great grades, so a woman can still be smart. However, I tested my deductive reasoning skills against a male's, and while simple knowledge allowed us both to come up with a solution to the problem, his solution wound up being more effective though. By the way, you notice I said "male's" and not "man's?" That's because he was not an adult. I was 18 when I took this deductive reasoning test. He was a 12 year old boy. Imagine a 12 year old boy being able to rationalize better than an adult woman! That proves we women may be smart but due to our emotions, men are more rational!

  • Yes Of course

    What planet have you been living on in which men aren't the more rational gender? Women give birth and are responsible for caring for and understanding their children's needs and emotions. Men are responsible for killing each other, making money, and being the asshole that everyone blaims when something goes wrong. Climb out from underneath your rock and start living in the real world.

  • It definitely seems that way

    If it's not their sweeping judgements about how I feel and who I am before they ever talked with me, then it's their relentless need to be right in the face of a logical argument. I can't say that men don't also display these traits, but I feel like men are more interested in the truth and knowing the right answer rather than women. I also feel like men are better at calmly and rationally thinking through a problem and making sound decisions in instances of high stress. More recently I've worked with women in leadership positions and found that they are more interested in being the boss, than they are in displaying sound judgment. They are also backstabbing and vindictive in a way that I've not experienced when working with men. The notion of teamwork seems to be more of a buzzword than it is about fostering true team spirit. Their need to stand out will often trump the needs of the organization and employees. What's worse is that I get called sexist for pointing out the continued irrational behaviors of certain women. How irrational is it that I need to be more worried about being branded a sexist than I do about ensuring a rational decision is made? Must be a woman's world I'm living in....

  • I literally just experienced it.

    I'm a woman and I can talk to my guy friends about absolutely anything. We can even have a disagreement but we'll listen to what the other has to say. It isn't so carefree with my best friend from high school (female). The discussion we just had escalated so quickly, I was confused and didn't even know what happened. I admitted where I was wrong and said what I would do to fix it but she kept going on and on. Overthinking and everything. You can't talk to someone who doesn't want/care to listen.

  • Different solutions to feeling powerless. Men get more rational and women get less rational.

    Different solutions to feeling powerless. Men find better ways of bringing about meaningful change. Women find ways of manipulating men to 'feed' their habits then get addicted to the sense of power associated with the compulsive unaware and continuous use of irrational domination games.
    I call irrational women 'diversionary bitches'.
    I call obstructionist men 'manginas'.
    Women can be obstructionist too.
    Bitches and maginas are abreactional about constraint. Manginas seek ever more freedom through the acquisition of money. Bitches seek absolute freedom through the domination of anyone who has the power to stand in their way.

  • Men look for solutions

    I don't know why men are more rational, could be nature but I think it is more likely that the way society treats them makes it this way. I don't think men are inherently more rational than women and therebare obviously many irrational men and perfectly rational women, but generally men must take accountability and fix problems whereas women must be catered to and protected.
    If you want to see women being irrational look at how they complain about the wage gap but seem to be adverse to going into STEM fields. I don't know why women make this decision as more women go on to further education than men but are intent on studying degrees that everybody knows won't fetch large salaries.

  • Pretty clearly yes.

    Have you ever had a conversation with a woman? Everything is about how they feel, you can't even tell them a fact if it doesn't make them FEEL good.

    An easy example is how women dream of marriage since childhood,they also grow up saying that they dont care what men like, they then cite decreasing rates of marriage as evidence men are not stepping up to the plate, they also initiate 70% of divorces.

    Women are so irrational that even though they supposedly have superior emotional intelligence, they seem to be intent on having emotional warfare with men not understanding that this doesnt benefit anybody. Women complain that men don't express themselves buy if a man does try to speak on an issue it is dismissed, he's either told the issue isn't real, his problems don't matter or that he's a cry baby and should toughen up because he's a man.

  • Not at all

    Why do people actually believe this nonsense?
    If men were really more rational than women, you'd see more genuinely reasonable men, men who refrain some being rude or mean, less men who are jerks than women who are jerks, men who can actually debate honestly, men who don't have any prior prejudice and bias clouding their ability to reason.

    But that's not the case.

  • No, one is no more rational than the other.

    People of both sexes have the ability to be perfectly rational. They both also have the ability to be completely irrational. It all depends on the context of the situation, including the mood the person is in, the surroundings, the events in the person's life, and even the weather. Sometimes someone is going to be irrational for no reason, it has nothing to do with what's between their legs.

