Are moral values required for the progress of a country?

  • Yes, it is important.

    Moral values are required for the progress of a country otherwise the country would lose its residents and the ones in charge would be greedy and selfish creating more problems than solutions. It is important to play moral values into effect when making decisions to not only get best results but feel good about them.

  • True Morality Is Important

    True moral values are required for society to advance. This doesn't mean religious values or supposed values. True moral values mean treating human life with dignity and respect. Telling people what they can or cannot ingest in their own bodies or who their sexual partners can or can't be is amoral and we need to get away from those practices to progress.

  • Moral values are unnecessary

    For the development of a country, there is no requirement of moral values. People should understand and solve the problems on their own. The moral values are those which hold them back I believe moral values limit progress of a country.. . . . . . . . . .

  • Moral values are not required

    I believe moral values limit progress of a country. This is shown in American history where the native Americans were basically killed and removed from their land in place of expanding America, which without it, would probably not be one of the greatest countries in the world. Sacrafices are always needed to be made for something greater.

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