  • No, women are equally as rational.

    To believe that women are less rational than men you would have to look at their decisions and not the process by which they reached them. It is possible that women do take more things into consideration than men do and those are things that men might consider irrelevant to a situation whereas women do not.

  • On the whole neither is more rational than the other, but each had different strengths within rationality

    When people consider rationality, they tend to limit themselves to the process of deduction, but not so much the process of acquisition of premises, but you need both the right premises and proper deduction to make a sound argument. It is also the case with deciding making: you need the right data describing a situation, and the right approach to handling that information in order to make a sound decision.

    In general, I have found that men tend to more easily deduce or follow through their premises/ data well, but women are more likely to actually gather the right data to begin with. Men are better at the deduction, but women are better at the premises. A man may end up making a flawed decision because he is not seeing the big picture or missing some details. Women, being more sensitive according to the several meanings of the term, have more data to process, and this can cause a sort of information overflow so that we can't process things so quickly. That's why it's good to work together as a team.

    This is related to the way we deal with our feelings. Women don't feel more than men do, but we communicate them more, largely because feelings are an information source for us (assuming we can interpret them properly). Men's feelings are more internally directed as fuel for the deduction and problem solving. I think there is an evolutionary basis for this. Women needed to know how to communicate non verbally since they were the ones who took care of children in their early years, and children can't talk. In order to know what a baby needs therefore, we have to be table to read the baby's face and emotional expressions. Men had to provide for their families and to do so, they had to make decisions efficiently and when it was needed, quickly, when it came to hunting, protecting their tribes from hostile forces, etc.

  • Humans are both logical and emotional.

    Social conditioning may cause women to be less likely to repress their emotions or more expressive but men and women are both logical and emotional. Recent findings in neuroscience show the plasticity of the brain to adapt to socialisation. I know many men who think that they are purely logical and never irrarional yet I have seen those same men throw their game controller at the wall in a rage which is a clearly irrational and illogical act. Logic is not better than emotion anymore than emotion is better than logic. You need both to survive. Fear, Anger, Joy. Try living without any of those emotions ever.

  • Women are more careful not irrational than men

    Women display a certain behaviour to try to not let certain things happen unaware. They always try and strike to make satisfactory decisions that are important in all aspects of lie, temporary or permanent in my times. Men are always compulsive and selfish hence whether a decision or statement is beneficiary to both parties they wouldn't consider the harm or little things that comes with it.

  • Rational doesn't mean emotionless

    I'm confused as to why making decisions void of emotion means you're being rational. My definition of being rational is the ability to make sound decisions based on evidence presented by all parties involved. Since neither sex does this i find both of them to be irrational. Men don't ask questions or gather information. They assume their perception is correct and often don't consider the consequences of their actions.

  • No... Just no.

    Because women are deemed irrational, their behaviour is perceived as irrational. Moreover, it's unreasonable to treat a woman as such, and so how can she reason with 'unreason'?
    Stereotypes in media and everyday practice reinforce assumptions about female irrationality and male rationality. Certainly, both men and women are capable of being either rational or irrational. It is not something inherent, so much as it is something learnt. If men are so completely rational, then why do men more often involve themselves in violent acts with no perceivably positive outcomes, except that of a jail sentence. If irrationality is characteristically motivated by emotion, driven by a person's most inner workings, then I do not see how a fist of rage is any different to an outburst of tears-- even still I am drawing here from stereotypes of male and female behaviour that are never necessarily true of either gender. For I know men who are hypersensitive, and women who are aggressively charged.

  • No, men are not more rational

    There's no solid proof that men are more rational beings than women.

    You can see irrational people in general everywhere you go, this isn't a gender thing people.
    Ultimately sex does not determine if one is truly rational or not.
    Have you guys seen how often men use pointless insults and try to put people down?
    Ad hominems left and right?
    That is neither rational nor moral.

  • No (and what research specifically?)

    I think it's more to do with each gender "rationalizing" in a different way, hence thinking the other, not thinking the same way, is irrational. It doesn't mean either one is wrong in what they are thinking, just that they reach the conclusion/decision in a different manner. Plus, you have to keep in mind that everyone is a little different (and everyone is a little selfish) so decisions and conclusions may very.

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